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Guest chapter 2 . 11/2/2016
I really like this story, thank u for continuing it especially as a threesome. I just have one thing that made me feel a little bit wronged, I'm a Christian, but I'm obviously not disgusted with pleasuring myself or with sex in general, I don't really appreciate being put in the same group as those Christians who are that conservative. I'm sorry to put something negative in a comment on a good story, but I felt the need to correct a generalization that felt so wrong when the rest of the story is good. I guess incest could lead to children with disabilities or sickness and the like if it was a man and a woman, but otherwise I believe in loving not judging. I think that is more Christian. I'm sorry if I am offending anyone, I really don't mean to, just felt slightly offended myself.
Gal Can't Help It chapter 4 . 11/12/2012
Ah, I always start reading the stories on Hiatus. Next to Uchiha harem action, I have to admit I like Itachi and Sasuke rivalries. Looks like this hasn't been updated since 2010, so I'm not holding out much hope for another instalment anytime soon, lol.
pluhsauce chapter 4 . 7/22/2011
I WOULD coauthor..but I am rather new to the concept. ;

I really like what you did to the story. Instead of going the easyway out and following the old author's hint (incest yaoi. Icky), you turned it into this awesome rivalry thing. ;D

I think...another guy should start having a (nonsexual, just cheesy romantic) flirtationship with Saku-chan, and the Uchihas have to resort to teamwork! (or not. It's 2am, I'm sick, and my brain is firing random bits of information)

Hopefully you shall update! (or I shall die in suspence, what?)
xMyNomDePlumex chapter 4 . 6/20/2011
Update soon! I beg of you! I've read this 3x already! It's just so AWESOME cant get enough of it's awesomeness. Good luck - UPDAte~
shika'sgurl22 chapter 4 . 8/15/2010
Okay, so I just finished reading all three of the previous chapters again because it's been so long that I forgot what had really been going on. Wow, with the way they(Sasuke/Itachi) disappear, it's like they are not human or something. LOL.

Anyway, as for her parents, I think they are Kurenai and um..I don't know who the dad should be. Maybe Nagato or any other dude with hair kinda close to Sakura's.

I would actually offer to be a co-author since I like this story so much, but I have like four stories myself that I haven't updated in like five months. LOL _ Sad..I know, but like you, I am sorta having some kind of weird writer's block.

Idea 1:

Sakura decides that she can't go on lusting after both brothers so she chooses Sasuke over Itachi and Itachi is pissed because he can sense the attraction between them. After so long though, Itachi tries to move on and Sakura finds herself getting jealous of this new girl. Sasuke can see it. He sees that Sakura is hurting and can't stand it. Hell do anything to see her happy again. Even put her in the arms of his own brother. As long as he can have her too.

Idea#2:Sakura finds herself becoming more and more lustful and uncharacteristic around the Uchiha brothers and decides to distance herself from them. She needs to focus more on school and her selfrespect, is what she decides, but she can't help,but think of them and the things they did to her. This causes her to unconsciously/consciously touch herself at night so she feels that finding a boyfriend will help clear of mind of them. They see Sakura drifting further and further away from them so, puting their differences aside, they decide that either they can have her or no one can have her at all. And BAME...THREESOME! LOL(Oh, she leave her poor boyfriend in the end)

Idea#3: Umm...I can't really think of anything more right now because it's 3am and my brain is starting to slow down a bit. Hehe..I'll pm you later with more ideas. Well, I hope this helped at least a little so we, the readers, can get an update soon. You know, a real chapter so I can read it and have an evil little grin on my face as I read, just like I did as I read all three chaps again. LOL

Good luck and I enjoyed this so far. You can do this so keep it up. Don't be like me and go so long without even a word to your readers. LOL. Take care!
SasuSaku Forever and Ever chapter 4 . 8/12/2010
i'll be your coauthor? partially cu i love thi story and vero and i are like, BFFs LOLLLLL
Genocide Chronicle chapter 4 . 8/12/2010
nominate sasusaku forever and ever.

I guess I'll nominate myself... But I don't think I'll be THAT good for teh job...

Ms.Valkyrie13 chapter 3 . 7/18/2010
Um I think Kakashi is her dad but im not sure about the mom

great story!
Mizuki-chan Uchiha chapter 3 . 6/30/2010
I love the story! Update soon! (that means within this week!)
nicolerogersXX chapter 3 . 5/3/2010
um i'm going with Kikyo and Inuyasha (love that show, been watching it since i was little) and possibly Miroku and Sango, but the first one mainly
i3ART chapter 2 . 5/2/2010
Do what you think you need to do for this story.
xSushii chapter 3 . 5/2/2010
You did awesome ;) Cookies to you!
SasuSaku Forever and Ever chapter 3 . 2/22/2010

this is so cute. i love the part where sasuke describes sakura how he wants to make love to her. it a crack pairing? i'm thinking maybe gaara, cuz of the green eyes...and karin? X
seo a scaoileadh saibhir chapter 3 . 2/22/2010
Amazing! long chapter next time please!
TheNarator chapter 3 . 2/20/2010
interesting ch, i wonder where you're going with this? shall one of them keep itachi busy while sasusaku get busy? hehe, fun!

also, minato and kushina, that's my guess. propably wrong, but oh well. maybe third?

again, nice job :D
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