Reviews for Hit By Destiny
optional-fiend chapter 55 . 5/9
I haven't finished this chapter so maybe this question is answered later but, Jacob? Carlisle said he's getting the help he needs and Edward is arguing he should be locked up for nearly getting Bella killed. His involvement in Bella being forced into the rituals is obviously awful but has Edward forgotten there are 2 witnesses to Jacob shooting Jasper and putting him in a coma? Edward and Leah were both there, Jasper too of course. Regardless of the crazy rituals and Forks vs Quileute laws, shooting Jasper would get Jacob locked up, right? Whether in jail or a mental health facility is up for the courts to decide I think but either way he would definitely be incarcerated somewhere.
Barbie Caffaratti Donalisio chapter 1 . 5/7
Ama VG chapter 58 . 4/14
A really Great story. The theme is heavy but the plot is twisted and i could see it as a movie. Well done
CLEFE chapter 57 . 4/3
Wow what a story! I read all night because I couldn't stop... Thank you so much for writing it!
Mirksaz chapter 57 . 3/27
Loved the story. You managed to make me like Edward in the end. I didn't think that would be possible in the beginning of the story. Well done!
RedHann chapter 1 . 2/18
I first read this fanfic as a teenager, and now as a 27 year old I’m still obsessed! I was beyond excited to see that you’re planning to turn this into a book and I can’t wait for it to come out! I’m looking forward to any updates or book release dates! You’re awesome!
Tinkerbell74 chapter 1 . 2/11
I have loved this story since the moment I started to read it. I have read this over a 100 times. There is nothing you should apologize for or to. This is a beautiful work of fiction. It’s a masterpiece. It’s a heartbreaking tale of love, depression and folklore. People will find fault in everything. You didn’t do anything wrong when you wrote this. This was your outlet. A beautiful outlet.
Guest chapter 28 . 1/23
This story is so depressing but I can't stop reading it
Fleur50 chapter 60 . 11/14/2021
Bonne chance avec le plagiat, j’espère qu’il n’y en aura plus… vous aviez écrit une magnifique histoire.
Fleur50 chapter 30 . 11/10/2021
Taschen chapter 60 . 11/9/2021
Congratulations on getting that plagiarized story off the net! Plagiarism is disgusting, and people have some freaking nerve STEALING other people's hard work and creations.

What pisses me off is how acts of plagiarism often turn writers fearful, pulling their current work and refrain from posting anything new, in effect denying true fans the pleasure of their talent. I'm thrilled that you have not been scared off and have kept your stunning work online and available for your loyal fans.

Thanks you, and good luck!
Pattigirl23 chapter 1 . 11/6/2021
This was a really beautiful story! Thank you for sharing.
Guest chapter 37 . 10/25/2021
Uh, it's FORTY, not FOURTY.
Camila0803 chapter 60 . 10/25/2021
Amei demais essa história
Você é muito talentosa
Guest chapter 17 . 10/24/2021
Uh, she probably couldn't climb out of the car GRACEFULLY, not GRACIOUSLY.
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