Reviews for In The Library
TheLostStoryteller chapter 1 . 2/8/2013
I'm actually a tad conflicted with this fic. The pairing is a really unique, although great, one, although the writing can be improved on a little in certain spots. Overall though, considering it's the only SaiZex fic that I've been able to find on this site, it's actually not that bad at all. I would have gladly kept reading on if more yaoi was available, but sadly not. Then again, it probably ends there for a reason. Still, I actually like this story. c: 7/10
kindofabadger chapter 1 . 2/11/2012
*erk* Whoa! That was, um, pretty hot!

"mutt" Really, Zexion?
LiiZ-wa chapter 1 . 12/31/2009
surfingfiend2685wolfqueen chapter 1 . 12/26/2009
Lol, his nickname is nightingale. Cute. I liked this story, you don't see too many SaixXZexion stories. Keep up the good work.
emopoketrainer chapter 1 . 10/22/2009
loved it...lucky Zexion!
NinjaSheik chapter 1 . 10/18/2009