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ArkhCthuul chapter 9 . 1/5/2022
Got recommended this by a friend.

So far, it's darker Than I like, but we'll done.
Indefinitely Apostate chapter 55 . 5/1/2021
Read this story some years ago and thought it excellent. Happened across it today and, to my great surprise, found several new chapters. Such dedication shames me, who gave up writing long ago for a boring life.

Well done and well written.
Azza chapter 1 . 1/17/2021
Azza chapter 1 . 1/17/2021
Curse of kings so why didn't viz spell it as halibel then
jcampbellohten chapter 55 . 1/15/2021

The change to "Risa" bothers me.

BAD. ASS. HYPE. of the bankai.

Shutura's badass, too. I like what you did there: using the "I've been holding myself back so I don't destroy the people and world around me" trope, then using it in a believable way as a catalyst for the Worf effect.

Ohhh, that's what Ukitake meant when he was silently mouthing stuff. I like that for how it shows his understanding of Kyouraku, to know what the game is and that Kyouraku would react that way. I thought no one noticed him mouthing it, though?

Oh! That's an interesting revelation about the nature of their inner hollows (which shouldn't be capitalized).

Huh. That's... I'm not happy at getting cucked out of Aizen's defeat when he could have been defeated, but I'm satisfied with the justification.

OOooooooh! Holy shit, please tell me he didn't just do what I think you're implying he did. Is that power even still activated? If it works across such presumably vast distance (if they're even still in the royal realm; I forget) and... Wait, no, the trigger phrase is "Maybe ...", not "If only ..." Never mind. My mind was blown for a minute, there.
PA2 chapter 55 . 1/15/2021
This is an absolutely fantastic chapter, but I've told you that already. As your beta, I've been watching you work on this chapter for months, and it is so gratifying to see it finished and posted for everyone to see, because it's truly standout work. The action is fantastic, as are the characters; Kyoraku's grief and rage were utterly palpable, and his Bankai was a sight to behold. Excellent work, and I'm so happy that you're back in the game. Awesome job!
Sage of Wind Dragons chapter 55 . 1/12/2021
its wonderful to see you, I do appreciate the Kyroaku almost killed him but distracted by the internal emotions nonsense.

also holy hell your nuts to tackle the Quincy and I am in awe of the MESS that is to come!

seriously though nice built on everything else ,good fun and quite trippy for all the powers, I know the animation sorta gave up on actual games to play with Kyorakus zanpaktou? so it was a nice touch for everything else.

seriously though, they are such a dysfunctional MESS the zero squad and all of Court Squad.

like holy hell they were left alone for to long with themselves.

honestly if you just do a Ywatch does the asswhole thing and just jumps in right after Aizen did all his work, like a true MASTER making sure no one is AWRE of him as WELL as making someone else do all the work...
but Chair Sama Aizen is a treat...hmmm.
Curse Of Kings chapter 55 . 1/12/2021
How many chapters are left until the end?
Schrodinger's Kat chapter 55 . 1/11/2021
Oooh new chapter new chapter *dances happily* I loved it of coursebut oof poor vaizards! I think Mashiro’s scene stood out the most in a first readI could imagine the shot I’d want to see animated. Oooh, it’s getting painful though, how close Aizen is getting, and the soul guard. You don’t pull any punches, do you? But it’s great to read! And now I’m eagerly waiting for that Kurosaki showdown bait that Aizen tossed in at the end... Thanks so much for another awesome chapter, and hope you’re keeping well amidst all this craziness!
thebestofall chapter 4 . 7/31/2020
Ah hell. Ichigo's gonna lose his shit completely. Zangetsu will 100% take over and go full hollow.
Curse Of Kings chapter 54 . 4/17/2020
When is the next chapter coming out?
Curse Of Kings chapter 44 . 4/16/2020
How did Ichgo resist Zommari?
Curse Of Kings chapter 5 . 4/15/2020
Actually according to the books, Ashido lived.
Curse Of Kings chapter 1 . 4/11/2020
Actually her name is spelt "Harribel." Also, isn't the only difference between arrencar Harribel and vasto lorde Harribel a different set of cloths and a sword instead of one arm?
thestormwriter123 chapter 52 . 3/30/2020
Loved the entire story to bits. It's really hard to find a good bleach fanfic nowadays that I've read so much already... hopefully the anime returning will inspire you and other people . Hope you're doing well . Best wishes
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