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Galateasley chapter 65 . 6/22
I'm happy that you are back writing. There is only one suggestion coming from me. Clumping all the great Claymores in one group really dulls their individuality and makes remembering what happens with who kind of confusing. I think they individually shine better when they are in smaller groups and none of them are forgotten. (For example, I haven't seen Tabitha or Yuma around). Also, a lot of talent gets wasted and isn't exactly necessary in such a large group... Yeah, sorry for the long review. I look forward to the next chapter and I am shipping Easley/Galatea very hard right now. Don't ask.
IansInsane chapter 29 . 6/8
IansInsane chapter 28 . 6/8
I like this way sooooo much more...
IansInsane chapter 9 . 6/7
IansInsane chapter 8 . 6/7
Raki is gonna be the perfect solder boy!
Moonset-IV chapter 65 . 4/5
Wow dude this is just... Awesome.
THIS should have been the manga in my opinion. Your writing skills and imagination easily makes this one of the best fan fictions. I hope you finish this story one day. And I REALLY hope you decide to write a book.
Guyver333 chapter 29 . 3/22
way to go bravo how it should have happened keep it up on chapter 30 and in deep claymore passion
JohnyS chapter 65 . 3/19
I enjoyed this chapter, especially the scene between Teresa and Hysteria. I wonder why Teresa dismissed Clare being stronger than her currently the way she did; she might've acknowledged it, but she did it in such a manner that implies, that no, Clare isn't really stronger than her. Everyone has been getting stronger, so it's good to know she still sits at the top of the food chain, so to speak.

Roxane, that bitch. I hope she gets hers.

Everyone wants a piece of Teresa and I can't see that ending well, for them. If she awakens she'll kill everyone and everything that moves against her, while keeping Clare as a toy/pet -not an entirely unwelcome possibility.
major wallace chapter 65 . 3/18
nice work
redlox2 chapter 65 . 3/18
This feels quite some time since I rewar this story and I am still very much intrigued on how different and exciting this is! I
roxyroxas1313 chapter 65 . 3/18
Hysteria / Miria is one of my fav things so far in the story. Thanks! ;D
Anyway this chapter told us more about Rafaelas fate. Poor girl. Her sister is... something else. :/ Rafaelas decision had to be tough on Teresa though... Its just tragedy for everyone in this story lol.

Keep up the good work. I cant wait for the next part.

P.s. I wonder how Hysteria / Miria will work out... Time will tell I guess.
willy.hizzy chapter 30 . 3/17
This fanfic started off well but the moment you made priscilla join them it went down the drain. As if it wasn't bad enough you had to make the two of the most awesome characters, teresa and priscilla, look pathetic, not to mention the fact that you made me hate Raki even more(I never thought that was possible). You put your claymore dream team together and still claim they can't handle the organisation when we all know that teresa or priscillaall the other claymore characters combine. You are full of shit.
Guest chapter 1 . 3/14
it is very gd
Pusha chapter 14 . 2/25
This chapter just brought tears to my eyes. It really wouldve been SO nice if teresa gets revived in the manga and what would happen after that. This chapter felt like too real. Too real and i want it to come true! Nice one on the part that teresa and claire reunited. Nothing too cheesy, no nothing less than cheesy, it was written perfectly! I felt sorry for Miria though, she was confused and all, and then Claire had to do something like that, must have made miria feel bad about herself or something. And about galatea, yeah thats something she would probably really do like finishing her oponent the second she has an opening. they are all IN character! So great! 3
LucidLucifer chapter 64 . 2/9
I've basically been reading this fic from start to finish over the last couple of days. I wont lie, I am disappointed at the lack of Clare/Teresa but I do love your story overall. Such talent! I only hope you update soon and don't keep us humble readers waiting XD

As a side note, I just wanted to say this is probably one of the best fanfic I've read. EVER. It sucked me in and I actually couldnt do anything else but continue reading it for the last 2 days haha. Kudos to you!
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