Reviews for His Own Man
GreenThumbTarasova chapter 18 . 8/18
This chapter gives me chills every time. It's so very memorable. Very very well done.
GreenThumbTarasova chapter 15 . 8/18
I'm back for my...not sure, maybe 6th read through? One of my all time favorite fics!
Kali-blue chapter 31 . 8/18
This was an enjoyable adventure. Liked the 3rd option of creating options for Slitheryns by being civil and training them. Thwarting Dumbles was a bonus. I like that Flitwick has ideas and was looking forward to how that played out as well as the stolen Gaunt ring, but alas that seems for naught as it's been 6.5 years since you have added to this story. I just found it in someone else's favorites and gave it a go. I wonder how teen Lestrange and his ilk would be as well as the Malfoys and Luna. You made things more complex as this introduced new pathways and not just a rewriting of history. The Black and Potter portraits that converse seemed to be creating family even Neville had his own opinions and acted on them. Oh well thanks for the journey. Cheers, Kali
Faiien chapter 31 . 8/17
Welp. I stayed up far later than I planned reading this. Whoopsies. I didn't think I'd finish this tonight, but alas, I couldn't stop myself. Even with the knowledge that I work tomorrow.

Great story! Loving this so far. I have forgotten what Fillius caught on to. I hope he figures something soon, with how stubbon dumbles is being. (Also 'cause then I will be reminded )

**Next day** Oh, I guess I was too tired and fell asleep without hitting 'send'. Seriously worth staying up for! Looking forward to your next update ~
RoverMaelstrom chapter 31 . 8/14
Oh my gosh this is so good! I'm excited to see the next chapter! :D
Raven0vv1 chapter 1 . 8/14
Loved this story from the very beginning... Amazing writing, I just wish I could read it till the end.
StormMagi chapter 31 . 8/14
You're not going to finish this are you?
wijesingheamesha chapter 31 . 8/13
This is great! Please update!
Devidakk chapter 31 . 8/10
Shame you abandoned it. Such a good piece of writing...
Devidakk chapter 25 . 8/10
"Harry seduced Dumbledore's wand", Merlin, it sounds so wrong.
mkalai482 chapter 31 . 8/7
I am so frustrated. This is the FOURTH fic I read that isnt complete! I mean I really should know better by now, but how could I resist? I hope, dear author, that one day, any day, you will finish the story, and know that on that day, I will still be following this fic and by Merlin I will read it!
Kayla DeLana chapter 14 . 7/29
oh ffs draco has the diary doesn't he?
Badbonita chapter 31 . 7/28
Like your portrayal of Sirius not quite recovered from Azkaban.
eha1234 chapter 31 . 7/26
This is probably the best dark Harry fanfic I've read so far.
I love Harry's character - different but not too off from the original.
The ways you've twisted the story through Harry's actions is just fantastic.
If there's any chance of this continuing, I would sorely love to read on!
Melina Monster chapter 31 . 7/25
:'( will you ever update?!
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