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Guest chapter 39 . 4/15/2015
Bravo, I would love to see at least a one shot of 500 years later thou.
Best wishes
Guest chapter 34 . 4/14/2015
The next chapters are always the most bitter out of this fantastic story...
Guest chapter 1 . 3/26/2015
Time to re read a old time favorite. Just the Intro AN speaks volumes of the kind of person the author is, I salute thy
ReploidCat chapter 39 . 10/28/2014
Overall I really liked the theme of moral ambivalence though I will not deny that I completely loathed many of the things Elincia did.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions after all.

Unless Elincia or her children manages to engender goodwill among the populace of Tellius bar Goldoa, Pax Elincia looks to have a short era in the history books.

The amount of social unrest that would be simmering under the threat of the blood pact while nations vie for resources to rebuild and grow would probably eventually erupt in some assassinations attempt followed by war.
Guileson chapter 39 . 8/20/2014
And so, the Pax Elincia started.

One can wonder if Sephiran being supportive of Elincia's order came about after he realized that Elincia stopped him from awakening the goddess. Sephiran's quest to wake the goddess sinks further and further down the drain as this fanfic goes on. Zelgius is captured, Lekain is killed and the Blood Pacts are taken from Begnion, Elincia orders a massacre of Begnion's army, Zelgius ends up dead after assassinating Gallia's king. Ike, most of the other army commanders in the Anti-Elincia Alliance, and who knows how many rank and file soldiers end up dead after Ike touches Lehran's Medallion. The battle between Elincia's forces and Ike's forces might have been Sephiran's last chance to awaken the goddess before he had to start over. But Elincia instead did what she did with Lehran's Medallion. Her forces surrounded the AEA forces and were apparently capable of keeping the AEA forces in check, preventing any more attacks from the AEA on that battlefield as well as making the successors negotiate with Elincia on her terms unless they wanted another massacre from Crimea. With so many countries either in danger of being wiped out using the Blood Pact or not being in a state to go through another war, what could Sephiran do? Round up another army in Begnion and send it against Elincia's forces? Convince Dheginsea that Elincia is trying to awaken Yune? Even if he did both, I doubt his forces against Elincia's would be enough to awaken Ashera.

Kilvas and Daein being under the threats of their respective blood pacts is fitting. Micaiah and Naesala led invasions of Crimea. It's fitting that these invaders of Crimea ended up with their countries both being under the threat being wiped out. So, I'll say that what Elincia did serves them right.
TheEnd3030 chapter 38 . 8/12/2014
You me again, no matter how many times I reread your story, it's still a pretty well written tory (few flaws there, but not enough to warrant pointing out), also ignore the asshole dissing your story (The one who keeps dissing it ON ALMOST EACH CHAPTER) they come off as an EXTREME fanboy who doesn't get what a "What If' story is and raging for no reason because it didn't have the idealistic ending the original games had, even though this IS A WHAT IF STORY THE DUMBASS

Elinca was more of a "COMPETENT" version of Dheginsea (At least she did something to make the "IDEAL" peace come to be through action, rather then being a doomsayer and not go into detail Oh yeah and condemn Laguz/Beroc relationships and the branded and proclaiming it was the "Goddesses' decree" without going into action causing who knows HOW MUCH damage and deaths through that DUMBASS action, the Dragon King is not my favorite character even though his other companion Lehran, Leaving that suicidal idiot alone (ESPECIALLY AFTER HE HAS SHOWN HE WOULD LIKELY DO IT AGAIN OR WORSE MOVE UP TO MASS MURDER with his own Suicide) , especially after what Lekain did to his people and Descendants was out right incompetent, and the game treats him like a hero, eve though I agree with Tibarn he WAS a Coward, instead of telling people that conflict and all that would cause the end of the world and reveal himself as one of the legendary four heroes, he instead chose to allow his fellow Laguz t be enslaved then had the nerve NOT to help them instead return back to slavery so there's no conflict and not give aid, his lie ended up condemning the Branded (and many Laguz who were now stuck in human form and thinking themselves cursed for a sin that DOES NOT EXIST, then tried to stop the heroes from saving EVERYONE cause he's loyal to the goddess of order till the end and think's everyone deserves it dismissing what Yune said which made a lot more sense which made me hate him more ad think he sacrificed his people out of selfish pride that he was wrong and prideful at that(at least he ordered that his son and Ena were not to be harmed at least) and Nashir lost the points he got from me for originally condemning the idiot lizard in the past by AGREEING WITH HIM AND PROCLAIMING HIM A HERO FOR HIS ACTIONS AND LIES. Oh I had The Wolf queen land the killing blow on him each time since Hatari pretty much proved his stupid lie that set back relationships between the two races and made life suck for those who go through it and the branded was that STUPID, too bad it still doesn't matter anyway, I'm happy his children (AKA his son's, No his dumb ass daughter who's only good grace was being the Reason Soren exists), If you feel like discussing more feel free to reply
Aerhyce chapter 39 . 5/12/2014
Wow, this "happily ever after" really was earned, holy shit.
Aerhyce chapter 12 . 5/12/2014
Aerhyce chapter 6 . 5/12/2014
"I never once wondered where the food came from. What did I think? That it was growing on trees?"
Er...about kinda is.
Guest chapter 1 . 5/4/2014
Read this ages ago. Because of the serious decline of good fics in this past years couple with the ravenous speed in which I read I had no other option but revisit dear old stories.

