Reviews for Friends forever
Emma CS Me chapter 1 . 12/16/2009
Okay, I will get proofreading errors out of the way first: Unnecessary capitalization of "it." Missing the h in "through." Missing the e in "they." Tiny stuff, but kinda distracting.

But apart from that, great story! The falling apart of the four is not an underused concept, I'll admit, but you wrote it really well, and I'm a sucker for their angst, so w/e. I'm not so sure the song lyrics really worked in favour of the story, though. It wasn't like they were ruining the flow - the places you put song lyrics did seem like places where you needed a break - but, I don't know, the use of lyrics seemed to... distance the fic, somehow. But I have recently developed this anti-songfic bias, so maybe I'm just being weird. *shrug*