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loveislouder94 chapter 11 . 2/17/2010
This offers an interesting glimpse into what preceeded the Ninth Doctor's regeneration. Very well done! :)
Otter Child chapter 11 . 2/17/2010
Dark, which is refreshing for a change, and very nice. Good job!
loveislouder94 chapter 10 . 2/2/2010
Very good!
Otter Child chapter 10 . 1/31/2010
Aw, sigh...very sweet,very nicely done. Sad too. I don't think it's below par at all.
actions-we-remember chapter 10 . 1/31/2010
That was one of the cutest things I think I've ever read. Not only that, but I can completely believe Jackie would forget (which is why we appreciate, if not love, her). Most definitely a new favourite fic of mine. :)
aurorasparrow88 chapter 10 . 1/31/2010
*sque* That was TOO cute! Oh em gee oh em gee oh em gee, I loved it to pieces! Oh this is such a good spin on the possibility of him running into little Rose, and I love it! I love the connection of it to the "Rose" episode with the whole gymnastics thing and how it ends up saving him. And ooh, shout out! Always loved a good shout out, heh. And you credit my "beautiful" reviews but how could I not leave them when what I'm leaving them for (hence your chappies, ha) are always that much more beautiful themselves? And, oh, this WAS beautiful. Aw poor Rose, I hate that she had to be crying though. In the best way of course! Because if she wasn't crying, then the Doctor couldn't have done something wonderful to make her smile :-). "...the widest of smiles that still broke his hearts, because even though two of her top teeth were missing that smile was the same. How he'd missed it." Aw, it would though, the Rose Tyler smile...break his hearts I too adorably sad. "I haven't got any pockets." That sounds familiar, familiar, familiar...should I know where that's from and I'm just daft? Probably. "You'll be brilliant, just you wait and see." I love that! Because he totally meant it! Lol, well of course he did, I mean that's why he said it...ha, but he meant it for then and later, which is what I love so much. And I love what he did for her! The note in Jackie's purse the day before...brilliant! And totally and completely lovely. "Bronze, he thinks, does not even begin to cover it." This is the line that made me *squee* haha! One of your best lines...well, ever. Totally blew me away, this. I'm completely in love with it! Thanks for updating so soon! Is it greedy that I CANNOT wait for another? :-P hehe
SunsetRainbow chapter 10 . 1/31/2010
That is so cute! 3

Loveit D
SciFiGeek14 chapter 10 . 1/31/2010
Aw that's so cute. Brilliant idea.
loveislouder94 chapter 9 . 1/31/2010
Aw...probably my favourite, very insightful. :)
aurorasparrow88 chapter 9 . 1/29/2010
*sob* But that was so incredibly beautiful! I literally had tears coming out of my eyes! That was...I'm so so so so incredibly glad you opted against going with angsty because this had a happy undertone and I'm still crying my eyes out. Oh how beautiful was that... Too much, I'm telling you. I like the way you wrote it...with the "you this" and "you that". I thought it worked much better than it would have otherwise in third person because...we feel more connected to what's happening this way, almost like we, ourselves, are Rose, you know? So...maybe that's why it hit me so much... I'm so so so glad too that you wrote it this way...that she's like at peace with who he really is, and the only thing that makes her sad is that the other him is all alone now somewhere else. "...and stare deep into his eyes instead (and he still thinks you're listening.)" This one was so heartbreakingly cute (however that works) and funny. And just made me...well to be embarassingly honest, squeal. Heh. "His hand still fits yours perfectly and when you run you keep in step." Oh wonderful wonderful line! So so so them! "... it isn't that you feel like you've been left for second best." Agreed! I didn't always used to think this way...but I'm glad I do now. The only thing I didn't like is the "Because for once, you aren't thinking about yourself..." I'm not sure if you wrote it with a different meaning than the one I gleaned from it...I just took it to imply that Rose had been...well, selfish before, and hadn't been thinking about the Doctor until now... I'm sure this isn't want you mean but the "for once" kind of makes it sound that me, sorry, ha...I'm in LOVE with everything else though. "Who's gonna hold his hand now?" Aw, this is where the tears really really started. "He needs someone, yes - but it can't always be you." Aw, and as sad as it makes me to do so, I simply have to agree. This was so beautiful and wonderful an update, you! I can't wait for another!
James Birdsong chapter 9 . 1/29/2010
Lovely stories.
