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Phoenix Rebel chapter 30 . 1/23
Holy Crap Batman! That was quick! Ron's in a precarious situation...hopefully he can pull it off. :-O
iluvmagic123 chapter 30 . 1/21
Oh crap! Now whats ROn supposed to do? Hes stuck with a bunch of pyshcos.
Emmerstew chapter 30 . 1/21
OMG! What's going to happen to poor Ron! I can't believe that they'd mark someone on the first meeting. I'm hoping that he'll get a chance to get away! I'm REALLY glad for the Sevie and Hermione action in the middle! PLEASE MUSE help ssdawning!
RhodaBush chapter 30 . 1/21
More please chapter 30 . 1/21
Oh dear me, it's getting intense! I hope Ron and Harry's friendship ends up alright and I'm looking forward to the next chapter :)
*sending positive vibes to your Muse*
jfromtonga chapter 29 . 1/5
Awesome work, I'm liking the style and pace of your story :) keep it up and update soon please
RhodaBush chapter 29 . 12/19/2016
More please
writergrl chapter 29 . 12/18/2016
the order is back.
writergrl chapter 28 . 12/18/2016
Poor Minverva.
writergrl chapter 27 . 12/18/2016
Nver ever would of guessed Dolohov as the new dark lord.
writergrl chapter 26 . 12/18/2016
Hide and go seek Harry Potter style. ha ha
Guest chapter 29 . 12/18/2016
Why harry! Why would you want Ron to be a death eater?
Emmerstew chapter 29 . 12/18/2016
Yay! Yay! OMG im so excited for the Order to come back!
I'm so loving the hot Sev and Hermione scene. i need more
of that please!
Emmerstew chapter 28 . 12/18/2016
Well it's about time they told Minerva! OMG! Thy should have told her a long time ago. I'd be a little put out if they hadn't told me.
Dracolovesjenni chapter 28 . 11/16/2016
Jenni can't believe this! The Order of the Phoenix is back! Jenni just loves that
they are doing this! Jenni wishes she could see Minerva's face at the end of this chapter.
Jenni loves your cliffies!
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