I am very sad to see this amazing fic under 200 review. In my opinion this one on par with the best of the best this site has to offer and don't even let me get started on this fanon

If you come cross this darkish fic
You won't be disappointed
Anivla01 chapter 39 . 3/8/2014
Fantastic. Loved it.
Asgar chapter 1 . 7/11/2013
Having enjoyed this story already quite some time ago, and re-read it again not too long ago, I would just like to point out that it now has a page on TVtropes so that it gets the attention it deserves.
Caimthehero chapter 39 . 3/28/2013
I would like to say that this was a great fic. I would like to say it has been an entertaining read. I would like to put this in my favorites, but sometimes we just don't get what we want. A warning for anyone reading reviews that hasn't read this fic.
DO NOT READ THIS FIC if you believe in a just world, like fire emblem 9 or 10, or are generally a happy person.
This isn't a tragedy. The only tragedy in this story is how wonderful you write that it kept me reading despite how awful of a story it turned into (seriously when I saw your profile and found English wasn't your first language I was astounded). A tragedy is when the villain (Elincia) commits an irrovokable mistake (the whole story is full of them) caused by her fatal flaw. God I wanted her to die so badly. Completely broken, her closest friends dead, and the icing on the top the city of Melior in flames as Crimea falls to destruction due to her own betrayals. I was honestly happy that Geoffrey died that scum sucking slime. Because of the AU nature I can't cry OOC moments despite the fact that they barely resembled their counterparts halfway through the story (with exceptions to the non horrid members of your cast). "I am the most horrible person in the world." I couldn't have said it better myself. She has truly climbed to the height of Villain. I think your Elincia has earned more hate from me than Umbridge from Harry Potter, Joffrey from Fire and Ice, Commodus from Gladiator, and Ohgi from Code Geass. I'm not sure what you intended anymore but when your protagonist surpasses the most hated characters I can think of... the only person left I can compare her to is Hitler. But at least he didn't try to make you see his pov. No he just massacred people on whims, kind of like your Elincia.
To finish this review you said that their wasn't a message. You can't be that dumb. When someone writes they convey either what they think, feel, or believe about something. It doesn't matter what the content is or even if its satire. You had a pretty clear message alright and in all honesty I absolutely loathe it. If this seems overly harsh I would 'like' to apologize but I won't, for one reason. When anyone picks up this fic they are putting a certain amount of trust in you to lead them either on a bare minimum of a mildly entertaining story. I did this for well over 200000 words and was deeply invested in this story. For you to just blindside your readers like that isn't fair to them. Your description should be changed. It should be more along the lines of "What constitutes true evil, do you want to see the characters you love brutalized in a senseless fashion, do you like seeing the bad guy win, if so give queen of sorrow a shot. It's not a tragedy though, bad guys lose in a tragedy"
Caimthehero chapter 36 . 3/28/2013
wow you seriously are heartless. you succeeded in making Elincia, a true bastion of what a lord should be, into an utter cunt. How would you honestly expect anyone to root for Elincia after something like this. Anyone who would root for her is as twisted as the Elincia you wrote and I feel truly sorry for them. You are the king for the start of darkness trope.
Caimthehero chapter 34 . 3/28/2013
Response to the AN. Surely you jest. I cannot think of anyone who would support Elincia at this point unless they love villain protagonists. You have crushed the possibilities of anyone wanting Elincia to win over Ike. I thought that was what you meant to do but with this note I'm not sure anymore. Granted I think more people would vote for a reconciliation but I sincerely doubt that will be the end of your story. You're writing style betrays your planned ending in that respect. Your world is destined to fall into even greater despair. If I haven't made myself clear on who I want to win (although I doubt he will) its Ike. I hope he gives her a juggernaut pimp slap to the face that makes her realize how bat shit insane she was. Great Fic though ;)
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