Reviews for Hell Butterfly
Guest chapter 41 . 4/26/2023
How do you feel about this today?
ArkhCthuul chapter 46 . 1/11/2022
The exact end with the huge adamastor is a bit unclear.

And whoa, huge.
Can't wait to see if aizen kami is a better or a worse pretender than eneru...
ArkhCthuul chapter 44 . 1/10/2022
I always thought they ended most Espada laughably, but especially him (might be because I hate Mr perfect in everything unless vs ichigo B. Kuchiki, the worst brother I. Sereitei.
I mean seriously, that guy is supposedly the fastest of the Espada AND someone who takes over targets. That's an insanely dangerous combo if used tactically and strategically well.

Which aizen didn't, granted,. Still you made him do closer to what I felt he deserved, and aside from starks end, so far did better with them than most.
ArkhCthuul chapter 43 . 1/10/2022
A truly excellent chapter, including the perfectly matched ending.
ArkhCthuul chapter 42 . 1/9/2022
Sadly, we all know barragan won't win vs Mr genocide by immolation...
As badass as he is, I never liked or even really respected him. He was too much a conservative for cobservativisms sake guy all the time.
ArkhCthuul chapter 37 . 1/9/2022

OK, this went really really dark suddenly.

Either shell come back as a ghost and given her powers are Likely lesser angels, will. Have them still, or stupid really ate her, and she'll join ichigo in his world.

Lets see.
ArkhCthuul chapter 32 . 1/9/2022
Both an amazingly. Well done dawww and Finale of Crack tastic modds.

Loved it.
ArkhCthuul chapter 28 . 1/9/2022
You did the curse of the quincy better. Than kumo ever did.

Kudos, man.
ArkhCthuul chapter 27 . 1/9/2022
Very fun chapter, and interesting direction you're going...
ArkhCthuul chapter 26 . 1/9/2022
Now that was depressing...
ArkhCthuul chapter 25 . 1/7/2022
Hmmmmm, interesting.
That would make her death not by GG but by self explosion, or another uruhara mistake then, check.
ArkhCthuul chapter 22 . 1/7/2022
That was both one of the darkest and dumbest ends to gin I've ever read.
He would not sacrifice his chance to kill aizen for even his love. And haineko ain't that powerful, given their respective power levels, it shouldn't have hurt gin at all when she stabbed him.

Ah well, given when this was written, I'll forgive the inconsistencies. It's a strong scene. Even with its flaws.
ArkhCthuul chapter 20 . 1/6/2022
It's not.

It'll kill anyone but half quincy half ahinigami half Mary Sue half 15 year old manga hero, eg anyone less than 2 people.

I'm sure of that, see, as I've tried. Sadly, I'm only 1.5 people, so... Yeah.
ArkhCthuul chapter 19 . 1/6/2022

That was a lot of fun. If pretty Crack.
ArkhCthuul chapter 17 . 1/6/2022
As a sword.

Ouch, that will likely have consequences. Unless of course Mr I have gosmode until I don't aizen kills it.
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