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MarieOv chapter 56 . 7/24/2013
WOW. I can't believe that you called it like that. I guss i can see how you would be bummed that they stole your idea, but it's still pretty cool. I am glad you have the authors note bc I'm glad to know you thought of drowning the island first, and I think its super cool sortof the way I get secretly excitd anytime they complain about how the other makes coffee.

Since he's water, if the Island drowns, does that mean he getst to be on/"with" the Island again? Is that why he wants to drown it or does the Island represent evil in your story (opposite how it is on the show)

no way Juliet's got James any more in line than Red's got Twitchy. Hilarious!
MarieOV chapter 55 . 7/23/2013
"Daniel just always drove James crazy, one of those inherent personality clashes that will never quite resolve itself, no matter what decade they happen to be in."
Because they are both different kinds of smart. Opposite kind of smart even. Daniel's degree-certified academic smarts intimidates James. James brilliance in reading and manipulating people intimidates Daniel.

Another brillant in character portrayal: Add Faraday to the list.
Marie chapter 54 . 7/22/2013
"All that family, where instead there had been the potential for nothing. If that isn't the meaning of Thanksgiving, she doesn't know what is."
U are doing it again: similar J&J thoughts chapter to chapter, and I love how closely I feel like I have to pay attention to even the little thigs that aren't really plot-related, but character building.

This is T-giving, so she's been "back" for just about or over 4 months? It is remarkable how she's been able to adjust sortof but not quite.

"Rachel was always the badass sister, not interested in dorky things like chemistry or classical music. Nah, Rachel was the one with too many boyfriends, the one who sneaked out at least two nights a week in 10th grade, went AWOL on Christmas one year." and yet she ends up with a tax attorney and Juliet is married to a conman
Marie chapter 53 . 7/19/2013
Your Richard is perfect, and OC as all your characters are.

and he lets her leave it at that. Just another reason she loves this man."

You said that about him too when she didn't ask about his parents. You are so good at subtly making very clear why it is they are so good for each oterh, without alot of beating us over the head with it.

Juliet's mom was Jewish? Huh. That would make sense why Rachel is named Rachel. Not that all Rachel's are Jewish, but my best friend is (Rachel AND Jewish), so that counts for something!
MarieOV chapter 52 . 7/18/2013
"And for some reason Juliet was adamantly opposed to bringing him to see Faraday."
Trying hard to remember here. I know Joe has said some things that remind Juliet of Dan. I think he said he's his boss, right? So, yes, this makes sense that she is going to stop him ever going.

""No, it's OK, he just..." Decided he liked someone else better. She shrugged, trying (and probably failing miserably) to look like she didn't care that much. It probably didn't help matters that Eric's new girlfriend lived on the same floor as she did. Stupid dorm walls were as thin as paper, too."
So, we can't entirely 100% blame Ed for her insecure hangups. Not that he didn't help add to the problem.
MarieOV chapter 51 . 7/17/2013
"Miles was simultaneously a grown man and a whiny little kid," LOL!

I thought I never could quiite figure Miles' ultimate purpose on the show, but I feel like he's going to have a big impact here, and that's great.

"The Absence of Something" . . . title games again. Not being able to remember? That's the absence?
MarieOV chapter 50 . 7/16/2013
Wow. Uh, wow. That's all. I don't have questions or specifc thoughts or anything. Just wow.
MarieOV chapter 49 . 7/15/2013
I went back to Ch 46 where this one seems to be left off and it doesn't seem like she's nearly as upset then as she is at the start of this one. Or at least she is diong a good job (ch 46) of masking it. At first I thought this was a mistake (from you, but urely not. Surely!) Now I see the last thing she asked is that he would tell her about the war.

