Reviews for A Marriage Most Convenient
Rockybalboa123 chapter 54 . 4/25
One of the most beautiful stories i have ever read
summerrainxoxo chapter 54 . 4/18
Such a wonderful piece. teared up at the end. Love and forgiveness is written so well in this story
Guest chapter 3 . 3/14
Your story is WONDERFUL. Really. By the way, I'm French. Isn't it incredible I found this story ? What luck ! Thank you.
dumbledorescardigan chapter 39 . 3/4
Awww I love how they've turned into Emma and Mr. Knightly :)
dumbledorescardigan chapter 32 . 3/3
awww, i love draco, he always seems to lighten the mood
dumbledorescardigan chapter 22 . 3/3
this chapter title gives me life
dumbledorescardigan chapter 11 . 3/3
awww Lucius! He's adorable! I love grandfathers that wouldn't hesitate to hurt anyone who made you cry!
Hayley chapter 54 . 2/27
That was...simply magnificent! I feel like shedding a single tear is in order. No, really, hats off!
Djomar chapter 54 . 2/17
Wonderful story. Although, my favorite pairing was James and Alice
Guest chapter 34 . 2/4
Thanks for marrying me, not thanks for marry me.
Azerty chapter 8 . 1/16
A short Dramione fic I read recently sums how Hermione and Draco are in this fic nicely.

That other fic's plot: They are simply waiting for the other to come to their senses, when in fact, they both know what they want and do not notice that their affections are reciprocated.

Of course, that's not the whole plot of the fic; there's more to it, but you know what I mean. That is the summation of Draco and Hermione's love life there.

Well, I suppose it differs, too. Here, at least as of Chapter 8, the focus seems to be in lacking the boldness to come clean. That would clear up a lot of the conflict here nicely.

I've spotted several moments when either Hermione or Draco could've done so. And if they had, they'd be engaged for real by the end of this chapter.

But many stories with Romance as the main conflict has this.

Nicely written, by the way. I do not mean to insinuate that you copied this off of something. I've just read enough Dramione fics to notice similarities.

DragonCastle chapter 54 . 1/18
The quotes at the beginning of each chapter were awesome too! (I forgot to say that in my previous review. So there. :D)
DragonCastle chapter 1 . 1/18
You made me feel feelings! This was a long story (for me since I mostly read oneshots) yet not once I found myself bored or wanting it to end. I usually dislike OCs in fics but you made me sad over Ingrid's death, heck, I was even sad over that apology scene Kevin had with Alice. I truly pitied the man.

I loved that your story's villains weren't "evil" as many writers are prone to do. They might be selfish or manipulative or downright mean, but they have good sides as all humans do. (I'm sure Aunt Philippa has a good side too that was just not mentioned :) ) Your OCs are human and that endeared them to me.

I loved that you showed us a glimpse of what the kids' life became, and I loved it that you showed Draco and Hermione growing old together. I was, however, horribly devastated at Lucius' death at the last chapter.

fs71/f/2013/048/3/c/why_must_you_hurt_me_in_this_way_harry_by_ (This is my reaction after reading about Lucius' death. I hope you enjoyed trampling upon my heart. Kidding. :))) But seriously, I was sad. :( )

A wonderful read!
Dauphin Noire chapter 1 . 1/5
I like the idea. As always when I start reading something you write, I just want nothing more than knowing what will happen next. As is I had time to read -_- So let's go for chapter 2 :D
dizzykarma chapter 54 . 12/13/2014
Really lovely and well written story.
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