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SeddieCREDDIE chapter 27 . 10/30/2010
Cool i liked it they sorted it out
pink-strawberry-lemonade chapter 27 . 10/30/2010
Yay, birthday cake!

It's been a big year, though! This story is so amazing! I'm so glad that Carly and Freddie have worked everything out, now. You mentioned that you like the long, involved reviews, so I'll try this time. :)

I usually don't like to give people suggestions as far as ideas for the story, because they may already have everything planned out, and I don't want to interfere. I only mention anything grammatical, but your story has perfect punctuation, capitalization, etc. Makes it very readable! :D

So, yeah, here's my usual: can't wait for the next update! Exceptional work, sockstar. I can easily say this is one of the best stories I've read on here, for any category.
Fanfic-Reader-88 chapter 27 . 10/30/2010
You finally updated, huh? LOL, Just kidding...

So, Freddie and Carly finally quit acting like babies and apologized to each other. It's generally good, because now their friendship is repaired, but in this case, it's better, because their apologies didn't come in the sappy, cheesy, Lifetime-like kind of way.

For once, Freddie stood his ground when he decided to stay in the studio, and when he said "no" after Sam told him that he should wait. Even more impressive is that he didn't get punched again, but I digress...

I like the whole "catch me" bit that happened when Sam left out. That seems like a kind of thing that would only work between friends, but that's just my thoughts.

It was a shock when it came out that Carly had confronted Sam about her part in the situation. It would have been great to read about *that* fight in full detail in a earlier chapter, but then it might have took the fun out of reading about it now. I seriously would have liked it if Sam had gave Freddie at least half of an apology, but of course, that's easier said than done.

Since I'm on the subject of Sam, I really can't begin to say how amazing and funny it was that she actually kept herself from ripping apart Spencer's meat sculpture and digesting it all in one second (okay, not literally, but...), and that she actually had took somebody else into consideration for once. That might never happen again, in a real episode *or* in a fan fiction story, LOL...

Now that everything is okay again, I'm really ready to see how this all ends. Freddie fixed his relationship with Carly (and maybe Sam), but now, what's he gonna do about everything else, especially dealing with the Queen of the Stuck-Up Spoiled Brats, who we all know and hate as Jennifer? Dude, don't keep us waiting so long, LOL.

Oh yeah, happy 1-year anniversary...
ceddie chapter 27 . 10/30/2010
guppy say "happy birthday"
dinosgirl3 chapter 26 . 10/22/2010
I'm all caught up now on this terrificness that is your story. I have so much I want to say, but for now I'll settle for:

I love you. That is all. :)
dinosgirl3 chapter 12 . 10/9/2010
Okay - so, I am about halfway through this story. Love it, by the way. But I just had to come back to this chapter...

It' Wonderful. S e x y. Awkward. Amazing. Delicious. Seriously, it had me squirming. I love Creddie but am realistic enough to believe Mr. Fredward Benson has to harbor som feelings towards hottie pal Samantha Puckett. He's male - she's female, the math adds up. I like that they didn't go all the way though. It wouldn't have seemed appropriate at this point. Plus, I truly believe that it would be more in character for Freddie to want his first time to be with someone he has more romantic than lustful feelings toward.

Anywhoo - I'm gonna finish reading and then let you know what I think of the whole story. like i said, I just HAD to comment on this chapter. ;)
SorrisoD'amore chapter 26 . 10/8/2010
That was so intense i was waiting for the confrontation and i cant wait for the next cahpter please continue:)
baronvonmilo chapter 26 . 10/4/2010
Your story is like a fine wine, it improves with age. I hope Spencer didn't plant any foolish ideas in Freddie's head, if he did the next time we get a look in the trunk of Jenifer's car we might find Freddie. I am looking forward to the next chapter, hope to see Carly.
Reviewer no Kage chapter 26 . 10/4/2010
Great update! You put us through the wringer again. Excellent writing.

Sam gets the simultaneous awards for 'Yoda' moment and for hypocrisy. She was absolutely right about why the fight was so bad (Yoda moment) but decided to physically punish Freddie for hurting Carly and making her cry. What makes her a hypocrite here? If I'm not mistaken, one of the things that hurt Carly was Freddie and Sam having sex. Didn't Sam seduce Freddie? Yeah, he allowed her to and was a participant but she did initiate things. That action is the crux of the fight between Freddie and Carly. Sam is probably more angry with herself but used Freddie as a target of convenience. Unfortunately, this is likely to turn out to be a huge mistake.