I'm glad you clarified that the people hera rean't all (or any manipulated dead like Lily. Instead those people hover at the outskirts. and "These people didn't like to manipulate time if they could help it; they mainly got around that fact by manipulating the dead, instead. "

"Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, and she read it to him with a dry mouth, changing Alice's name to something else she could never remember day to day,"

Making me wonder if it's true Alice is the mole and MIB confirmed this to Juliet? Looking more and more like it, unless you are intentionally throwing me off the paht. But then she just finds out that Alice stole the guns. Not surprised. So MIB DIDN'T tell her about alice? This is all so good I can't believe it is fanfic.

"Revenge never really seems to work out, does it? Even if you tell yourself you have good reasons, tell yourself they deserve it..." "

OOOH. Did she kill Alice? Responsible for Nick's death and killed Alice and Jonah still on the Island? GOod grief, no wonder she's messed up!
MarieOV chapter 48 . 7/12/2013
Two Weeks. Well, that one was straight forward, even though it does have a special meaning for them.

She wants to have another baby! That makes me happy. Or maybe sad. Because age, but then you wouldn't bring it up . . but if she can't and if Joe doesn't come back and she's broeken all over again. Hmmmm. You know, I realize now that theres' no guarantees this is all going to work out OK. And that's why we read.
Guest chapter 47 . 7/11/2013
You are congratulation someone on leaving the 400th review. I really feel cheated that I didn't leave the 1000! But someone beat me to the punhc.. This story deserves it though!

"Famous Last Words" what will this be. (I'm typing before I begin reading).

""I swear to God, James, if you just got me pregnant again, : How old is she supposed to be in this story? Early 40s? MId?

"he'd muttered something about the Hostiles stealing their latest supply drop," Ha ha aha. I have to wonder if time traveling Alice somehow wasn't behind this.

In reference to her concerns above (re: getting pregnant) I guess it probably wasn't coincidence that this encounter in the garage started the exact same wasy as the Jonah making one: "Jesus, James, you scared me!"

I know it was mostly an argument, but I *love* that they actually talked about/discussed having a baby, and that James was the one pushing for it.

"Everything'll be OK," he told her.

She laughed a little. "Famous last words."
AHA. And sicne OK is the title of another chapter even better.
timesrunningout chapter 30 . 7/10/2013
Very interesting story. Can't wait to get caught up. :)
Marie chapter 46 . 7/10/2013
Now I am paying more attention to your cahpter titles. This one is "The Balance" and before I even begin, I am imagingin that scale in Jacob's cave., b ut I think you wrote this before that appeared. Still, that's what I'm thinking of.

"She wasn't like Lily. She was just plain old fucked up." So good.

Unless I'm really dense still waiitng for the explanation on why Ben begged MIB to save her. Or if it's just a twisted part of his obsession/desire.
Marie chapter 45 . 7/9/2013
My login cookie has expired, and I'm way too lazy to type itin here. I have enough difficulty typing on theis damn phone if my constant typos havent given that away!

OK. Thats a brilliant name for the chapter. OK, she give sup and goes with Lily. Where? With MIB? Gosh, now I need to go back and read some again bc I am trying to remember who she as hanging out with when Joe shoewd up on the island.

Awwww. Marriage! I was hop ing for that,
SilverWolf77 chapter 92 . 7/7/2013
Reading this, even after Lost ended all those years ago, was amazing! The story was incredibly well crafted, and I really enjoyed your time jumps, and how things from the beginning of the story came back at a later date, and made so much more sense! (As is the nature of time travel, but still!) Jonah was amazing, and I want to give you all the props for making Clem into a fully fleshed out character! And the way you write Juliet is nothing short of amazing! Thank you for writing this story, and giving Juliet that time in the spotlight she's always deserved.
MarieOV chapter 44 . 7/5/2013
"Got a good tip on a bunch of NRA members in the '80s. Also, I think we're going to pursue a few archers who didn't quite place into the 1952 Olympics."
"Anyway, today I'm putting together a raid on Dharma for some ammunition."

Sometimes I forget how much they canmanipulate time and thier knowledge of hte future. Then something like this remindsme.

"But if it's about our own goddamn kid - you can't keep secrets about Jonah from me, OK? You just can't do it.""

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