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The Reality DumPer chapter 3 . 8/5/2013
hahaha. Ushio joining the Sumi hunt? Some subtlety alright. Hahaha oh my I love it. I don't care that much about Ushio but Sumika's just so funny. Now you made me think that she's a real looker.
Too bad there's too little of it. But meh. It was good while it lasted.
The Reality DumPer chapter 1 . 8/5/2013
I like the idea of Sumika being a 'knight in shining armor', or 'knight in shining gi' in this .
Chiyo And Osaka Fan chapter 3 . 5/11/2011
This story is just epically cute and awesome!
Major Mike Powell III chapter 2 . 3/7/2011
Well, well, soldier...

Ah, of course! How could I forget this one? LOL

This was nice!

LMAO at chapter 1. Just...LMAO

And then, ROFL at this chapter. ROFL Sumi-chan is just AW3SOME! And I like the vibes between Azusa and Shouko. I kinda like'er. ;D

And Misato? ROFLOL Why not just changer her hair color to purple? O


Nice work, marine!

Update ASAP! That's an order!

Semper-Fi! Carry on!
raggamuffinprince chapter 4 . 10/28/2010
gaaaaaah you've completely made my day. you should do one more chap like a round everything up kinda thing. if, that is, you plan on ending it.

i really enjoyed it and ushio is nothing short of a tease. noy that im complaining ha

Mizuno Tenshi2 chapter 4 . 10/28/2010
Wai! Wai!
Major Mike Powell III chapter 4 . 10/28/2010
Well, well, soldier...

Hoo-rrah! 1ยบ review, btches!

Now...THIS was N-I-CE!

A very much fitting story for the holidays. O

:DD at Samurai!Sumi-chan and Maid!Kazama! That was S-W-EET! Too bad her plans for later were screwed by Sumi-chan fainting. LOL Tough luck, compadre!

Oh yeah, and...gangsta and girl? LMAO Pretty WIN-ish.

And Azusa and Kiyori? Hmmmm...I like! O

N-I-CE work, marine! Happy Halloween!

Update ASAP! That's an order!

Semper-Fi! Carry on!
Major Mike Powell III chapter 3 . 7/20/2010
Well, well, soldier...

This is nice!

Total LOL at Sumi-chan's fan club. LOL

Chapter 2 was pretty damn nice. Too bad Sumika fell asleep when Takemi confessed. (Facepalms)

And LMAO at this latest chapter. LMAO It was pretty WIN-ish on plenty of levels. :DD Sumi-chan is just THAT cool. XD

Nice work, marine!

Update ASAP! That's an order!

Semper-Fi! Carry on!
M chapter 3 . 1/11/2010
I really like this story. Thanks for writing a Sasameki Koto series fanfic.
Tenkaichi chapter 3 . 1/11/2010
A lady samurai and her beloved? That's Setsuna and Konoka right there! ...isn't it? :D

Cute story. I especially like the second chapter so far. Keep it up! (clicks on story alert)

Wjl chapter 3 . 1/6/2010
-wipes teary eyes- lol that was great.

I look forward to reading Ushio sans reaction to Sumika having a fan club...hehehehe _
raggamuffinprince chapter 2 . 12/1/2009
i like this story

please keep writing it. you're right there's not hardly any sasameki koto FF on here. Be the one to change that?

wonderful writing

RachelAe chapter 1 . 11/25/2009
Hi there! I just read this fic on your Devaint Art account. I didn't realize you had placed it in the Misc section. Ok, on to chapter 2!
soulsucker656 chapter 2 . 11/23/2009
As to your notes at the end, I'm pretty sure that with Lotte being as obsessed with living up to Japanese culture she would try to speak like they do.

I imagine she wouldn't get it backwards.
RansMuse chapter 1 . 11/4/2009
It's great to see a Sasameki Koto fanfic! I should've known I could count on you to stick up for the somewhat obscure yuri series. :) I've been a big fan of your fanfics for a long time so I just wanted to say thanks.
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