Reviews for Legend of Zelda: Sword of Souls
NightOwlCity chapter 20 . 3/8/2015
I really hope you continue this story. It is very good and I have really enjoyed it all! You have done an amazing job with it!
Guest chapter 20 . 10/12/2014
so really enjoyed this thus far, the world is true to the source material yet original enough to be unique and interesting. I see a lot of this and think I'd love to play this as a game or in a DnD scenario, your writing style has pulled me through this 20 chapter work in a few hours. reaching the end of what's been published so far I only have one thought, "what the h*ll's up with the 4 year gap in writing?" this 20 chapter intro was excellent and I call it that, an intro, because I sense you have so much more to say and firmly believe that the rest would have been just as excellent. if you happen to see this review please post the remainder of your tail it's super harsh just cutting it off like that;P if however your lack of writing is for larger reasons which I do not know then I hope my tung and cheek statement does not offend. very glad I stumbled on this link on a DnD forum which lead to the discovery of this entertaining link.
sincerely your fellow Zelda fanatic and Dungeon crawler.
DamnedAeons187 chapter 20 . 5/21/2013
I love the story expessily the fact that link fights Florentine but don't forget that the tri-force of courage allows him a multitude of weapons.
Yes chapter 1 . 2/10/2013
I'm a S-s-s-n-a-k-e
YourLittleSis chapter 1 . 9/9/2012
wow dude u did good on what u made so far im impressed!
Lemonus chapter 1 . 7/8/2011
Just finished reading through this. Amazing. I've always liked Legend of Zelda, and this is just amazing. The way you describe the sword fights is great, the characters are great, everything is great. I honestly have no criticism. Please don't let this die.
Reclusive Dork chapter 19 . 1/5/2011
Do you take OC's? I have a few for you.

Name: Zed

Gender: male

Birth date: 8-12-1991

Hair color: Brown

Clothes: Black pants, thermal undershirtw/chain mail, blue flannel button-up shirt, frog necklace, assassin shoes

Fave food-italian

Personality: serious, kind, slightly concieted, ruthless at work

Distinguishing features: wolf-like eyes and ears-cursed by a dark wizard

Ability: reverse werewolf

Weapon: scythe

Name: Alpha

Gender: Male

birth date: 8-19-93

Hair colour: White

Clothes: bloodstained coat, chain mail shirt, really cool long-shorts, speed shoes

Personality: average man, womanizer, wierd superiority complex, likes to fight

Distinguishing features: cold skin-also cursed

Favourite food:lasagna

Ability: Ice breath-part of curse

weapon: axe

Name: Beto

Gender: male

birth date: 10-12-94

Hair color: black

Clothes: black pants, chain mail shirt, white coat, steel-coated kicking shoes

Theme song: Meaning of life by hawk nelson

Faves: food-spaghetti music-owl city

Personality: down-to-earth, kind, intelligent

Distinguishing features: gold eyes

Ability: Kick power

Weapon: halberd
Foresabaly chapter 20 . 1/2/2011
I am so sorry. I promised to review your story once it was finished, but life got hectic and I forgot too. I might be talking about a lot of things in an unorganized fashion (skipping around a lot), so please bear with me. :)

