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ArielFetters chapter 40 . 8/15
Heyas. Been reading your story and liking how's it's going so far :) It's a good AU and you picked some interesting characters to put in it. Their interactions are solid too.

Since I haven't finished reading the story yet, all I can offer as critique is to watch out for word repetition. It's one of those writing oopsies that's a real pain to deal with because it just feels natural when you write it and you don't notice it when you read it unless you go looking for it specifically. It's still one of my bigger problems in my own work.
Z3RQ chapter 58 . 8/4
Finally making my way through the chapters. Almost caught up! I think I literally wanted to cry from joy, all the fluff and flirting is a great touch. I'm rooting for Teresa x Clare and Miria x Hysteria. Really hoping that's how things pair in the end... We 'll see
Rufael chapter 68 . 7/30
Cool. More please :)
Maegash1r4 chapter 68 . 7/28
Thanks! The king had it coming!
OBSERVER01 chapter 68 . 7/27
she will soon learn to regret those words and fear the tedium of paperwork!
Rufael chapter 67 . 7/23
Duuuude. Where have you been for over a year? :) anyway, good to see you are back in business. Hope the next chapter will be a few months earlier this time :))
DanielRogers chapter 67 . 7/15
I have to say i kinda get annoyed when its portrayed that Teresa lost to Priscilla as if it she lost in a strait up fight. Priscilla pretty much back stabbed her in a dishonorable way as Teresa wasn't prepared to fight she was thinking she was giving a mercy killing and so not reallly paying attention and although she still technically won it, it still dosnt mean an un awakened Priscilla would beat an un awakened Teresa she lost like 2 times already,
Think of how Mace windo got beaten by anakin in starwars. It was a dishonorable attack sneak attack that allowed him too technically win even though in a 1v1 fight mace would clearly win. what this means is that although Teresa lost still in a 1v1 fight Teresa would win at that time
OBSERVER01 chapter 67 . 7/11
Good chapter
Z3RQ chapter 67 . 7/11
Oh my God oh my God oh my GOD!

Thank you for not abandoning this story! I'm currently on chapter 46 (started reading a couple months ago) and I haven't read for a few weeks but my heart literally skipped a beat when I saw that you posted another chapter. I feel more excited to read than ever knowing there will be just a little more to look forward to 3
0lightning0 chapter 34 . 5/23
i hope its teresa x clare pairing i dislike raki
Alice McT chapter 66 . 5/22
This is a perfect story. It doesn't undermine any of the necessary character development needed for Clare and all those characters from the anime/manga but satisfies the unfinished business created by killing Teresa off too early! This feels like the natural progression of what SHOULD have happened, in fact I would say, in my mind this IS what happened after the 7 year time skip. It's brilliant! You have captured the personalities of the characters perfectly, I have found myself staying up till 4am many times desperate to find out what happens! Your grammar and use of tenses are a little off in places but it doesn't really damage the story as your point is still just as clear. You must continue! If you do I could provide some particular sequences, I'm by no means a professional anime artist but still not bad. Regardless, it's clear you've put so much dedication to this story over such a long period of time - please put us all of our misery and update! Your skills are excellent and deserve recognition and appreciation - not to mention your story is captivating, encompassing everything about why Claymore is such a brilliant story :)
Keep going, please!
DanielRogers chapter 66 . 3/25
this is such an amazing story
daniel chapter 54 . 3/22
what the hell did you do with Galatea man she wouldn't act that way just by her character and also its inconsistent with her concern on the boat about Priscilla being his woman, why make Galatea so unbelievably cold jeese it just dosnt fit
Daniel chapter 45 . 3/21
Man i cant get the feeling you REALLY dont have any love for robana, i mean what next? it get attacked by a whole army of dragon kin? which are attacking the island and the first place they attack is of course robana. I mean have you thought about how everyone should be dead from the sheer level of deceice that would come from have tens of thousends of dead corpses of strange beings is the city, i mean how did they even remove all the body's? The city is going through enough problems being like from the movie pandemic at the moment.
Anyway after the dragonkin attack was stoped, AND the great fire AND the meteor shower the city finally had some peace, until the Godzilla turns up
daniel chapter 37 . 3/21
Bravo i should be going sleep its 7:am but dam this chapter is good
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