Reviews for A Marriage Most Convenient
tammgrogan chapter 3 . 15h
Happy Holidays,
Thank You so much for this Wonderful story, I read it two or three years ago, and I love it. I wanted to read it again, but couldn't remember the name. Thankfully I have just found it again. I sick this weekend, so I'm going to stay in bed, and reread your wonderful story. ( bad cough my butt off to)
Thanks again,
scabiorgirl chapter 11 . 18h
another great chpt
scabiorgirl chapter 8 . 20h
YES... Loved this chp
ZillahLily chapter 21 . 12/9
Ah. I love Ingrid, I kinda didn't like her but that was amazing
vpugliese31 chapter 54 . 12/5
When my brother died I shut myself out
Its ok to cry
To be sad
Just let yourself be and don't apologize for being in pain
drcomlfoy chapter 54 . 11/26
So this was a great story at first, but I feel like it should have ended at like chapter 32. It started dragging out and in my opinion, I felt as if you were writing it to just keep the story going even though there really was not anything else to write about. But it was a great story overall, I applaud you for being able to keep going.
Fernanda chapter 54 . 11/2
I've read this so many times and each time I cry like a baby lol. One of my favorite fics to this day. Lucius is my favorite character so I was completely heartbroken by this last chapter. But that's what makes it a great story. Thank you for sharing this amazing book with us. xx
Guest chapter 2 . 11/1
That last sentence made my heart melt a bit as did the stick fingers talk.
okaren chapter 4 . 10/1
Loving this story so far! Alice is adorable. I normally don't care for quotes, but I love the mix of Austen's quotes to fit the protagonists' personalities.
mamahd chapter 21 . 9/30
OMG the nanny set them up! I think I love this nanny. I think I need to send her a Thank you card!
mamahd chapter 20 . 9/30
OMG how many surprises can you throw in one chapter! I've cried and I am now speechless. No wonder Nanny gets away with falling asleep on the job. I didn't even see that coming.
mamahd chapter 8 . 9/30
OMG I so want to punch Harry where it hurts. How could he ever say something so cruel. Hermione totally went the wrong way when getting Alice but a child isn't a mistake! I cant wait to see the blow up when Draco finds out Alice is his, and OMG Narcissa is going to go ape when she realises she has a 4yr old granddaughter she never knew about, can you imagine how spoilt that child is going to be with the Malfoys as her family. I see a grand shopping spree in Narcissi's future.
Excellent, excellent story. I can not wait to read more and see how this progresses
SaiyaCat chapter 11 . 9/26
SaiyaCat chapter 3 . 9/26
joyRichard chapter 54 . 9/21
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