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ebonypol chapter 24 . 5/7/2013
Amazing and sooo in character you defo need more reviews :D
helenxxx chapter 24 . 7/4/2012
Brilliant I really like your ideas !
WickedBlue chapter 24 . 2/6/2012
Brilliant fic. I so enjoyed reading it. Heading of to the sequel now.
Rogue Elf chapter 24 . 12/2/2011
So I have just read this story for the 5th time since I first found it (which was years ago, btw) and it is still as brilliant as I remember. Your writing is fantastic, publishing worthy. Your pacing is superb...not once does the story drag and your character development is absolutely enthralling.

Not just the best fanfiction I have ever read, but one of the best stories as well.

Just wanted to say thanks for writing such a great I am off to read your sequal... again.
Serenity Marie chapter 24 . 2/18/2011
I honestly never really liked Bobby that much, but your characterization of him really made me like him. First so resistant and headstrong, like Scott, but he let his eyes be opened and learned. I think this is an incredibly well written story and I never, ever had any issues with the author switching, like I do with some co-authored stories.
kitsuK8 chapter 2 . 12/10/2010
So, as I am re-reading this story for the hundredth time, I wonder how in the heck has this story gotten so few reviews! I love this fanfic, and it certainly deserves more credit than is given to it!
Sareh chapter 24 . 4/17/2010
"And Logan?" He looked back at him, tired. "After everything, I think I'd like it if occasionally you didn't call me boy."

Wohoo! Go Bobby. :D

You know, prior to reading this fic, Bobby would have been the least likely character I'd ever be cheering; it's amazing how you've created such realism in his transformation such that I totally believe in who he is and why he does what he does. Btw. I love Logan here - he's usually one of my favourite X-Men and I'm glad that his character's kept intact here in this fic.

This following part made my heart skip a beat. I had forgotten how Rogue comes to return. I'm a Romy fangirl through and through.

He shook his head. "Never touched her."

Remy started to laugh, silently. "...See? ...Tol' you it could work."

Surprised, Bobby looked up to see the woman who'd been standing in shadows until then, unnoticed even by him. "Maybe, sugah," she said. "Maybe."

Then, flipping up his collar, he stepped away from the mansion and vanished into the night.

Hehe. Such a typical Remy move. *sighs happily* What a brilliant ride. This fic was wonderful to read again. I think I'm going to give my eyes a rest before I tackle Blind Sight again, since I've got a feeling that I'll be reading that straight through also. :D

I really hope that Blind Sight will have an update soon. I have missed it so much.
Sareh chapter 23 . 4/17/2010
"How dare you..."

Bobby met those glowing eyes without fear. He understood now that doing what was necessary wasn't always doing what was honorable.

And Bobby has fully grown up. I almost feel like laughing, since I feel like Bobby's a little one of mine that has become all independent and is more than ready to leave the coop.

The last of Bobby's patience evaporated at the militant tone and he whirled to face the man he had once idolized. He felt too much remorse and guilt to be truly angry, but he had no intention of betraying Gambit to people who would never understand.

Woo! Sorry, I'm sure this moment was full of surpressed fury and bitterness, but I could almost only think about how Bobby has truly shut up Scott for once.
Sareh chapter 22 . 4/17/2010
Finally, a man and a woman could love one another and have that love survive. For that, he'd pay any price.

*despondent sigh* Poor Remy. After all he has gone through with Rogue and his father and the Guild and his family, he truly knows the true worth of keeping and ensuring the sanctity of such love. *sniffles*
Sareh chapter 19 . 4/17/2010
After Scott's behaviour in the kitchen, I marvel at how drastically his point of view changes in the sequel. (This is meant as a compliment of the highest regard, since everything changing was natural and realistic, but there will be such a huge change that it's amazing you can write it all so eloquently. Kudos to you!) I shall enjoy exploring how characters behave 'now' in the 'past' as I re-read the remaining chapters. :)

You know, I would love to try that sitting-deadly-still thing that Bobby does at the start of this chapter. It would be a cool experiment to conduct.

Bobby blushed hotly and Remy chuckled. Then his smile faded. "Y' done good, Bobby. Don' let anybody tell y' different."

Aww! They're so cute here. Adorable how they're both embarrassed by each other's honest complements and thanks. :D

The reason he disliked Michael so much was because he was exactly the kind of man Remy could have become had he never met the X-Men.

Fascinating. I reckon I must be touched in the head, since I love this type of complex psychology.

Been a long time since I had somebody pushin' me t' do what I needed to. But the tight knot in his stomach loosened a notch at his father's words, and he risked a glance toward the young man walking away from them. I'm beginning t' t'ink I'll always be grateful y' followed me t'rough de rain dat day, Bobby.

