Reviews for The Age of Innocence
Guest chapter 1 . 4/3
:( I really wish there was another chapter. This is THE worst cliff hanger!
silveroaks chapter 1 . 3/1
this was a weird way, but nice nevertheless! :)
xXCorruptedCrimsonXx chapter 1 . 2/21

Arrrgggg I read this story before but I lost it and it irritated me for the longest time but I found it again! I love this artistic background you put behind sasuke and Sakura and I love how she was able to find her creativity through sasuke and the angst at the end killed me asdfjkl; when she saw him again! I would've loved to see their reactions to seeing each other again

Thank you for writing this! Its fantastic!
Weeziiy chapter 1 . 2/11
Please make a sequel. Plllleeeeeaaaaaseeee
Phresine chapter 1 . 2/2
After reading nocturnalBonsai's review I couldn't help but write to tell you how your work inspired me. Because you are no longer sharing your work with us and I understand that- you must be busy, and no one writes if there isn't money at the end of the road these days. I'm just hoping that maybe you will start sharing once again one day. This is my thank you.

The first time I read this, I was 13. The only things I had been drawing were anime- copying stuff, coloring stuff, drawing the same poses with hands not showing as to me at that age, hands were the most complicated things to draw. I would draw in classes at school, and at home too, with no training and no definite goal. I just drew. The me at the time didn't have any support- my family thought of my drawings as weak and saw no potential, my teacher had to force herself to bite down the truth and say, instead, "your lines are good" and my friends, they were never honest, they only praised. Then I came across this, and this inspired me like nothing ever could. It made me stop copying, stop drawing anime, it made me draw. Just draw. I would draw lines and shapes and flowers and animals and everything. For the first time in my life I looked at things, tried to see them, and what was beyond them, and I tried to draw it. You made me pick up the pen.

The second time I read this, I was 15. I had just begun highschool, and my expectations in life had heightened to an unbelievable level. I believed that I would change upon entering high school, that I could draw good, and be beautiful and intelligent and get good grades and make good friends. But growing up isn't the same thing as changing and I found out some things didn't change, and some only got worse. I had developed social anxiety due to bullying since grade one, and despite my good intentions I still couldn't make friends and even had my first panic attack. I stopped drawing and talking and being me. Wore the same stuff, listened to the same songs, didn't do anything but worry about the future I was unsure I wanted. My lines got more and more coarse as time went on, I couldn't draw anymore. Then I read this again. It reminded me that I still feel things, that the people around me feel things, and the world we live in is full of color and emotion and I can, if I try and fail and try and fail and try again, express what I no longer could express with words at the time.

It's the third time I read this and I'm 17. I am taking a course now, to draw better, to feel better. But as I am, in my teacher's eyes, the only student who shows promise ("I knew you were talented. I am the one who discovered you" she once said to me- if only everybody else saw potential in me before), I am expected to draw everyday, draw well, don't feel, only see. Drawing, for me, became a chore, and I no longer love it. The stress took and I draw the lines as if I want to slash the paper. My wrist movement is no longer free- it's forced, it's unsure, every line I draw makes me think "Will this look alright? Is this line perfect, as it should be?". The only thing I get is praise. Yet I read this again and here I am, writing this on my laptop with empty papers in front of me. Papers that I will fill, one by one, giving myself the time. I will once again find emotion.

I'm a reader. To me, reading is not a hobby but something everyone should do. And I've read a lot of works, be it fanfiction or books. Yet I, perhaps due to being in the same situation as your character was in, haven't been able to find a work that didn't only provoke emotion but touched me on a spiritual level, gave me strenght. There have been works that made my cry for hours and days, but none of them I found as close to me as this. This, what you wrote, speaks to me. It's me, it's where I find myself time and time again.

I hope when you read this you, and any other potential writer that our small community has within, find the urge to share what you write, again, and inspire others. I hope you find emotion.

