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Dracolovesjenni chapter 20 . 8/25
Squee! This is the chapter I've been waiting for! Jenni loves it!
Thank you thank you thank you!
KatnissHermioneCullen chapter 20 . 8/23
Great chapter! I look forward to reading more soon!
Emmerstew chapter 20 . 8/23
OMG! OMG! I can't believe that you posted another chapter this weekend on two of your stories!
You are so spoiling me! I LOVED this one and that osng is the perfect one for Snape and Hermione!
Shelle007 chapter 20 . 8/23
I love that song :) I'm gonna have to reread this now and have that song playing! I often apply that song to them though: fight for you, lie for you, walk the wire for you...yeah I'm cheesy. Thanks for another chapter!
A regrettable decision chapter 1 . 8/3
Okay, so I finished what you've written of TCAT, and moved over to this. I LOVE the SS/HG ship, so if this story is as good as TCAT (which I thought was amazing by the way) I'm in for a treat :-)
Dracolovesjenni chapter 19 . 7/13
Jenni and friends LOVES this! WOW! Ron is
really on their side!
Guest chapter 19 . 7/13
Good update! I love this story.
ilovemagic123 chapter 19 . 7/13
Im hoping that they can really trust Ron.
I have a bad feeling. But on the other hand i'm
relieved that they have a plan. I hope you can
update very, very soon!
Emmerstew chapter 19 . 7/13
WTF? Rons a ass then they believe him? I'm not sure
I could beleive him after how he was acting? What if he goes
after her again? I need answers!
Thanks for the update though.
KatnissHermioneCullen chapter 19 . 7/11
Loved this chapter, I'm glad that Ron's back in now! :)
SereniteRose chapter 19 . 7/11
thanks ever so much for this new chapter I'm so glad that you added another chapter to this most wonderful story, I love Severus and Hermione as a couple. and I kind of wanted it to be Ron that hurt Hermione. anyway thanks again.
ilovemagic123 chapter 18 . 6/27
Why is Snape always so stubborn? You'd think he'd
be happy to be by his womans side. Harry did a good
job of dealing with a drunk Snape. More story please.
QueenVictoriaR chapter 18 . 6/27
Poor Severus. Guilt is never good for the soul even though it is not warranted in this case.
Dracolovesjenni chapter 18 . 6/27
That last part was the best! I LOL at Harry being so grossed out about Snape & Hermione having sex! i think a drunk Snape can be a funny one. I've thought the whole time that death eaters are behind the attacks. I know some people think it could be Ron but I just don't think it is. He acts way to clueless about everything.
KatnissHermioneCullen chapter 18 . 6/27
I loved this chapter. I'm glad that Severus went back to the hospital to talk to Hermione. :)
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