Reviews for Harry's decision
Raven2547 chapter 30 . 11/29
What a pleasant surprise to see this on my holiday break! It was as a chapter as well. I hope to see more from this, thank you for updating.
fhl1234 chapter 5 . 11/23
fhl1234 chapter 4 . 11/23
Interesting revilation.
fhl1234 chapter 3 . 11/23
Cool, Harry has now met Dumbledore. Perhaps Harry can get a wand even if he doesn't go to Hogwarts eh.
fhl1234 chapter 2 . 11/23
Good chapter.
fhl1234 chapter 1 . 11/23
Whilst I don't think that Harry's school is a boarding school in cannon, this is an interesting concept. First wbwl story I've read where Harry tells the wizarding world to shove off and goes to secondary school. Neat. So the order has gotten someone from the wizarding world in the school to look after Harry eh? Will Harry and Sirius get along?
d1n0s chapter 30 . 11/11
Well written story, looking forward to when you have the time to write a new chapter.
valhallia chapter 30 . 10/27
this book has turned into one of my absolute favorites! despite the cliche stuff, reading this is beyong entertaining. hope you are doing well and hope you don't abandon this in the future :
antipodean chapter 23 . 9/16
really enjoy your writing style, thanks for sharing your story
anso212 chapter 30 . 9/8
Thanks for the update. I wonder what will happens next with umbridge. Your story is one of my favorites.
SMantis chapter 1 . 9/8
Why do you have Stonewall as a boarding school? It's described as a local comprehensive - these are not boarding schools. And any boarding school would be paid, so the Dursleys would never have sent Harry there.
Guest chapter 30 . 9/8
You know, it's not really pleasant reading about children being foul to one another.
Guest chapter 27 . 9/8
Why would ANYONE want to go to Hogwarts? The students are all bullying bigots. Does magic rot the brain as well as the morals?
Guest chapter 22 . 9/8
So harry has absorbed all of V's magic and he's skulking around hiding? Why would they think it a good idea to send harry to such a magical place as hogwarts when his history with magic is so explosive? And why would he want to go, when he knows about the education he'd be missing out on? I would expect him to want to go to normal school and study magic at home, but that's just me, I don't like reading about the ghastly bullying and the pathetic curriculum at Hogwarts. Look at it from harry's point of view, half his family are almost as unpleasant to him as the dursleys and contact with the wizarding world has brought kidnapping, murder and an almost deadly explosion. I can't see that making him more keen to have much to do with that world. So far, your story has been very intriguing, tho poor Walter's death was a shock.
Hpfan chapter 30 . 9/6
I love your story! It's so interesting and the characters are so developed! Well done!
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