Reviews for Scott Summers Famous Toasted PeanutButter Sandwich
AdrenalineRush16 chapter 1 . 10/18/2009
Have I ever told you that you're awesome? Well, you are. You were before this, but taking up this dare made me giggle this evening. I think we both brightened each others' Sunday's, cuz mine just rocked and this cute little drabble took the cake! I honestly didn't think you'd take me up on that dare, but I'm glad you did; this was great.

*loves you like mad*

Seriously, I was giggling out loud at this. I love how it was an X-Men fic, without an actual X-Men confrontation happening. You know, if there ever is a sequel, you should totally do Logan coming upon Scott's recipe or something. LOL! It'd be a spin off of a spin off! ;D Okay, now I'm just being weird. I this.


p.s. (Disclaimer: I don't own that amazing phrase; it belongs to my coolio friend Jo. ;D)