Reviews for Favorite Flavors
Guest chapter 1 . 6/23/2014
Oh my god I LOVE your translation of that song. I loved the rest of it too, especially Remy's not so subtle manipulation, but that song! C'estait trop belle. Je veut presque essayer de faire un "cover" mais malheureusement je peut pas chanter :(
MayDayGirl-Save-Our-Ships chapter 1 . 10/31/2011
Wow! This is such a great story! You are a marvelous writer!

I also really like the idea of having to test the staff before they hire anyone. I always wondered how they got kitchen staff for their new restaurant.

Phooka chapter 1 . 10/5/2011
"Oh gods. Best. Story. EVER!" said a large, dark-furred creature sitting on the roof of Collette's apartment. "That little mixture of Remy's monologue, Linguini and Collette's conversations, the Ratatouille Song, as I call it, in both French and English... urrgh, you are amazing! You added in Gusteau again, after he'd officially merged with Remy, but I'm not mad because IT'S AN AMAZING STORY!

"Incidentally, I'm a phooka." And the next morning, nobody noticed the new gargoyle on the roof.
Osperus chapter 1 . 12/4/2010
Satisfying, like a delicious meal. :) I always have music going when I cook too, they just blend so well together.
Hijokugei chapter 1 . 7/31/2010
Excellent. The ending was a bit rough, but endings are always rough to write (I find), so you're forgiven for that. The message is carried through well, though Colette seems slightly out of character in the end. Linguini is spot on though. I'd have liked to see more of Remy and his cooking though, just because I'm a food nerd.
ChocoholicBec chapter 1 . 7/26/2010
Very nice! I'm not always a huge fan of romances, but I really enjoyed this.
person-without-a-FF.N-account chapter 1 . 7/18/2010
aww how sweet!
2wingo chapter 1 . 5/13/2010
One of my favorite Pixar movies, and this, I think, could be my new favorite Ratatouille fic.
Glittering Turquoise chapter 1 . 4/29/2010
Nice story! _-
KairiwithoutSora chapter 1 . 3/17/2010
very insightful and clever. A beautiful job on the blending of the movie with your own ideas.
PutMoneyInThyPurse chapter 1 . 1/21/2010
Oh wow, I can't be liee nobody reviewed this! I thought it was a gem when I first read it, but RL got in the way. How absolutely inexcusable!

Let me get the nitpicks out of the way first. 'Colette' has one L. And 'cherie' is feminine while 'cheri' is masculine.


"As yet, nobody had made it past the first step."

Aw! What a wonderful and complex plan, so well-thought-out... and then to find it all for naught!

"Colette and Linguini were natural caretakers. Every time somebody screamed the word 'Vermin' they would close ranks around me neatly, spend a day making it clear how highly they held me personally and life went on."

*melts* But you knew I'd melt, didn't you?

"I cooked it for Ego. It was my coming out, of sorts. [What a great way to put it.] No more hiding. Food is an art form, and like any art form, it has to come from the artist. Everything I had made till that point was at someone's request, or what other people wanted me to make for them. [And I never really thought of that, but yes! Not counting that omelette he made Linguini.] Ego dared me to cook what I would."

Indeed. Just smiling and shaking my head, here. The clash of geniuses, high above both Linguini and Colette, really. On ther own plane.

"The night before, I never would have done it, but this was the night where Linguini had defended me at the cost of his own reputation. At the cost of the woman he loved. It was an act of honesty that I knew he never would have made for anyone else."

aw. Remy won't say 'an act of loyalty' or 'of affection', but it's right there. And I like the little repetition: 'at the cost of his own reputation. At the cost of the woman he loved.' Really emphasises it and has a lovely rhythm.

And I love both the loyalty and the comparison here:

"I owed it to him. Ratatouille was a peasant dish. A humble dish from humble beginnings. Like me. {Oh, beautiful! I love the comparson, I love the little sentence and I love the transition, "Like me. I..."} I made it for the harshest skeptic that the art world of any kind had seen...

It was a fantastic night. If only it hadn't turned into the next morning."

And how sober a line is that? Indeed. And I like the term you find, 'writer's block' - and the whole concept that one can burn out, burn low, burn down. And your Remy expresses it really well. I like his 'voice', too - it sounds very him.

"Two photos had a place of prominence and both of them were of her with Gusteau himself. One was a shot of her in uniform, in the kitchen, posing together for the camera. His arm was around her like a proud father. The other was a candid shot, her in plainclothes, working diligently over a pot, stirring something, and he, in his Chef['s] uniform standing behind her, looking over her shoulder, guiding her hand gently with [his]..."

I love this passage - I can see it happen. It makes the mentoring all the more real, and gives a logic to that scene on the motorcycle. Thank you for adding this titbit to the lore. "Like a proud father" - this works on so many levels and is so wonderful.

I saw that, and knew why she had come back. She loved Gusteau. He had taken a chance on her, letting a woman into the domain of Old French Men, and she had come out victorious.

"Old French Men" - what a lovely variation on Old White Men! I adore it! Merci!

"But take it from the nose that knows, Collette spent very little time in her living room. She lived in her kitchen."

The confidence you put into this is just perfect and so Remy, and the little play on words is adorable.

"I'm going to take a shower."

"Uh... okay, I’m going to uh... sit." he backs into the living room. “Enjoy… um, showering.”

