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The Amazing Chicken Dinner chapter 23 . 5/31/2010
Needs moar Dakka.

I can't beleive he didn't try grabbing a Tac nuke. End the game with a bang! Or failing that, a predator missile. Nothing more fun than screaming "ALLAH AKBAR!" when flying at your opponents.
Isak922 chapter 23 . 5/31/2010
Epic Chapter? EPIC.

Definitely a different twist on the Grey Knights... I kinda like the silly aspect you've given them... But still completely bad-ass in all ways.

Now the long, horrible wait for the next chapter... Damn cliffhangers!
Thunderwolf66 chapter 23 . 5/31/2010
Love the way you have done the Grey Knights, it is brilliant, especially the "YOU DIDN'T WATER DOWN THE KLATCHIAN, DID YOU?" and "oh Sweet Emperor, I put in more than two smallspoons of it in that cup", please keep the maddness og the Grey knights coming, they may save us from daemons, but are hopeless cooks.
Number Six-Sixtysix chapter 23 . 5/31/2010
Brilliant, just brilliant. Although I was confused when he was knocked unconscious, since on the mindscape, all he IS is consciousness, but the Discworld reference was most certainly worth it.

Also, despite claiming to be a gamer, I am afraid I do not get the Infinity Ward reference. Might I ask where that came into it?

Also, they're using 5.56 mm rounds on scale model tanks? That'd be, what, the equivalent of a direct hit from a dud ICBM per bullet?

Granted, this is all really good, but I am surprised no one has thought to run and get the lawn strimmer, a la Toy Soldiers. Now that would 'mow' all their troops down.
Madork Gunna chapter 23 . 5/31/2010
Excellent chapta, issa good scrap. I liked the auto-dakkagunz.

Told ya dere ain't no such fing as too much dakka :-)
SGT.CJC chapter 23 . 5/31/2010
Well I think we all know what Pothos' favourite song is. Brilliant chapter loved it, I certainly do like how you have the different races gelling so well. I think Maddork Gunna got it right "We'z All Big Boss Mikie's Boyz!" that but a little more capitolised and screamy. I knew he was going to do the sentry turret thing, though I thought it would be a 'Half life' of 'TF2' . This was simply great, shame about Porthos's arm but he'll just get an augment that may be better then his old arm.

I'm glad you're back, I was starting to miss you. Or at least this story, but the 'Enoch file' was funny and I know what school depression feels like (Exams).

Great chapter, no mistakes except an oddly placed letter but it isn't part of a word so never mind.

Update soon. Awesome work.

dfshie chapter 23 . 5/30/2010
It's called a zippo, those lighters are called zippos.
DKrumpp chapter 22 . 5/30/2010
awilla the hun chapter 1 . 5/28/2010
I like it! A couple of things though:

-Why does Alice suddenly become a Battle Sister? I don't think this is really explained very clearly.

-Michael spends a lot of time in the arms of assorted warhammerish ladies, some more voluntarily than others (Genestealer cultists, farseers, the other cultist). These also recieve a disproportionate amount of description compared to everyone else. This does make me wonder: doesn't he have a problem with falling in love with a former toy soldier, presumably made and painted by him?

Apart from that-great! Funny (I laughed out loud when the tech priest started playing Counterstrike), well researched, and generally good.
jesse chapter 1 . 5/27/2010
hey, i got an idea for a warhammer fic, but im a terrible writer, just thought id run the idea past some people ta see what they think, the explanation is here:

anaknangfilipina chapter 22 . 5/25/2010
Amazing. I just got done reading you're whole story so far, and I wished that I read this sooner. Overall, I really liked how you portrayed the characters. In my eyes, you've given the battling forces of Order and Orks an even pace when it came to them cohabitating or tolerating one another.

I also enjoyed how you expressed the great powers of Chaos. Like how Chaos normally works, you let them influence the minds of normal sized humans that really are a problem for an out of shape character like Micheal and his friends. And at the same time, you showed everyone that Chaos is a powerful force to be reckoned with.

But, I was wondering something as I read your story. I won't lie. I love the Orks much more than the rest so, I'm annoyed that it looked like they didn't get enough of the spotlight. Even when the awesome team-up between the Orks and the Order forces, they really didn't have a whole lot of time to shine. Maybe it had something to do with the Imperium forces counting for half of the miniature armies. Maybe, you could give each clan their own Warboss so there could be more Orks in the spotlight. Although, I don't know if it'll work since you said that you're busy.

Also, I think you missed out on some opportunities to put the Orks in a position where they would have been perfect, without looking like they were forced into it. For example, in Chapter 13 and 14, that would have given the Orks a chance to send their Commandos with Mike and Vincent, especially if the Blood Axes clan were around.

In short, I liked your story but, I'm biased when it comes to the Orks. I really them to shine. Other than that, you right an awesome story. Keep up the awesome job. And for the omake, have you considered doing one for April Fools or Halloween. I can see the Ordo Malleus freaking out that humans are dressing in scary and demonic-looking costumes and try to purify them.
DarkghostX chapter 2 . 5/24/2010

Dude I fucking love this story. Keep writing.
The Amazing Chicken Dinner chapter 22 . 5/18/2010
Cool story Bro
Norwest chapter 22 . 5/17/2010
Again, very cool. I have to ask, though, what's the basic setup of Mind War? It seems to be happening in the psyker's minds, but Im not really sure how its playing out based on what Ive seen so far. A little more info, please?
HAL-9001 chapter 22 . 5/15/2010
So if the Grey Knights are the Hammer, does that mean that it's...Hammer Time? I could see Silverite breaking down to that tune. "Can't touch this...*dakka*"
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