Reviews for The Neighbors
Mary Rose chapter 1 . 3/25/2014
It would seem that it's not over. That, of course, is scary.
Nickolaus Pacione chapter 1 . 11/15/2012
This one you did an okay job - I scout this section often for would be members of the magazine or an anthology I edit from time to time. You can look me up on Lulu dot com if you want to see what I have done. You do have the gift to write horror, and I have to ask - have you had your hand in writing original material. I have an opportunity that I want to bring your way and that is to write a story based upon your own nightmares for an anthology I announced on my blog on InsaneJournal (my first name is my username on there.)

I've been here off and on for eight years, I used to have more than a few stories on here but they were taken down because someone flagged them for one reason or another. The stories were inspired by The Twilight Zone, Sherlock Holmes, and The Crow. The concepts I did were original enough that I can get away with them on . They were flagged because they were too original on this site.