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XxThe-Crest-Of-AnubisxX chapter 10 . 11/23
Nadeshiko and Zero 3
Well as much I really like Yuki and Zero pair, I don't think I ship them here in your story
But lo and behold I really need the twins bonding time more :(
Anyway good luck for your next chapter :)
Atikah14DC chapter 10 . 11/22
Really refreshing chapter, after the hectic at mission and then Yuuki, this is really peaceful.
So, Zero didn't say anything, and I really want to try Zero's cooking. Lucky Yuuki she always eats his cooking, and it even can beat restaurant!
I love Yuuki in this chapter, so she can really choose rightly. I really hope she always does what is best.
So Sayori is in now in the secret, and Ichiru and her will be prefect..
Can Ichiru will be hunter too?
Does the celebration is over now? Here I think we'll get how it goes. But maybe it just went smoothly, coz Zero is the one who become the head. Wonder, what Ichiru's three words are.. is this mean Ichiru won't be able produce heir?
Really love how the encounter between Zero, Ichiru, Yuuki, Sayori, Cross, Yagari, and Nadeshiko. And I really miss White Lily, that horse really goes along with Zero.
Thank you for update, hopefully you can update soon. And I'll see if I can review anonimously, but maybe I need to use other laptop coz I'll automatically sign in at my handphone and PC.
Atikah14DC chapter 9 . 11/21
Wow, extra chapter about Kaito :P
I don't really remember this story in the old chapter, but maybe because it's really believable in the old story. In this new story, it's really hard especially after chapter 7. After his conversation with Zero and the other hunter.. Really how could he laugh like that if he has his own love like that.. Either he is good at hiding his emotion or else..

Really touch my heart and makes me miss him.. Hopefully he gets his own happy ending
Thank you for update
Atikah14DC chapter 8 . 11/21
Wow, I don't know there's already another update. Thank you and I'm sorry it's late.
This chapter is rather bold but I'm glad finally some ZeroYuuki action, even if Yuuki is rather not full conscious-I hope she'll remember later even if a bit, just a bit...
You know, this scene is remind me with original manga in which she had just been attacked in graveyard and was help by Zero, then she wanted to bite Zero but of course later she realized where she was... But here Zero give his push so yeah.. Go Zero..
And wow, you give me too much at the end. Even if it's sad that you won't update regulerly again. But I'm glad, really glad to know Ichiru won't die, I really like him here..
Thank you
miketsukami13 chapter 10 . 11/20
Well this chapter was uneventful. I think it's a good idea to change the flow every once in a while. Yuki honestly needs to stop being her oblivious self and get things straight though . Overall the chapter is well written.
Guest chapter 10 . 11/19
Really interested in whats going to happen next, please keep writing.
lilcutieprincess chapter 10 . 11/19
Yuki and Zero's relationship is getting better! Please update soon! :DD
Marteler La Mer chapter 9 . 11/15
I'm sorry to see that the lack of reviews has got ya down. I used to be the exact same way; if people didn't seem to give a crap I lost motivation. You have to write and publish these for your own happiness regardless if the readers decide to review it. Be proud of how much you've done and put it out there for the world to see. Every fanfic is unique, especially yours (I love unfluffy fanfics, they're awesome). If a user wants to be a lazy d*ckbag and not review then thats on them. It doesn't mean your story is bad.
XxThe-Crest-Of-AnubisxX chapter 8 . 11/11
So can we still see Nadeshiko fight Yuki to win Zero affection?
I really like this Nadeshiko that you potrays
I still prefer Nadeshiko than Yuki
Well I do like her when you first start posting this story
Anyway love your story and hope to see next chapter soon
lilcutieprincess chapter 9 . 11/10
The last chapter was really good! Too bad Yuuki didn't relieve Zero. I remeber reading this chapter lol! Please update soon! :DD
Gunbladez19 chapter 9 . 11/7
One of the best extra stories out there I am glad you brought this one back such beautiful and sadness... and man the feels for kaito
miketsukami13 chapter 9 . 11/7
I remember this chapter . God the feels was so strong I remember crying.
I almost did this time too.
the only mistake i found in this chapter was :
" he had reacted like that though they had ..." why don't you make it
he had reacted as though had etc...
it was in the third line of the story .
lilcutieprincess chapter 7 . 11/4
This chapter was very bachalor-y with lots of love insight! Please update soon! :DD
Atikah14DC chapter 7 . 11/4
Oh the chapter, full of 'the Talk'
Kaito is really funny, and he being that philosophy make me miss him. And Zero decided to hear out their advice, and didn't just tell them about Yuuki and Kanama, go Zero!
This is fine talk before the party, and we got how Zero and the Red Woman started their relationship. I'm surprise that we got to hear Zero's POV about her.
And you have to end when Yuuki's up.
So the next chapter there's some lemon, yummy wonder who..
Thanks for the chapter and update soon
miketsukami13 chapter 7 . 11/4
well other than the spelling mistake in the third line pit put .
The story is an astounding one 3
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