I apologize for any mistakes I've made while writing this, I am not a native English speaker and I sometimes find it hard to use my limited vocabulary correctly. I just felt the need to write this. I hope you understand.
nocturnalBonsai chapter 1 . 1/4
can i just
i dont know
thank you?
(okay story time)
i forst discovered this gem when i was what, thirteen? and it broke my heart.
you ripped my heart into pieces.
i dont know what did it, or how you did it, but you did.
being somewhat of an artist, even then i realized that i could never be, well, anything. in terms of art, at least. this did not only make me cry and fall into a deep hole for days, it also made me tear apart all my drawings i had. all of them.
you broke me.
i swore never to do anything involving art again unless i had to.
sure enough, not even two months later i was drawing again.
my life went on, and on, and on, and soon i was completely out of the naruto fandom.
but i remembered that there was that one fanfiction... the one where she was an artist.
i remembered what this wonderful piece of words here made me feel
and i wanted to feel it again.
the rage i felt for not being good enough to accomplish anything.
the sadness i felt for being a failure.
the hopelessness i felt for not knowing what to do with my life.
i almost never remember any fanfcition for very long since i read a fuckton of it and mix up stories, forget them, ignore to have read them.
but i remembered this.
one and a half years after my first encounter with the age of innocence, i decided to read it again.
and, of course, it had the same outcome. maybe worse.
i cried into my pillows for days, fell into my deep hole of depression again, tore apart and set on fire every drawing i had
and i stopped. for over half a year i didnt touch a pencil for any kind of purpose that wasnt writing notes.
naturally, i remembered this story again. it was always on the back of my mind, somehow, but i couldnt remember what it was that made me cry, or fall apart, but i remembered the name of this piece of art.
for days, ive been too scared to read it, fearing that id tear up again.
today, at like 3.30am, i pulled myself together and decided to get over with it, i wouldnt be able to forget about it anyway
and i read
and cried
but not because i was hopeless
i cried because i was furious.
i was furious at- everything, i think.
at my past self for being so hopeless
for my present self for not being better at what im supposed to be good at
and instead of sitting down and crying, punching my pillows, whatever
i worked.
i have never painted so passionately in my sixteen years of life
and, even though i know theyre not masterpieces, just drops and smudges of old paint on sucky paper
i have never
felt so good about anything ive ever done.
and id like to thank you for that.
because, finally, after three years of sadness, ive found that youre not telling me i cant do shit with this
youre telling me that i can achieve what i want
even through depression and anger
and even though they might not be the best things i could do
because i have the power to show my anger and sadness
even if its just to myself
with weird blotches of paint.
thank you
for showing me that i can do somethin
for showing me that i am worth something
thank you
thank you
lolitsSopHia chapter 1 . 12/27/2013
Ughhh.. My friend, u have reduced me into a speechless human being. Ur fanfic is fantastic. Although the ending is... Ughhh why? Ur evil :(
GaaraFox chapter 1 . 10/22/2013
I really enjoyed this! Wonderfully creative! And very beautiful! Wish there was more to read! (:
ImNotOddJustRare chapter 1 . 10/19/2013
This fanfic surely requires a sequel. thnxzz for writing this fanfic. love this to bits.
xxcandylover23xx chapter 1 . 10/13/2013
Plz update!
Purpleriver13 chapter 1 . 9/6/2013
yamada.chibi chapter 1 . 8/29/2013
Loved it...this is actually my second time reading it and it still takes my breath away. I wish it were a multi-chapter. Maybe in the future,you'll consider turning it into one :D
minivanx chapter 1 . 8/14/2013
Absolutely wonderful! I'm surprised I haven't found this before. Well done!
sleight chapter 1 . 7/13/2013
The NejiTen part - dead
The ending was open ended, but I kinda wish I saw more of sasuke, but it's kinda implied so... Hm
sophisticate chapter 1 . 7/13/2013
this is just

I don't
I love this
the goosebumps
it ended so perfectly
like in a movie

this is how I wanted some books to end but they didnt I love u
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