:D :D :D Linguini's turn of phrase. I love you. There are no words.

"Watch out for the coffee table." Colette calls easily over her shoulder as she heads down the hall.

"I w-ACK!"

And again. You do it SO WELL!

"Mon Dieu! I almost Pepper sprayed him!" Colette hisses. "The only reason I didn't was because... was because I knew he was in lo..." She trailed off suddenly. Then her glare lightens. Then she starts to smile. Then she returns her gaze to me. "We never had this conversation." She snarls suddenly.

I nod emphatically."


Now this bit is really tight in Little chef's PoV, and so funny as well:

"If you want Little Chef to stay with you, I can't stop you." Linguini commented... moped really. "You don't have to ask me..."

Colette goes still. Warning. Warning. Linguini, you're in danger.

[It doesn't convey the italics, but they flash like a neon sign, trust me.]

"The rat?" She chokes out finally. "You think I'm offering to let you live with me so I can keep close to the rat?"

[I love the choking]

I would be offended, but at this exact moment I'm too busy worrying for the well-being of my friend.


"He's free to stay with who he likes... and you actually have more in common with him than I do..." Danger Linguini! Great Danger! [Oh God, I LOVE this! I love how you juxtapose Remy's awareness with Linguini's continuing cluelessness!]

Oh, and then this:

"I recognized their fighting for what it was. It was like my first trip through Paris. The man was at the business end of his girlfriend['s] gun one second, literally kissing her the next. High passion can go into cooking, into fighting, or into romance with equal fire.

Ahh, Paris.

I tuned the argument out and went exploring. I needed inspiration."

This passage would have been enough for me, if anyone asked me why I love this story. This is - you capture the essence of Remy's personality, who he is, the fire and flair in canon. And your paragraphing is one of the things that make it so strong - the divisions. and the last line: "I tuned the argument out and went exploring. I needed inspiration." is so strong with all the action verbs, contrasting with the "ahh, Paris" above: "I tuned...I went...I needed." the way it's split into two short sentences is packed with energy. And that last "I needed inspiration" is so definite you just KNOW he's going to find it!

Hmm, the next bit. Not so into songfics myself. But it's worth it for the "cultured touch" that Gusteau's spectre slaps down, and for this:

"I felt better about being a chef when my brother started noticing flavors at last than I did when Linguini suddenly had a penthouse."

That line makes me feel warm inside. "People like that remind me of my father. Food is fuel. A year ago you could feed my brother shoelaces and tell him it was spaghetti. He couldn’t tell." Aww. How sad - you just take us there with Remy.

"And the maestro, Gusteau himself. He knew better than anyone. He was the one who taught me, though we had never met. [That's sad, yet beautiful!] Music you can taste. Flavor you can see.

I always heard the music when I ate. Fruity flavors always made me think of jazz music. Sharper tastes made me think of rhythm. Subtle flavors were like the slow background music you hear swaying in romantic movies." [How nice to be in remy's head and see how he sees the world]

I grinned. I think I had a new idea." [If you ever go over this, just check the tenses. No biggie, it just switches from past to present when it needs not to.] And I love the short, again, emphatic construction of this sentence. Really, that's one thing I notice about the way you write Remy: moments of contemplation followed by a burst into decisive action. That's very canon, and very Remy, and thank you so much for doing that!

"Linguini is moping in the living room, collapsed in a chair that he has moved into the corner. They don’t know it, but both of them are staring up at the moon."


History suggests [BWAHAHA! SO well put!] that this will continue for the rest of the night, and become awkward in the morning. They take so much looking after.[Oh, I love the italics, and even more Mother-hen! Linguini.]

btw: Poire belle Hélène - new favourite recipe.

"Little Chef!" Linguini hisses, frozen in panic, as her door suddenly opens. "Uh..."

Colette seems shy too. She sniffs the air and smiles. "I think Little Chef is experimenting again."

"Uh...Yeah. Something with a lot of pears and chocolate in it."

Colette sniffs again. “Poire belle Hélène” She breathes. That girl would make a fine poison checker rat. [SQUE!]

Linguini looks up hopefully. "Would you... like some?" [Love the hesitation, and the 'hopefully'.

"You're really good at it and I wanted you to respect me like I respected you."

Collette is struck by this. Right between the eyes in fact. I don't know how he does it, but my boy Linguini manages to stumble his way into saying the right thing so often."

"My boy Linguini." :)

"She swiftly reaches up, putting a finger over his lips. "Would you like to stay here with me?"

Your Colette has learned to cut to the chase :)

And finally:

"So much better. It has you."

Collette blushes.

Linguini takes that in and feels like he's done something wrong. "Other stuff too! It's got washing machines too! Not that washing machines are more import-"

Colette saves him from himself by leaning over and kissing him. He wastes no time losing himself in her kiss. I think that she is his favorite flavor. Everyone has one."

Oh man oh man oh MAN! I was hesitant to click on this because it was classed as 'Romance', but I'd have been a FOOL to have missed it! It has so many things I'm a sucker for - the friendship between Linguini and Remy, the burgeoning one between Remy and Colette [and GOD Colette's hard to write and you do it so well], Cupid!Protective!Remy, and all of them in their canon glory. When I saw you'd posted a new one I swore I'd review this one first, and I hope the detail makes up for being the only one so far. Thank you for posting.