Sadly, this undermines her entire "get a pair" and "stop trying to please everybody" speech. After her punch and threat, Freddie pretty much becomes completely compliant. Spencer is rather mean and cold to him. Freddie meekly accepts it without a word of protest. He also docilely sits back and waits for Sam to return before attempting to apologize to Carly. Carly is ironically out like a light. I have a feeling they will let Carly sleep.

In any event things are likely to get sticky. If Freddie is not forced (and I honestly feel right now that is the case) to apologize immediately he will have time to think about this situation. Wouldn't he wonder who the hell is in his corner in all of this? Is anyone going to call Carly out on her BS? (Highly unlikely from Sam.) After all, Carly basically came looking for a fight and wouldn't back down until they had a knock drag-out shouting match. This makes him the asshole? This basic unfairness is likely to piss off even the most even tempered person.

The same is likely to occur if he is forced to apologize but Carly doesn't apologize herself. It may not happen immediately but resentment would build up. Depending on how long and what else is happening this could lead to a fight that makes the blow up of a few chapters ago seem like a love fest.

Even more interesting would be if Carly is woken up and continues with her ugly mood. Sam would probably do very little if she started ripping into Freddie while he was trying to apologize to her. How much of that would Freddie take before he blew a fuse and stormed off?

I think the next chapter is going to be very interesting. Can't wait to read it!

pink-strawberry-lemonade chapter 26 . 10/4/2010
I'm so happy you updated! I'm like in love with this story. I'm working on my entry for Croctober right now :) Are you writing something for it?
Fanfic-Reader-88 chapter 26 . 10/4/2010
So, for the time being, the issue between Freddie and Carly is still unresolved, and as usual, he's taking all of the heat, not to mention the abuse, for the situation, even though he didn't mess things up all by himself, but what else is new?

I like how it was pointed out that Freddie had started to be his own man and not back down or give in anytime Carly or his mom wanted him to do something. And his conversation with Spencer was pretty funny too, but he was right by telling Freddie to leave the threesome idea alone, because he would be in a even worse position than he already was in.

But like I said, Freddie is taking all of the heat for what's been going on, even though it isn't entirely his fault. Yeah, he should have been with Sam when Carly found out so they could have told her together. But every little insult Freddie made towards Carly was only because of everything she said to him. Plus, the way that Sam and Spencer acted towards him makes it seem like they know more about how Freddie messed up, but they didn't really find out about what Carly said, or maybe it's just easier to be pissed at Freddie. I seriously wonder if anybody thought about his feelings in all this.

I hope that they can solve their problems next chapter, and I'm hoping that it isn't all on Freddie's shoulders.
Snapplelinz chapter 26 . 10/4/2010
Cool update, sockstar. I liked the advice that both Sam and Spencer gave Freddie (save for the threesome idea, lol). Is it wrong that I was totally digging the Seddie vibe in this though? You're such a stinker for keeping Carly asleep there at the end, but I have faith that she and Freddie will patch things up...eventually. Hopefully Carly can accept that Freddie's finally ready to be treated as her equal from now on. Thanks for the shout-out and for making fun of my ridiculously long chapters too btw ; ) But you're right, this chapter was like toasting marshmallows, but in a good way. Major props : D
Darsnider chapter 26 . 10/4/2010
lol nice update, poor guy i forgot he said the taboo to a girl "calm down", poor Freddie, seems no matter how old he grows sam will still beat him down though im sure its his gentleman nature that keeps him from fighting back lol,i loved spencer even if he was on carly's side he was smart enough to recognized he was bias with his anger to Freddie but he had to keep his family loyalty when he said threesome i wont deny i immediately pictured a Sam Freddie Carly threesome lol, well i hope to see how this is resolved and its true it must be hard for carly to deal with freddie no longer being her lapdog and placing himself above her needs, that wasnt a healthy position for them to be in if they have any relationship
Carl Rahl chapter 26 . 10/4/2010
I have been waiting for Carly to be in the picture again.
RemDiamond chapter 26 . 10/4/2010
I've been waiting for Carly to re-emerge. I hope they are able to have an open honest conversation. Of course, that might be hard with Sam present, but at least she's trying to get them to talk. Thanks for the update.
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