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brennakai chapter 30 . 6/30/2017
Ugh, cried so much!

Love Kirill! Actually live the whole band...

I really geeky Ren was a but siren played from hire he usually is. ... But I could see the end with this version of Ren...Sho is still pretty annoying. I think you added a bit more depth but he is still... annoying...

Love the ladyl playing her mom in the movie always child...

I think the whole story is a pretty strong PSA ( public service announcement) which you show as part of the after movie release how people reacted.
Yeah a SPA to be careful what you say... to find all the forms of love you surrounded by that you may not see...
me chapter 30 . 1/23/2017
Hello. I like your story but it feels incomplete. I think you need to write a sequel. Something along the lines of her in Russia trying to get her sight back. And please give it a happy ending. This story is rather dark. If you write a sequel then please include Reino as well as a hot Russian guy.
Moko chapter 8 . 1/12/2017
So far it's fascinating and original! My only complaint is that there really is almost too much going on. I'm not quite following, but I think it will probably all become clear by the end.

I get the gist of what's happening, but there are a lot of facets to this - Kyoko's mother's presence (what's she's up to, besides being a beotch and a clothing designer), Kyoko's work life and personal life (including a movie with a potentially peverted director and a plethora of extra minor characters), Sho and his connection to the weirdly diverse and mysterious rock band... it's definitely a lot...

But I'm willing to give it a try. I'm not trying to be poetic, but this story is stained in sadness. I already have a bad feeling and I'm not halfway through. I will try to stick it out and make it to the end. I give you an A for originality though! Impressive OCs, too.
Ruevedette chapter 30 . 12/2/2016
You know the story is good but there is something missing like you finish it just like that without any explanation I don't want to be rude I know you can you write whatever you want beside it's yours but the story is a really lacking something...too many unanswered questions...I hope you kind of rewrite this just a tweak perhaps I lot of reviews feels the same just like I do you're a great writer and I hope you consider some suggestions from the reader also...thanks
Firnlambe chapter 30 . 2/18/2016
not going to lie-this fic was a disappointment. Not because it was horribly written, quite the contrary, but because your ending felt filled with too many loose ends. Where was Moko-san when Kyoko leaves? What was Ren's reaction to receiving the Corn stone back? Does Kyoko ever forgive Ren? ... so many questions. regardless the story was well written and definitely kept my attention the entire time I was reading. Good job
Firnlambe chapter 22 . 2/17/2016
first of dare you...second of all HOW DARE YOU. this had better not be a real death, if it is I shall be upset
Liber amans puellae chapter 30 . 8/25/2015
I know you did this story last year, that its completed, but it felt wrong to just read your story without leaving a review. This story left me in thought: your descriptions are unique and each chapter had me edgy and eager to read the next chapter. I am relieved I found it completed because I would be stifled with the anticipation if it wasn't. The concept was amazing. I admire Kirill and I love to read his responses and actions. Something about him just resonates with me. I would love to see a illustration of him someday. I would also like to add you as a friend on deviantart if that's alright. My username is Kimiko-chan420.

I'm sorry if this review is long but I thought I should let you know how I enjoyed this story. I finished this story in three days and in no way regret staying up till dawn to read it.
sirisha chapter 24 . 7/8/2015
I'm gonna be honest here, at this point... I really ship Kirill and Kyouko
jello673 chapter 30 . 3/7/2015
I can't even describe it. It was WOW. Thank you.

