Reviews for I sing the body electric
SammiLoves2Write chapter 15 . 3/10/2017
This was amazing!
RumorGoddess chapter 15 . 11/18/2016
Great story! I really like how you characterized Rachel, especially when she had her realization about Finn. I was like "Finally!" lol
Gwennie49 chapter 1 . 11/28/2015
I realized that i never put a review in here... If read it 2x and your story still gets me, it grabs from the beginning till the end. I love the way Noah is in this story and how he really loves Rachel and not the instable one from Glee. Thank you for sharing this story with us.
Marchay chapter 15 . 9/22/2014
WOW! Unbelievable Amazing And I cried a few times while reading it.
JaToya chapter 15 . 11/23/2013
indefinitely undecided said it 2 years ago and it's absolutely true, this story IS gorgeously written. I love your pacing, I love your Puck and Rachel, I love how you have us drama without drawing it out for eons. I just loved this fic. So, thank you.
tlyxor1 chapter 15 . 10/23/2013
I enjoyed
donna14 chapter 15 . 11/28/2012
This was a really good story. I love how you write Noah and Rachel! I keep rereading them!
RyainDrop chapter 15 . 8/1/2011
i love them together
nitefang chapter 2 . 7/4/2011
LMFAO I'm being all like serious and intense as I'm reading this and then "Because she knows that if she looks up and makes eye contact with him, she will KILL him if he is singing that song to Quinn Fabray." comes up and now I can't stop cracking up.
indefinitely undecided chapter 15 . 6/26/2011
This story was gorgeously written! I seriously loved everything from the story line to the characterization to the execution of the whole thing. You are very talented and I can't wait to read more of your work!
adamamy425 chapter 15 . 6/11/2011
I really enjoyed reading this. Thanks for sharing.
unearthlyangel89 chapter 15 . 5/29/2011
Wonderful story! Loved all the twists and turns, but I especially loved the Puckleberry cuteness! Well done!
dorothyh chapter 8 . 5/23/2011
Can't believe it took this long to fall in love with your version of Puck/Noah, but I totally did. Thanks for writing!
swoknam chapter 15 . 1/12/2011
OMG! This story completely blew my mind! You are an amazing writer!
LindsaylovesPacey chapter 15 . 1/10/2011
I loved this one too! Rachel and Puck are definitely my fave couple on Glee. I hate that Quinn lost the baby, miscarriages are no fun...I know from experience. But I loved the whole Terri Shuester being crazy, cause I thought so too! I will admit that I cussed her out the first time I saw the episode where Will finds out that she was faking, having a "hysterical pregnancy".
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