SciFiGeek14 chapter 9 . 1/29/2010
aw. i nearly burst into tears in the middle of my school library. that was beautiful.
aurorasparrow88 chapter 8 . 1/21/2010
So I had this whole review just written out and my stupid internet restarted and deleted everything, which means I’ve got to try and remember what I wrote…which is fine, because that means I kind of get to re-read the chappie, so yay. It went something like this: Sorry, sorry, sorry, I know it’s taken me forever to finally review, but I have a good reason. I haven’t had internet since like Sunday night-ish. But now I finally have it I can review, so yay. And again these are all so good that they each deserve their own little review bit. “He Lives in You”: I love what you did with this one! I think that, without all the specific references to Sarah Jane, this bit could have been for almost any of the companions that got left behind. Except for Donna post JE because she couldn’t even remember. Gr, the sadness. There are so many good lines in this chapter! And I could never pick just one, even for the bits themselves, but for this first one I absolutely loved “Witty one-liners and sneaky escape plans, a purseful of fake IDs and a lot of running, yes, lots and lots of that.” So true! Beautiful line. “In Too Deep”: (great song by the way) I’m so glad you decided to go with Adam for this one! I mean, with a few tweaks, it would have worked for Mickey too, but it just works way better with Adam. I have two favorite lines here, sorry. Hehe. “…you find them lost in each other’s eyes and you might as well not be there.” Aw, too true though. Also, “Or you could, you know, get a machine built in your head. Whatever works for you.” Hehe, daft old Adam. “There Are Worse Things I Could Do”: I was really happy you did one for Ricky the Idiot. Hehe. He’s awesome…well lately anyway. I honestly didn’t love him at first, but he’s grown on me. “Is it space that does that to you, you wonder, or is it just that she found the Doctor?” I wonder too though. I also love the last line about how there are worse things he could be doing. Quite right. “Girl on the Moon”: Hm, interestingly enough, this might be my favorite bit of the chapter…interestingly because…well Martha Jones. But it’s just written so well. You start out so…just wow and it builds up to the end…. “Martha Jones, you’re scared to death.” Amazing line. Sometimes there are no words that justify… I love the way you started out some of these originally for someone else and it just evolved into something for someone else. I think they ended up better in the end for the change. “Keep Holding On”: (another great song) I love that you went with Jackie for this one…I actually love the entire direction you went in with this one. “It’s all you can do to hope that she doesn’t fall over the edge, because even you can’t make her hold on forever” Beautiful line, you! Just beautiful. “Viva la Vida”: (one of the best songs ever) Oh this one was always made for the Master though, so of course yay that you went in this direction. SO many favorite lines here too, so now my dilemma is which one to choose. But if I had to had to had to choose it would be “For one final second you are everything you could never be.” Or, hehe cos I can’t really choose one, “…an act of brotherhood is what finishes you.” SUCH a great bit. “Invisible”: Oh this one made me shiver…and I almost cried. Wow…so glad you went with Donna with this one…because you turned it into something beautifully sad and sadly beautiful. Oh wow, that was great. “Sometimes there’s a flicker of life but otherwise you’re a shadow of someone you couldn't have been.” Wow, and because it’s hard to just settle on just one: “If only you knew, Donna, how brilliant you never were.” Agreed though…if only. “Don’t Come Home Too Soon”: Aw I love that you did a Wilf one. Wilf and Jackie…two of the best DW characters ever! And that’s saying something. Aw, I love the way Wilf loved what Donna could do…that he didn’t try to stop her from going out into the world…that he wasn’t jealous or upset…he just…was so happy for her and I loved that. “…but she’ll love every minute of it, you know she will. This is who she is meant to be.” Such great lines this chappie, as always though. Another one of course: “Because she’s better, with him.” Wow, too true and sad though. “What’cha gonna do?”: I love that this came out in your play list. Ha, I listened to this the other day and I was like omg, Spice Girl flashbacks. In a good way though, ha, because I love Billie. And yay I’m so glad you went with a Jenny one because she was such a cool character. And this was an amazing line: “Soon you’ll lose count of all the times you’re lost for words.” And, hehe, I love how you end it with after all he was her dad…considering she’s dating David Tennant, the actress I mean..hehe, weird. “No More Cry:” Wow, I love it…the sadness and the beauty all in one…I love that he wants a boy and she wants a girl but “he or she will be everything to both of you” Because that’s how it would have been. Favorite line though as in favoritest: “Your story is not ending, Rose Tyler, it has not even begun.” So true and beautifully written. Wow…what a chapter. As for picking a favorite out of them all…I couldn’t even begin. So I really really won’t. Cos I really really couldn’t. :-) Amazing Job you! And sorry this turned out so long. You know I really can't help myself. Not that you're complaining...I bet. Hehe.
loveislouder94 chapter 8 . 1/17/2010
The 2nd person thing seems to add more to the story, as though we're really inside the characters' heads. I want to listen to all those songs now... :)
SunsetRainbow chapter 8 . 1/17/2010
I like it!

It almost makes me feel kinda sad actually D:
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