Reviews for No One Belongs Here More Than You
MarieOV chapter 92 . 9/26/2013
I actually waited until I could take the time to type this into another document then paste it in here, because I want this review to adequately express my thanks and admiration. First, I apologize for not reviewing the last handful of chapters faithfully. I felt a little bit like I was sprinting to the end, getting questions answered. So, I will first say this about the last few chapters: I think about the time of the Birmingham chapter (or probably before, but I can’t right now go back and figure it out), I got the very strong inkling that everything was going to work out fine. That was a relief, but even so, reading it and finding out the confirmation was great. When Joe showed up in Juliet’s garage I think I got a little teary eyed!

(I half expected that there would be a chapter of Joe showing up again in 2042 and debriefing old Lady Juliet. I see you have “missing pieces” of this story, an that’s what I’m starting on next, so maybe I’ll see that there!)

OK, the story as a whole. I don’t think I can appropriately express how amazing and wonderful I thought this was. The plot was so intricate and time warpy. I have no idea how you kept it all straight, except maybe if you kept a crazy person notebook like Juliet. The details that appear early and then stay throughout just blow me away. I realize you published this serially, which makes it all the more impressive. How did you keep it all together? It’s almost believable if this was a novel or something, because you could go through and revise and straighten out missed details, but this was a serial publication! It boggles my mind.

Beyond the plot, the characterizations were so real and believable absolutely true to the characters the show gave us, but even deeper. And their relationships, too. The way James and Juliet heal each other is so meaningful and romantic and real without ever ever making me want to gag or roll my eyes.

I could write a whole revie on the Alice/Juliet relationship which was so twisted and fascinating. Alice, what a great character, and all your own. Absolutely bloody brilliant! (something I think Alice would say of herself)

That this would be available for free, that you would take your skill and creativity and time to write this and make it available to us for free. . . thank you. It has been such a great experience.

On to the missing pieces. When I’m done, I’ll be bereft. How anything else on here can compare, well it won’t.
MarieOV chapter 90 . 9/19/2013
I haven't reviewed the past few chapters. Sorry. So much was happening in them, I almost didn't know what to say except to go along for the ride. Island drowned, Alice in London (Oxford?) in the future! All very good and interesting. And the answer to why Juliet crossed everything about Alice out in the notebooks. I kind of figured, but there's alos that residual sister feeling.

This chapter was just so full of happiness and funny and contentment and at the end, Joe comes back! I'd write that I hope it was really Joe, but i peaked ahead and it really is! Loved them telling the kdis about the baby. Jonah, poor boy. Thinking of yuor parents doing that is pretty gross, no matter who your parents are.
MarieOV chapter 86 . 9/13/2013
"That was back when I thought the adult me was actually my father, "
You know, I'm not so sure I'd considered this.I Remember he thought Nick was his father at some point so why wouldn't he think this man his mother is so fond of (and so fond of his mother in return) is his dad. Would have loved to see him ask joe, "are you my dad?" and Joes reaction! LOL!
I hope you already got my instructions on Chang. And Sid and Fran should be ready to go pull out Alex and Karl.
That (Getting A&K ) is their last mission? hooray! But chang? Is he still around? Is he with the others or something in this timeline? Will stay tuned. Have a nice weekend.
MarieOV chapter 85 . 9/13/2013
I read this yesterday and didn't really know what to write about it for a review. It is beautifully writeen. Totally unexpected, too, I think. Jacob has always been sort of a dick to her and now I see that its kind of bc he is just a petulant child who misses his friend/sister.
MarieOV chapter 84 . 9/11/2013
Despite the intensity, the whole meeting-Carolyn scene was hilarious. Richard "This would be Carolyn, we presume," Carolyn meeting litle Jonah, etc. Or "Well, THIS is awkward."

And I'm guessing none of juliet's no tebooks said carolyn was going to be there? BC Joe seems genuinely surprised and concerned, and is that something that's changed/willl screw things up?

SNAP! Carolyn Penny and Desmonds daughter?! And Joe doesn't know, so I thought "AHA! THis is why Juliet didn't tell him anything about Alice," OR, that would be why she didn't put it in the notebooks after she gets off the island. Right? did NOT NOT see that one coming!

"It should be two miles north-northwest to the nearest building. And I guess I'll see you in 2001."

She shoved the compass into her pocket. "And I hope I'll never see you again."

Richard just smiled.

Awwww. Now I want to read about him recruiting her in Miami from his POV and what a trip that most have been. Was it 80 years for him, or did he time travel
MarieOV chapter 83 . 9/11/2013
"she suggests, turns around to open the bread wrapper, a lump in her throat."
See, it's things like this that make me worry for Jonah but then the teen version hears " "It's gonna be OK, you know." from his dad and his mom says""Yes," she tells him. "You can. You can do it. You already did. And you're gonna do great." (just like her told her! I wondered when that would come up again/if it would). So, that makes me think it WILL be OK and even that Juliet realizes it.

How cool/creepy/spine tingling for Jonah to realize he Joe.

"A couple weeks after they'd moved, Clem had come to visit " I'm doing math in my head/trying to remember ages, and what I think is they waited til clem went to college before they moved? That wouls make sense

Something about James being the dad of a teenager,which I guess Clem is in current time? Or close to? Anyway, love this glimpse into their suburban teenage/elementary school life.