*snuffles* Woo! Go Bobby! Only you could force Remy to have that talk.
Sareh chapter 18 . 4/17/2010
I have been anxiously awaiting the latest chapter of Blind Sight and have been re-reading TaT as a lovely refresher. :) It's very interesting to know what happens in BS and see how the characters start off in this fic. The following passage in this chapter had me chuckling:

Someday, he'd actually have to tell old fearless leader about how he was the professor's eyes and ears into the mutant underground. Just to watch them pop out behind those ruby glasses. It'd be fun, but it'd be pointless, and more trouble than it was worth.

Hehe, I wonder how surreal it gets when Scott happens to be the only one who seems to truly understand Remy at times; at the very least, of the X-Men. I'm really enjoying watching as Bobby changes and matures, and hardens, I suppose, since the way in which you have meticulously referenced it all makes me feel like I'm peeping into how Bobby's discovering himself. It's wicked.

Aw, well done Bobby for nudging Storm in the right direction. Remy sure deserves to know how much his close friends appreciate him every once in a while. :)
Jeanne Marie chapter 24 . 2/6/2010
I must have read this story five or six times. It shows an amazing knack for character development. Bobby begins the story at one point and ends somewhere completely different. The best part is that it was paced so gradually that everything made perfect sense. The reader gets to know Bobby as he's getting to know himself. It's also the most epic bromance ever, and I'm utterly in love with this friendship.
jAnon chapter 24 . 1/8/2010
I realize that this was written in collaboration with another writer, but this review is for you. I came across your work a few years ago. I read and reread a countless number of times this work, Betrayal, Blind Sight... all the X-Men related works on your profile. I am sorry that I have never left any comment before.

Your writing, particularly the three works I specifically mentioned, saved/changed my life.

Let me give you some context for that statement. When I first read your works, I was a teenager. I would not admit it to myself then, but now I can say (without shame, guilt, fear) that one of my parents was extremely abusive. The situation at home was so miserable that I considered killing myself several times. My room had no lock-literally no place was safe except the haven of my mind and in fiction. And that is where I escaped.

I read a lot of Rogue/Remy fiction. The pairing tends to be quite filled with angst, the whole issue of Remy's past, Rogue's inability to touch... a lot of things about it seemed relevant to me. But your fiction, your portrayal of Remy and his relationships and view of the world were different. They presented an attitude that I had never encountered before. Remy's past (your version and the comics), quite frankly, sucks. Most fiction/comics I've read, he gets burdened down with the weight of his past. But your Remy-he tries to make the most out of whatever situation. He survives, and unapologetically steals moments of his own making.

What I'm trying to say is that when things got really unbearable and I just wanted to give up, your writing stopped me. He's a fictional character, yes, but your writing showed me that it is possible to survive, steal, get by... and most of all, wait for the moment when things get better. When I wanted to die, your writing showed me a side of life worth living for-in friends, family, love, loyalty. So I grit my teeth and kept living. I didn't live in reality because it was intolerable, but I watched for a chance when I could be free.

I'm free now. I'm dealing with the considerable weight of my past. Sometimes it hurts, going back in my memories and dealing with everything I suppressed then. Sometimes I want to give up. But I've found my freedom, I'm learning how to live and appreciate the things that make life worth it. And I can say now that it is worth it. I paid an enormous price for survival, but it's infinitely better to being dead.

I've also found my voice. Writing was another thing that kept me. I write Star Trek fanfiction-if you're ever curious, my username on this site is jAnon. I can't attribute my writing to you, but I can say that your writing, and the way it changed my life, made me resolve (back when I was a teenager) that if I could ever be free, if I could ever live, I would write about the things worth living for. That I would write about people who went through hellfire, but found a way to survive, live, thrive. And though those experiences hurt and have consequences, I decided that instead of crippling the characters, it would make them stronger. They would dig deeper, build taller, love sweeter, live longer.

So thank you for that.

And for this:

"Love wit' all y' heart, protect y' friends and fam'ly and s'vive no matter what, so long as de first two are kept safe."
Bucketsofguts chapter 1 . 8/22/2009
I know I left you a mighty long review for Blind Sight, but thought I'd comment on why I liked Thick as Thieves, don't worry it won't be nearly as long :P

I love what you did with Bobby's character in this. I never really cared much for him in canon, but I'm rather fond of his character now. Looks like hanging out with Gambit was exactly what Bobby needed, Marvel should seriously take a page out of your book.

Once again, thank you for writing this fantastic work.

Viking Princess chapter 24 . 5/6/2009
I actually read this after Blind Sight, and I enjoyed both thoroughly, but this review is for this story. :)

I never really cared for Bobby, even before the movies came out, but you've made me very fond of him indeed. I love the way you took him from boy to man, and I'm especially enchanted that you did it via Remy and the Thieves' Guild. Your version of Remy's method of training is, I think, perfectly suited to his personality, and the way you've showed how he and Bobby could have grown into friendship and trust is simply fantastic.

Thanks for the wonderful read!
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