Reviews for Short on Words But Not on Actions
docy chapter 6 . 8/22/2013
This is fucking amazing. I love it! Please write more! I know it's been ages but this fic is Devine! A thank you and have a nice day! :)
13Sarah13 chapter 6 . 6/23/2012
I like this story, please update it. Declan is an interesting character. Also will there be any frank?
Mattasaurus14 chapter 6 . 5/28/2012
I love this story! You need to update it. ;;
Guest chapter 6 . 11/10/2011
Ugh! LOVE this! Please, update I'm seriously dying here!
please chapter 6 . 9/27/2011
PrinceLogan chapter 6 . 6/10/2011
This story is adorable and very well written. In answer to your question, I like Declan a lot.
Encyclopedia chapter 6 . 6/6/2011
i kind of like the idea.

expecially the way that he think sof himself as uninteresting
The Petulant Prodigy chapter 6 . 3/28/2011
I really like this. Dwayne is so under-appreciated and I like how you've tried to analyze his personality. I was amazed with how much you can get out of him with facial expressions from the movie, but I'm floored that he's talking so much in this fiction. Brilliant work so far, keep it coming! I'll wait for updates as long as it takes: chase that muse! ~TPP
B chapter 6 . 3/5/2011
I like it so far cant wait to read more
ZeldaNut1 chapter 6 . 3/4/2011
UnwrittenLoveDreams chapter 6 . 2/16/2011
i really like this story and it is well written i hope you update soon
vincents1lover chapter 5 . 2/15/2011
Zainab chapter 4 . 11/7/2010
i could except this as the ending

Zainab chapter 3 . 11/7/2010
Zainab chapter 2 . 11/7/2010
really like the silent interactions
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