First off, there is a lot I like about it. The biggest thing I like is the concept. I find it really interesting that there are actually two legendary swords that Link must wield simultaneously. You also chose some really good adjectives. The sword fights are very interestingly written. They really keep my attention during the story. I also like the progression of Link’s, well… innocence, I might say. The first time he kills something, it’s not that easy. He’s not some heartless killing machine is what I guess I’m trying to say. I also really like that Link is not invincible in this story. He can get wounded and almost die. In real life, heroes wouldn’t be able to scrape by everything like fiction sometimes lets them, so that’s good. I also like that you take pre-existing characters and combine them in a world with your own original characters. I also think it’s cool that you didn’t just base it all in one Zelda game land, but instead used different places from several Zelda games. Zelda has more sophisticated and elegant speech, which should be accurate since she is a princess. In chapter 9, you used the word dilapidated. I like that word. I don’t know why and it doesn’t have much to do with your story, but it’s a great word. Chapter 9 was one of my favorite chapters (if not my favorite – but it’s been a while since I read it so I can’t quite remember). Everything was very action-packed and made me want to keep reading. Alexis is a pretty cool character. She might be my favorite, but I like Aurora too. She has some serious opinions. Haha. The deku scrub in chapter 13 was totally amusing and just plain amazing. Another not really important thing is that I love the line, “it bleeping well felt like it” in chapter 12 instead of actually using bad words. We know that’s not what someone would actually say, but what’s wrong with that? I also like the line, “You might be a bastard – no – like a legitimate illegitimate bastard child” from Chapter 15. Man, I like some really weird lines. I also liked the little Zelda tip-of-the-hats like Link saying “gwah” when swinging his sword.

As for some random comments to say, I was trying to figure out all the “da” songs. The first one I think was Saria’s song, the chapter 4 one was tricky, but I think it’s the original theme, and chapter 14’s was Zelda’s Lullaby. Am I right? I think it’s funny that Fado thinks it’s a weakness to fight with two swords, because it’s such the complete opposite. It’s also cool that Lon Lon has a militia! They sure must have grown then! Did you get the initial idea when rumors of Skyward Sword first started, or was this completely original? Aurora just seems kind of like that girl in the poster who looks like the Master Sword, but I could just be assuming. Aurora’s personality actually reminds me quite a bit of Midna, which is cool because I liked her too. In chapter 7, I like that there is this Utopia that isn’t really one. The description of it just felt a little awkward to me though. It seemed very forced in the story. I understand Aurora has to explain this from early on, but it didn’t seem to quite flow right with the story at that moment. I hope Alice is okay on her own. In chapter 9, it was really funny when Zelda makes Link take off his gloves and Aurora freaks out like it’s stripping. In ch. 17, everyone watching Link sleep is like Edward Cullen watching Bella sleep like a total creeper. Sorry, but I couldn’t help but think of that. I find it so sweet that Aurora loves Link and wants to protect him (unlike creepy Cullen). Something I didn’t fully grasp was how Avery could see Aurora even though he’s somewhat bad. I know it’s a strong heart and all, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it, but I just don’t fully get it. Would Scarlett really own blue jeans? She can, but it’s not exactly from that time period, but it’s fantasy after all. Shiek seemed like such a suave player at first. It’s pretty funny. In chapter 9, would they really let Link just replace a boy who can’t fight so easily? But I guess in a blood battle it wouldn’t matter. I honestly thought Lord Emit should have received more years in prison. Yes, he lost all he had been working for and was not killing people directly, but 5 years seems like not that much. Although I don’t know too much about sentencing, and you could also say that there is some political corruption having an influence. Ah, politics. WHO WAS THAT IN CHAPTER 20? I’VE GOT TO KNOW! NEED TO KEEP READING BUT NO MORE AVAILABLE YET!

