Reviews for Deja Vu All Over Again
Cyde chapter 5 . 3/31
In point of fact, the moment where the story diverges so far from canon as to become completely unrecognizable is when it hits its stride and starts getting REAL good. :)
Juan Milagro chapter 6 . 3/12
Nicely done. By the way, the Whedon reference you used was from Whedon's TV series _Firefly_. Saffron was the busty red head and she married a very naughty mercenary captain who used the name Malcolm Reynolds.
OmegaUltima chapter 12 . 2/16
Well, back to waiting to see if it'll take years for this to be updated again, I suppose...
Anon chapter 12 . 1/15
More please
SixPerfections chapter 12 . 8/5/2017
This was pretty entertaining. Damn, now I dont know if I ship Safron/Kasumi or Safron/Skuld. Maybe all of the above? Anyway would love to see you come back to this story at some point. Well written and original for sure. Thanks for writing :)
Neko-Mitsuko chapter 12 . 6/14/2017
Yay, I'm now current and this is good! Hrm is wondering if 'Saffron' is going to end up with a fangirl base/harem Skuld and Kasumi so like him any others? X'D
dogbertcarroll chapter 12 . 4/30/2017
And Nabiki is still the same old psychopath as the original timeline?
SlowMercury chapter 12 . 3/4/2017
This is a very interesting story! I like how Ranma's done a lot of growing up. I'm curious about how his home timeline's doing, how people reacted to his sudden absence - but I guess Happosai had some explanation for it, so maybe by this 10 year mark they've gotten on with their lives. It's pretty cool to see all the butterflies in Nerima!B, too.
WillItWork chapter 12 . 1/15/2017
So I came to this late, but really like it. An internally consistent fixfic in one of my most beloved fandoms. Please don't be discouraged, you're into an original story territory here now, so tell it!

Also, hey the more things change, yeah? Setting up a love triangle with Skuld and Kasumi, possible kncok-on effects with Tofu and Setsuna… Speaking of, am I misreading this, or are these young adult aged Senshi now? Also, at some point, the Phoenix people are going to have to investigate the other Saffron, and Herb might be interested. He might be more inclined towards a more equal relationship, too.

One concern is while there are several Ranma-level threats and conflicts (when is Ryogua coming back?) but there don't seem to be a lot of Saffron-level threats. Maybe fight an Oni or another demon? The happiness imp from OMG? Or defend a contrite and injured Genma from Happosai.

Yeah, I'm kinda excited about this. Anyway, that for sharing, and I look forward to whenever you revisit this.
Guest chapter 5 . 1/5/2017
Ranma becomes Darth agrippas
Happerry chapter 12 . 12/1/2016
While I hadn't seen this story before, I'm glad to have the chance to read it now, and I hope your muse finds more inspiration for this because I want to see what happens next and what Urd is up to.
kirbyfan1996 chapter 12 . 11/21/2016
I like it.
redguard76 chapter 12 . 11/20/2016
hmm. Not bad. I'm looking forward to the next update. Lol hope I don't find out about the next update in three years.
BerserkSlash chapter 12 . 11/19/2016
I liked the continuation, some minor flow issues but still good.

Mainly just happy you're writing here again.
Wrin chapter 12 . 11/11/2016
Wow! Thanks for updating! It's awesome to see more of this! And no, I don't think you're off your game. It was a good chapter.
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