:) :( :)
BloodyBleedingRose chapter 30 . 1/28/2015
Wow this made me cry. It's beautiful! I hope there's a chance for a one shot of Kyoko's return but one can only dream :)
Ethyrin Kairos chapter 30 . 10/6/2014
Queen of complex plots. very touching
DageRee chapter 30 . 8/28/2014
I've finished. And at first I have to warn you, next ask you to forgive me.
Warn about my not so great English and that I will probably forget most of the things I wanted to say while reading.
Forgive me that I wasn't commenting every chapter or even a few of them and only did it after the final chapter. It was something automatic to me this time - I was clicking 'next' and 5 chapters later I would notice this and decided do go further. "Who would want to stop every time just to write a comment to make an author happy when you could just enjoy reading without stopping?!"
God, I don't know how to write now. OK, let's try.
The thing I liked the most was Kyoko and her mother's affair. I was really emotional about this and I liked to feel Kyoko's character so much that I was crying a few times. Maybe not so dramatic crying it was, but tears where slowly going down. The moment Lory didn't die was the one that made me sure how it will be ended. Mother was acting for her "good". It always end like that. And yes, I didn't like it. Not at all. From the start the "best thing" about this was that she really hated her. It was the base. It was good. It was touching. I have nothing against her reasoning, but she showed after 10 years and said her daughter to leave everything she was working for. The reason - somebody being idol was the reason her sister was dead she didn't want her daughter remaining her even more her father. But to protect her? When she left her and didn't even checked her more than once and even it was so 'by the way'? She hasn't even looking for her when she heard that she left home with Sho. She even didn't checked if she even left the town like she ordered. But only she sow her at PV and watched Dark Moon, she showed, gave some orders, called Kyoko a 'whore', did some quick things and disappeared once again. So much 'I have nothing else to do with you'. I think she even didn't check if Sho's parent will let here come back just like that. Just 'go back to Kyoto' and nothing else I will worry about. But it seems it had to end like that, not like I wanted to, but it's your story.
But I was happy that you didn't end story with "happy child with mom" picture. And I really liked this small things you have done while story was progressing. Thing like Ren's free calls etc. Because when Kyoko was at hospital already I thought about next typical thing - everybody would think how much they love Mogami and how cruel they were for her etc etc etc. But you didn't do it so big and many of this you have wrote earlier, not at the same end.
Next thing - Sho was to... Weak in my opinion. Sorry, I can't find the right word right now.
Sho and Ren had really nothing to do at it was almost weird. Because you know - in SB manga they, or only one of them, are always showing if something bad happens. So Ren without really many actions... Challenged Saena and the next... Almost nothing. Only these "small things" that I have mentioned already.
I think that many wanted to see some more romantic things in it. Could you tell me what was in your mind about romance in this story? If Kyoko would come back to Japan could she be with Ren or with somebody different or even forever alone?
You probably would like to read some opinion about Original Characters of yours. Till the end I'm not sure what Kirras motive really was and I'm curious. I really liked how she played things. You have created some good OCs even if I didn't pay them so much attention as I should. All this band was to... Different. I don't know anymore. Among girls was one Mary Sue who was playing on my nerves (hate from first word)
You were working hard and long with this story and OCs and all the storyline were important in your work. I have spent all day and night to read this story. Thank you that you were able to finish it and didn't dropped it.
I know - this rewiew can look like chaos, sorry (hurry, my English, writing on mobile). I hope you would be able to understand what I wanted to say.
Clarissa Berloth chapter 30 . 8/19/2014
this is a great story, I'm glad that the final has been good and encouraging. This story is different due to most that I have read that only about Ren and Kyoko, this had more characters that influenced positively in the life of the main character. The only thing I did not like enough is the fact that the end of kyoko is left to the reader, and that both Ren and Sho are not involved in the descenlace history when kyoko decides to leave. Anyway it was very interesting, congratulations on writing this very good story
EverlastingRyo chapter 15 . 8/18/2014
I don't know what to say since I know that your purpose in the story is the twisted way Saena is protecting Kyoko but she's really STUPID! She was never there in the first place so why start now?! And in a way that's SO unwelcomed, she's so selfish too only thinking that she'll get hurt if what happened to her sister happened to Kyoko. Not to mention, I'm pretty sure that she has psychological problems or simply has a screw loose or I can bet that it can be also both.

BTW, I also want to point out that your OC's we're abruptly introduced - and they're many too - that it's hard to familiarize yourself to them. Or maybe that's just me?

Anyways I'll continue reading, I just couldn't resist sharing my thoughts.
Takahanedesu98 chapter 30 . 8/13/2014
im kinda sad its ended...but it wouldve ended sooner or later so im happy it ended as it was.
its 1 of the most amazing stories ever n im glad i came across it!owo
the song u wrote was really nice too!i got that "shivery" feels i always get wen something resonates with my heart...did that make sense?im sorry if u dont but i like the ballad. :3
i pity Maria-chan alot bcoz she didn noe wat wuz going on n all of a sudden her beloved sister figure was blind!will u b writing a story 4 wen she comes back?
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