Reviews for Playing Nice
Lmere969 chapter 2 . 9/10/2016
Omg, Felix you naughty girl ;) please find the boat... I want her to see the boat... I don't even know why...
winchesterxgirl chapter 15 . 3/28/2010
okay so i literally have not stopped reading this from the first chapter...okay that a lie, i had to sleep.

but the moment i got home, i read a couple of chapters before my insomnia meds kicked in, and then when i woke up, i HAD to finish.

this was, completely amazing.

i think its so hard to find good Gibbs/OC fics, and they are my absolute favorite.

this was, the best NCIS fic i think i have ever read.

i love the ending, and if youre still thinking about a sequel, i would read it in a heartbeat. maybe then Ziva could show up, i dont know. i just love how you got all of the characters down perfectly.

much macho love
winchesterxgirl chapter 1 . 3/28/2010
this might sound weird, but i think im in love with you.

this was fucking awesome...i love felix she is..amazing. i am SO glad i went skimming through completed storys.

macho awesome kuddo points!
eurogirl14 chapter 6 . 12/30/2009
too bad about gibbs not being the sharing type, that would have been hot. great story, by the way. when will felix learn about the three ex-wives and shannon and kelly?
jessie06star chapter 1 . 11/24/2009
awesome. you have now set the stage for all future ncis fic that i read. this was my first ncis non cross and you did an amazing job. i like the humor between tony and Felix, it was just so believable. tony being the frat boy and Felix with her sailor mouth. McGee was also greatly portrayed. the rescue part where he scares the junior agent was great. Gibbs was nicely do also. the bad guy was nicely done. i so did not expect it to be the nurse. he just seemed so really captured the essence of the ncis bad guys. the only thing was there was no interrogation scenes where gibbs try to break someone. sex in the shower seems like something marines would do. you should do a follow up with gibbs as a father. i bet he would be something like elliot from law and order svu. if not a compete story then definitely a couple of one shots. although i would like a full story if my vote means anything.

so anther awesome story
RotesBlinklicht chapter 15 . 11/19/2009
Oh, you finished. Mhm. I need more. You now it!

So yeah. Please, write another story.

It was...nice. No. It was exiting to the end and very very cool and so exciting!


In the little moment in chapter 10 where Gibbs hits the elevator wall and hurts himself I didn't know exactly with who I should take pity on.

That had to realy hurt - Ouch.

Gibbs wouldn't be Gibbs if he wouldn't "plop" the finger right back. Ew.

That Erik was the flower guy was totaly unexpecting. I din't see that coming!

And the Epiloge or more the end of hillarious!

So. Don't forget what I said.

DesertAire chapter 9 . 11/16/2009
This is an excellent story. I found the characters very true with very few slips out of character. I found the storyline interesting, smart, mature (thank God), well-paced, well written, and I'm frankly hooked. I especially must praise the witty, intelligent, or not, humor which was amazingly frequent and spot on.

I even found Leroy Jethro Gibbs beleivable in love which few authors manage. I only cringed with one "sweetheart", and allowed for the hospital sex scene because i enjoyed it so much although I don't think Gibbs would ever do that.

Thank you so much and PLEASE finish the story. I do not often review, but I had too in this case. Bravo
Angel029 chapter 9 . 11/5/2009
Can't wait to read more of the story.
RotesBlinklicht chapter 9 . 11/5/2009

Chapter 7 was very hilarious. All drunk. Poor Palmer.

I had a big smile on my hole chapter long. Very nice.

I was a litte moment confused in chapter 8. You wrote that Felix thinks that Gibbs don't want her? So she thinks thta its just a fling between them? But why would Gibbs be so "un-like Gibbs" in front of the team towards her if there wouldn't be something more?

Don't tell me that Felix is a uncertain woman in a thing like her lovelive. She was a Marine!

Ok, and to chapter 9...she is ok, right? I mean she's got Dexter with her. It should be possible for them to catch the bad doctor themselfs.

Ok, Gibbs would'nt like it. No-no. That is visble on his behaviour in the last part of chapter 9.

But what if the bad guy will use one of the heva tranquilizers against Dexter? Thats a very bog Oh-Oh!

And why didn't Felix told one of the team that she find a possible suspect? Don't tell me she could't because noone of the guys was in the bullpen. She wanted to go alone and catch the guy, right?

So, how long will it take until Ducky tells them what Felix did find out? How long will it take until McGee or Tony finds out that Felix hacked there Emails?

Questions about questions and I NEED answers!
RotesBlinklicht chapter 6 . 11/3/2009

You did't get ONE review? *...*

You know you have to update. ;) Why? That's easy.

Because I would like an update. Because I NEED an update.

Your story is like a DRUG FOR ME. Yeah, a drug.

Why? That's easy, too. Because it's an interessting story. You got the charachters right. And your OC is more than awesome!

The storyline is perfect. You don't need much words to describe things. It's like I would watch the show on tv.

Felix is an interesting name for a female character.

I need to know if Greggor is the one who leaves the little "presents". It could be possible, right?

I don't think that Gibbs is the type of man for things like that.

Or is it the mystery guy/murder from tghe beginnig of your story and Felix is the next victim?

Oh, oh! Befor I forget it: Deyter is a sweet big one!