Reviews for On a Whim
jk chapter 6 . 7/28/2015
it pisses me off that not once did bella think about Tanya. She was out buying her wedding dress! And at the same time Edward was cheating on her. Don't be such a cold bitch bella. Your the other woman! The mistress...kinda
nix69 chapter 8 . 10/26/2012
I really hope you come to your stories soon, I really have enjoyed reading them!

I hope your daughter has been getting all the help she needs in getting better!
Guest chapter 8 . 10/7/2012
Wow Steff , I am sorry to hear about your daughter's illness. I pray everything turns out fine. Please don't think twice about FF you have important things on your plate. In the event you need to escape reality this is a good place to do so & you are a very talented writer. Thanks I have enjoyed your story very much. My best to you and your family.
Guest chapter 7 . 10/7/2012
I hope you are still involved withFF . Selfishly I'd like to read more of this story but the last update was a while ago. I'll cross my fingers & see. Thank You
Guest chapter 6 . 10/7/2012
wow great chapte ...well worth the wait. I hope you will continue to add to this story .
veroniica chapter 8 . 2/27/2012
Im so sorry i hope your daughter is fine now!
Lilac7908 chapter 8 . 11/1/2011
I just found your story and it's awesome! I hope you finish it. As for your child's illness, I hope everything works out. I have the same condition and had surgery 9 years ago and have had few symptoms since. I hope everything works out for you and for her.
Nessa19 chapter 8 . 9/14/2011
This is a really good story and I hope you get to finish it :)
CarlieC chapter 8 . 8/31/2011
Just found this story and have loved what I've read so far. I hope your daughter is doing better now. Will look forward to reading the rest when, if, you are able to get back to them :)
FutureMrsRPattz chapter 8 . 6/24/2011
I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter, she will be in my prayers come Sunday.

Hopefully you'll update soon, because you're an amazing writer and I love reading On a Whim, but you're daughter and yourself is more important than updating.

FutureMrsRPattz chapter 7 . 6/24/2011
love love love it!
Daniellexx chapter 7 . 10/21/2010
love this story so sorry about ur daughter. plz try to update again soon.
jaziijazz chapter 8 . 9/23/2010
i hope that your daughter is better and if not i send my wishes to your family...

you are good writer if you ever write a book i might read it if i remember your name.

p.s my name is jasmine by the way and all they best wishes to your daughter.
Chrisstars1 chapter 8 . 7/25/2010
I am so very sorry to hear about your daughter. I very rarely give personal information on the net , but I wanted to let you k ow that you are not alone and you hand my prayers. I have a daughter and she was very ill and now is wonderfully healthy. I hope your daughter will. BE just As blessed. I see that you have not updated in a long time and I pray that does not mean that you recieved bad news about your daughter. I will pray for you and your family. I can't wait until all is well and you can update. You are truly talented but being a good mother is the most important job there is!
Daniellexx chapter 8 . 7/8/2010
love the story so far plz try to update again soon.
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