Reviews for Hit By Destiny
obsessedabouttwilight chapter 20 . 8/25
I wish Bella would reach out to someone about what happened to her, and I hope Edward stops acting like an a hole! and I cannot believe Charlie, If i were Bella I would have walked out the door and never came back, even if I had no where to go.
Guest chapter 57 . 8/18
Hmmm probably my 10th time reading this and each time it gets better :) Your writing is phenomenal and what a beautiful end to an incredible love story. I found a gorgeous sparrow necklace on Etsy and will be buying it very very soon :)
Junewapper chapter 51 . 8/12
Eva chapter 18 . 8/5
I'm sorry, my english is not that good but I wanted to tell you that the way you write is breathtaking. It's by far one of the best fanfictions that I had the chance to read and you can be proud of your work. I started to read it last evening and I couldn't stop since, so thank you for sharing this story with us.
Take care!
mommymac0508 chapter 59 . 7/26
Hello it took a few day but I read it and I had some late nights doing hehehe I loved it thank you
Jaybay2012 chapter 57 . 7/21
Thank you for sharing your story with us. It took some getting used to, seeing Edward in such a dark light but the story was well worth the adjustment. Thanks again, and I really enjoyed this.
rosegolden chapter 59 . 7/19
This is by far the longest story on the website i have ever read all the way through. And all I have to say is that it was worth it. By a long shot.
Guest chapter 57 . 7/18
One of the greatest fics ive ever read
Guest chapter 57 . 7/13
Gosh do you know how amazing this story is? It'd fucking awesome... I'm in love with it... it's so beautiful... Thank you for sharing this with us xoxo
Guest chapter 52 . 7/12
It's so amazing that it hurts God can it get anymore good. This Edward makes me so emotional and... I'm at loss of words here he's the best...not perfect but perfect in its own perfectness... I really really really live him... I'll always love him... No matter what
abhayonly63 chapter 46 . 7/12
Why is it so hard for Bella to accept that she loved Edward God!
Guest chapter 43 . 7/11
What is wrong with u Bella ?! You can't want him and leave him... He's broken can't u see that? Why are u doing this to him... I sure do feel bad for u but equally for Edward God this is so confusing!
Guest chapter 42 . 7/11
Oh good God! I can't stop my tears right now! They're flowing like a waterfall! Bella why would do that?! He said he loved u and you're what's best for him! Why don't you understand him... I... Right now hate Bella... For the time being anyway oh poor Edward! (tears)
abhayonly63 chapter 41 . 7/11
I mean what is this love and hate relationship huh? One moment they kiss and the other moment... I don't know... They don't kiss? What the hell?!
abhayonly63 chapter 38 . 7/11
Oh Edward he's so romantic
... Punched his hand on car... I literally cried reading that sentence oh god and how Romantic can it get! I fucking love this.. Oops.. I think I got this swearing habit from Edward... Hey! Don't blame me!
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