Reviews for Rome, Greece, My love
squirtmirt chapter 2 . 5/13/2015
\I know its unlikely but you should continue this!
wismann chapter 2 . 12/12/2013
Plz update. Asap
LadyElena17 chapter 2 . 6/9/2011
love this chapter! hoping to read more! :) 3
21st Century Catalyst chapter 2 . 1/4/2011
Update soon yeah?
Cat chapter 2 . 11/21/2010
Please Continue! I really want to know what happens! It sounds like it is getting interesting!
Amity Verity Fortunato chapter 2 . 7/28/2010
i loved this story. i hope that bella and her kids can be safe.
bella-bean chapter 2 . 6/14/2010
hi im bella-bean! i dont get the last sentance, who was talking? Anyway please carry on with your story!
ANGEL FALLEN FROM HEAVEN chapter 2 . 6/13/2010
omg this is so cool i love this story now plz keep writing ill be waiting


Stronger than you since 1915 chapter 2 . 6/12/2010
please update when you can, i like the idea of this!
Raven255 chapter 2 . 6/12/2010
Cool! Love it. Keep writing cannot wait for next chap.
VampzRsexy chapter 1 . 5/28/2010
xoCassie789 chapter 1 . 2/14/2010
It├Ęs really good and I think you should continue this story and Storm Shelter :D I will absolutely read them.
ANGEL FALLEN FROM HEAVEN chapter 1 . 1/23/2010
omg i love it is all i can say
meryl13 chapter 1 . 10/29/2009
oh my gosh!

what will happen when they come? wait, is Renesmee Edward's? I mean, is she Edward's daughter, or the pervert's?
demurehybrid chapter 1 . 10/28/2009
Um..where to begin.

Spell check is a must. It wasn't bad, just a few errors. It's a lil bit too blunt, I mean Bella seemed liked a crazed crack whore to be honest..not a woman who had been kidnapped and raped and cloned. I mean, come on..she just pulled 50k out her bra? Like a whore workin the corner on friday nights? Too unrealistic, make it believable and it'll take on a more serious tone.

More character thoughts should be included, I mean with the dynamics you set for the story..this could be a really good angst/drama/ you just have to get in the groove and write it with a lot of feeling and portray that across in your characters. Don't skimp out on it with flimsy dialogues that have no purpose.
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