""Your father's here in Alabama, for me."
What's in Alabama? What's she doing there? Is it a time travel thing? She's working, but doesn't say she also says she ignores the island for long periods so What? Is? She? Doing? MYSTERY!
MarieOV chapter 82 . 9/11/2013
of course I loved this chapter so sweet and happy and yay! Eva. But the other thing I would like to say is that I like there are parts of James/Juliet's life that I think Joe is not privy to. And not the obvious gross stuff like sex. But Joe seems so filled in on time and time travel, and i think for sure has put together how important his dads's influence was in making sure Juliet stayed sane into her 60s (?). But I bet he doesn't know about conning the doctor or the meth lab, and it is nice to think that Suliet has their personal things, too. I don't know if that makes any sense, but it does in my head.
MarieOV chapter 81 . 9/10/2013
I definitely feel like Juliet with future knowledge anytime your author notes say how many more chapters, bc they are always (thankfully) wrong,

I didn't mind all the time travel details. I didn't think it was a plot hole but I was interesteed to read it

"Dottie's eyes slid a fraction of the way toward Joe, then snapped back to Juliet. "I just do.""

I want to know more about this! Getting really near the end and STILL you drop in things I want to know more about!
MarieOV chapter 80 . 9/9/2013
09/23/07: Any significance that Jonah was fake-born the day after the Oceanic Crash (plus 3 years)? Or just fun with numbers?

Awwwwww. . . sniff. But we know it works out. Right? There's this Eva person mentioned more than once and unless she's a crazy Island refugee/adoptee, all will be good.

"All he knew was they didn't want to end up on any reality shows. " Huh. As if there life isn't reality show enough!
MarieOV chapter 79 . 9/6/2013
Is RIchard dead? Did Ben shoot him? That's my 1st reaction bc Ben used the baton to knock Juliet out but did he shoot Richard? Is that even possible?

"Let her go, you bug-eyed bastard." Juliet cleary has a lot of other stuff on her mind, but C'mon! How obvious is it that this grown up Joe has spent lots of time with his father!?

ALICE! OMFG, ALICE! There relationship is so messed up and fascinating. So I was thinking she'd blacked out all Alice references bc she felt some residual loyalty, but now I wonder if she blacked it out bc if Joe knew right away then Alice wouldn't have been around to save them in the statue?

"Alpert has me. It's OK. It'll be OK." OK, good. Alpert didn't get shot. I didn't think he could have, but man you never know!
MarieOV chapter 78 . 9/5/2013
I dont rememver if I've metioned it before, but I love how when we get Joe's POV of the Island it's a ff, but when its Juliet's POV, its a fb. Even though its the same incident. I loeve how that really drives home the crazy time travel nature of it all

And how great is this? JUliet FB "Time was definitely, definitely fucking with them."
Joe FF "They are definitely, definitely fucking with time."
At 1st I thought that was kinda cute how they perceive things similiarly (or at least use the same words to describe, but its way more than just a cutesy repitition. It really shows how differently they perceive what they are doing (joe) or what is happeneing to them (Juliet).

You havent stated it explicity but I love how much james has been able to put together 'offscreen,' like that Joe left the #s on the door at he's also been thinkng about Alice finding her in Miami.

Ha! I remember Sam! He was so awkward and Daniel-y and since you'd pointed out so much about Joe being a "farady-james-miles hybrid,' i sorta assumed Sam was also one of Dan's minions. But he's his kid! BRILLIANT! How the HELL did you plan all this out? Also, how Joe complains about his math teacher being a stickler, and then Joe sees her nag little Jonah about math. LOL.
Guest chapter 77 . 9/4/2013
You know what else wasn't nice? That Joe hadn't known about Alice until just now. And maybe he IS just playing along with a script, but why didn't his mother want him to know about Alice? His mother from the future, that is...

Definitely something I want to know too! I hope you answer before the end, although I have theories, and wonder if there is not exact answer but alot of mixed up things together.

I love Joe everytime he's in the story. I feel like there's so much more I'd love to know about him that probably aren't related to whats going on here like a scene with Juliet hating on Meghan but pretending not to. Of course James and Juliet made up just perfectly, still mad, but getting it talked out. I'm dreading the edn of this story!
Guest chapter 76 . 9/3/2013
So, obviously this is the fight grown up Joe remembers and it is a doozy, but i don't feel like, even remotely that it'll be over for them. I don't know why, maybe just the way it is written or how joe thinks of the fight or just how their relatioship is.

"Well look who just caught on!" she snaps, - I cant help but think of that Edward Norton/Richard Gere movie here. I think that is what EN said whe Gere figured out he was pretending to be two personalities

"They called it Craphole Island, not Opposite-of-All-Other-Reality Island." funny!
I like their first hook-up! Love it, actually. It seems just abot right, friends and then booze and being nervous, etc.
Guest chapter 74 . 8/29/2013
"(He knows what his mother wants to say, and why she's not saying it.)"
But I don't know! What does she want to say?
"Ah, sarcasm will get you nowhere," - Joe
"Ahh, bribery will get you everywhere. " - James
Like father, like son LOL!
Marie chapter 73 . 8/28/2013
I when she was warning Elspeth I def got this feeling that maybe everytime there's one of the wierd pulled in time things its from when she tried (or did) change time, but I'm not sure that's right. Or is it? I am going to read this whole thing again the proper way like a real novel instead of chapter by chapter like ive been doing. maybe as soon as I finish!
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