Now for the hard part… I have a quick grammatical change if you are interested in editing (I know it’s a LONG story to edit). In chapter 10, you mention “Blood Brawls” a lot in someone’s quote, so it would be written ‘Blood Brawls’ with only one quote ‘ thing. I’m not sure how to feel about the Link being cocky yet not. It’s pretty true to how a teenage boy might act, but I don’t know if that’s exactly how Link would be. It kind of rubbed me wrong in a couple of places, but it’s not really bad or anything. He also had a couple of moments near the beginning where he said some things that don’t really belong like “yo” and “toodles” in ch. 2. Aurora has a couple of moments like that too, like when she says, “Yo, Princess, surprised?” in ch. 9. Also, while I love Aurora’s personality, some of the things she says feels a little too shocking or not right for the setting. For example, saying damn to the princess (in ch. 9), but her being that standoffish was the point, so never mind I guess. Sometimes the italicized stuff reads a little awkward. I know I keep saying that, but it’s a phrase one of my old teachers used and I’ve picked up on it. I mean the sentence structure doesn’t quite flow right and doesn’t fit the rest of the chapter. This does not mean I’m saying get rid of it. It’s just that changing a few words to have it flow better would really help the pacing of the story. Okay, I’ve found an example (that’s not actually an italicized part). In chapter 8, you wrote “slightly more poorly”. This is that ‘awkward’ writing I am trying to describe. It could be cut down to ‘more poorly’ or just ‘poorly’… if that makes any sense. The final thing I’ll say is what I said in my original “review”, which is to show, don’t tell. Yes, you don’t have a lot of physical description on characters, but the stuff you do give is in the first sentence or two that you meet the characters and can be completely overwhelming. The best sentence example is in chapter 8 when Zelda is introduced. “The young woman in her mid-twenties ran a hand through her waist-length golden yellow curls distractedly as she closed her aqua-colored eyes to hide her irritation.” That sentence is a serious mouthful, and all of her actions seem to be included just to keep from saying, “She had blonde hair and blue eyes” in a boring way. Feel free to give as much info as you did, but not in the first sentence we meet her. Most of us know what Zelda looks like, and if we don’t, it can still be spaced around the story (even just chapter 8 itself) so readers get the description but don’t feel totally overwhelmed by too much crammed info. It was probably the thing that drew me away from the story the most. I know that last part might seem a little harsh, but I’m not trying to have it be that way. I’m trying to just let you know so it might help you become a better writer.

I hope this was helpful. I really did enjoy it and will be keeping an eye out when you update next! :)
ArchShadow24 chapter 20 . 11/21/2010
Okay, I know my opinion won't matter much, but this is just too good of a story to just let it die, please finish it (or at least make another update). I'm basically begging here.
xXfluffyXx013 chapter 4 . 11/4/2010
Im gonna point something out, i love the story so far, but one should never dry fire a bow, especiqlly a long bow. It can get ruined real fast. I know this is fiction and that the bow is i destructable, but it just caught my attention. I thought id let you know for future reference.
Reclusive Dork chapter 9 . 10/15/2010
Hey, I've drawn a commission for your fanfic. See it at rinsoevrest. deviantart art/ Commission- Fiery- Diamond- SoS- 182792329
Blankiestealer chapter 20 . 10/10/2010
I like the sheikah, but still not ready to trust all of them. The rock people make me think of "the Thing" in the Fantastic Four! haha sorry. Great force shield and volcano scenes!
Blankiestealer chapter 19 . 10/10/2010
this is so cool! the trail of truth is completely original from anything I've ever read. Aurora's concern for Link shows how deep there friendship has become. I like the fact that Link knows who he is facing without having been told
Blankiestealer chapter 18 . 10/10/2010
Aw, Alexis has a crush! And then there's Aurora. I really like this chapter because it has more action in it and Link learns that he is good with people not just at fighting. Avery is such a good friend I can't stand the thought of him leaving Link.

My favorite part about this chapter was your note! Thanks for noticing cuz! great writing!
Jayadragon chapter 20 . 10/8/2010
Your welcome for all my reviews. And i completely agree on the whole reviewing thing. I do not understand people who fav or alert a story without reviewing. Makes no sense. Really why would you do that.

And on the previous chapter summaries, though they may be annoying they are incredibly helpful when there is a long break between chapters. Because readers often forget important things which makes the current chapter hard to understand. Like in chapter 18 if it wasnt for the summary i would have been so lost.

Oh and I love Gina! Her and Sheik are so amazing. Sheik's personality is perfect and so is hers. The way they interact, the hitting and such, is just marvelous. Sheik's flirtatious ways are amazingly amusing. I just love them so much, I really hope they become semi-permanent parts of the link's brethren. I love the word brethren... anyways

The battles in this chapter were great. And the wall the sheikah made was also wonderfully placed in the story.

I loved these past few chapters and surely hope you continue to update.
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