Reviews for Hero Complex
cybersocks chapter 11 . 9/12/2016
This is absolutely brilliant-the individual characters' voices, the relationships, the similarities and differences and effects of the varied experiences-you just nailed it all. My best compliment for you is the fact that, despite the fact that it wouldn't make any sense to the story, I really wanted it to KEEP GOING! Well done, oh, well done!
KatieLyn chapter 11 . 6/8/2016
I've never read anything quite like this. I wish this could happen in the movies. It should be canon.
gluegirl56 chapter 11 . 9/8/2015
Thank you for writing this ;) I like the way you compare them and that they share each other's experiences. A very interesting read!
WeirdLittleStories chapter 10 . 5/31/2015
Awwww. I love it that TOS Spock is being gentle and understanding and all "accept your human half" with reboot Spock. And of course he knew exactly what to say. :-)
WeirdLittleStories chapter 8 . 5/31/2015
You're right, the reboot guys DO need what the TOS guys have.
WeirdLittleStories chapter 2 . 5/31/2015
This is an interesting and well done meditation on the characters.

I'm surprised you portray Kirk's parents as fiercely religious, though; Kirk is the "mankind has no use for gods" fellow.
Guest chapter 11 . 3/4/2015
Well done.
MuggleCreator chapter 11 . 6/13/2014
Yay! I loved this...
Particularly the bits with the Jims.
And Spock, and Bones, of course.
The Sherlockian Vulcan chapter 11 . 3/17/2014
Amazing! I wish it was longer!
Irene34 chapter 11 . 2/25/2014
I loved it. Great imagination. Thanks
Jay Q chapter 11 . 7/19/2013
VERY well-written and entertaining. This story has given me an insight to both versions of the characters I never saw before. I have watched TOS and the re-vamped Star Trek and I can see how and why you wrote the things you did.

Thia story gave me feels. 'Soecially Jim Kirk feels.
Unseen Watcher chapter 10 . 6/17/2013
I only found this fic by chance! I've already scoured the Crossover section. This wasn't in it. *pouts*
Unseen Watcher chapter 11 . 6/17/2013
You just made my day, if not my week. I wanted those three to meet somehow. An NO, there can't be enough of meeting fics like this. There are too few in my opinion.
It was a wonderful, wonderful plot line full of h/c and bonding. I love the fact that you included Bones in the bonding when so many others (series included) seem to focus more on the Kirk and Spock side of things. Even more rare, you showed the bonds to the Outer Circle too.
The hugs were wonderful. Thank you for this fic.
Darkwood Princess chapter 1 . 2/27/2013
I was just reading through this story again. It's definitely one of my favorites in this fandom. Keep up the great writing!
Miller's End chapter 11 . 7/28/2012
Overall, a good story. Would be nice to KNOW at the start of each chapter which 'version' is speaking, and sometimes throughout the chapter; but this works.

I LIKE that you not only did an Alt U thing, but tied in the JJ movie (that wreck, that Abomination, of a movie). In a way, if he has in the next one them acting like buddies, this story will be an explanation of the friendship.

Just, PLEASE have a good proofreader - maybe go find an English teacher to go over it - check ALL of your stories. From the word usage, you are a 'native' to English; but also a sign of what our "schools" are turning out. The mistakes I saw are not just typo's - they are a clear sign of NOT REALLY knowing the language.

And so you know here - I plan to post a story in a few days (weeks?), so feel free to offer corrections. It is natural 'revenge', even if I don't think it is warranted.
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