Reviews for Happy Holidays!
xXSakuraBlossomsXx chapter 18 . 4/11/2015
Noooooo! Please update again! I really want to read t about heir meeting and FINALLY realizing who each other is!
Elendrhys chapter 18 . 4/11/2015
Je suis tellement contente que j'en ai sautillé devant mon écran ! Pour information, j'ai découvert tes histoires il y a peu (deux ou trois jours pas plus ) grâce au petit OS que tu nous as offert et j'ai dévoré celle-ci avec impatience, tout en étant déçue de ne pas avoir la fin. Et là, je vois que tu as posté un nouveau chapitre qui s'inscrit parfaitement dans la continuité des autres! Je l'ai adoré ! Sérieusement, je suis super contente de pouvoire lire la suite de cette intrigue passionnante. Merci à toi pour cette mise à jour inattendue Bon courage pour la suite !
Thu chapter 17 . 10/4/2014
Such a lovely story! I love how all the holidays tie in and help advance Usako & Mamo-chan's evolving relationship. I really hope you'll come back and finish this!
GraphicsChyk chapter 17 . 5/26/2014
Oh please return to update! Great story and I'm dying to see how it ends.
Harrtemis chapter 17 . 8/29/2013
It's a shame you didn't finish your story!
it sweet and at the same time we can feel there is really something bigger behind just Usagi and Mamoru finally being together.
I hope someday you'll feel like writing more.
Swtmelody637 chapter 17 . 9/22/2012
I wonder how come you haven't updated this. This is so sweet. I love it.
Megan chapter 17 . 7/17/2012
I had a wonderful time reding your story would still love to see what's next :-)
angeljme chapter 17 . 6/25/2012
the story is sooo good that it's depressing that it ended or there are no new chappies for almost 2 yrs now...

i would love to know how they would discover their secrets and have a laugh about how frustrated they all were for keeping it, when in the end, it should have made the way to get them (usa/mamo) sooner together

new chappies pls
angeljme chapter 9 . 6/24/2012
this chapter kinda broke my heart... i mean, usa kissing someone she just met on that day... low
mooniesere chapter 17 . 11/1/2011
I am soo in love with this storyy! I absolutely love the plot, cant wait till the Moon/Mask secret is outt! this is just my opinion but i think mamoru should tell usagi about being cape boy.. but well, never doubt your talent.. and i mean never EVER!



(p.s. ive got ya on story alert, so ya can expect a new review as soon as the next chpt is up! huugeee fan SereneS here! -)
Van Radio chapter 17 . 7/1/2011
This is a fantastic story and I am hoping that you will pretty please finish this story. I absolutely love how you changed some ideas from Sailor Moon, but still managed to keep true to its spirit.

Anywhos, please update. It's bloody brilliant.
LBricker88 chapter 17 . 3/18/2011
hey just thought that i would let you know that i love this story! i am really looking forward to when they realize who they really are! looking forward to reading from you soon!


Lyndsay B.
xFlipJamsx chapter 17 . 12/20/2010
please update soon i would like to know what happens.
dori-tori chapter 17 . 12/20/2010
sry for the short review but please update!

xx dori-tori
A Single Fragile Rose chapter 4 . 12/15/2010
*sigh* Amazingg! Please, please update...this story is one of my all time favorites! ]] Ja ne and can't wait to read more AWESOME new chappies. xo

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