Reviews for Our Time Resistant Emails
Semaphora chapter 1 . 10/27/2009
Oh wow. This has totally captured my interest. I simply adore time-travel stories (hence why I wrote My Trigger). Even if it is only through email, the idea that the Janitor's son has contacted him from the future makes me giddy. I love the ease - and very in-character excitement - in which the Janitor takes the news, and their banter on trivial things like Star Trek and the scariness of normal people.

The feature factor, however, is the underlying seriousness of the situation. I really like how you hint to the problem Nigel is so intent on reversing - it's enough to draw readers in, but not too strong as to throw things on them all at once. I can already see the tangled web of events and experiences that is going to prove to be an amazing backstory. And, just like the Janitor, I just can't wait to see it unravel.

So. I'm definitely intrigued. This is going to be added to my alert list, and I will be waiting dutifully for an update.

Until next time,


PS. I checked out your artwork on Deviant Art, which is where I recognised Nigel from. You're a fantastic drawer, by the way.