Reviews for The Cursed Savior
david davidson chapter 1 . 9/3/2012
i've read most of your legend of zelda romances, and they're all awesome. top notch. i've got the song "the man who can't be moved" on my iphone because of that 'fic. just thought i'd say your writing skills are amazing and you're one hella good romance writer. i'm keen to read your next fic that you have planned, "what we saw from the outside" . it looks to be an awesome one. i didn't expect this kind of ending, but damn it was good. did laugh a little at the 'forget-me-nots". i also thought it was pretty good how the soldiers were baited into the redead's room. and that sacrifice at the end gives me shivers it was that good. i didn't review your other stories because i didn't like them, some of them i like alot more than this one. i just don't review often and just thought i'd put all of my thoughts into this one since it's the one i've read last :P
keep up the awesome work.
LunayruSheikah chapter 1 . 7/23/2012
Awwww! How sad! ;( T_T Though I liked the whole idea of the labyrinth and all, and I also liked how Link died saving the others and bringing Ganondorf down.
Moon Princess016 chapter 1 . 8/20/2011
THAT'S SOOOOO SAD! I HATE THE ENDING... even though this was an awesome story!
Chiharu-angel chapter 1 . 6/24/2010
Awwww tears! Sooooo good but so sad
Tiercel chapter 1 . 3/27/2010
I cried.
MysticalKingofthePotatoPeople chapter 1 . 12/9/2009
That was an awesome story and an excellent remake of the Minoan legend. I'll have to look at your other stories soon .
MythCreatorWriter chapter 1 . 11/5/2009
I love the ideas in which this was written. Yup it's gory. Reminds me of my fic. I can't believe my first fic I had some of this stuff, I was much more squimish than I am now.

I don't have much time so I'll try to be quick. I got the action that was going on but I didn't really feel what was going on. The atmosphere wasn't there. I didn't really feel anything until the end where Link died, Ganon was trapped and Zelda screamed for him.

I like how you did the narration, don't know if that is part of the problem with atmopshere here.

Sorry I can't say more. I have to leave the computer soon. When you message me again I might say more when it crosses my mind.
Touzen chapter 1 . 11/1/2009
That was so cute...for some reason, I love stories where Zelda isn't a princess XD But I really loved how she used the sun song without the Ocarina. A little weird concept for Ganon to be Link's grandfather, but it worked for this story lol. It was all sorts of awesome how much Link being unable to speak mimicked the games, but the ending was so very sad...anyways thnaks for the awesome Halloween treat!
Canada Cowboy chapter 1 . 10/31/2009
One of the few fics you wrote that actually had a sad ending. But that being said, it was very powerful.

This actually brought back some memories, as I did an ancient Greece study in elementary school, and The Odyssey was one book I studied in high school, so some of the mythical references were clicking in my head. That being said, the minotaur inside the labyrinth wasn't one that I went into too much detail about, so I can't see how accurate you were to that.

But long story short, the so-called "sacrifice" he made was truly one that would be etched in my mind. Link probably knew that had he gotten out with the others, he might have been able to cure himself and fix his life. But to give up that one chance to let the others go, all the while bringing down a tyrant, that was admirable. It's a breath of fresh air, in my mind, and of course, I would rather see him live than die. But I thought this ending was probably more powerful.

Anyway, good job. I quite like it.
Lady.Zayriah chapter 1 . 10/31/2009
Aw! What a sad, yet interesting Halloween story. Very much enjoyed! Though, I'm sad that Link had to die (
SharkbaitSekki chapter 1 . 10/31/2009
Woow, that is soo amazing! O

I love the idea, and the last line was brilliant. Dunno how you got the idea of Perseus' labyrinth though xD I would never have thought of that xD

Dun worry about the rating, keep it T. M would be like "and I saw his bones crack, blood pouring out freely as some of his muscles were pulled out as I removed my teeth"... Yeah... That's M. Just thought I'd give you an example to put you in a Halloweeny mood D

Anyway... Yey, I'm happy Link actually died in this one xD My current oneshot will have a similar ending (I ain't stealing, I had planned it already .) so I guess it's a breath of fresh air for both of us xD

In any case... Mido... I THINK I'm happy to see him dead... Poor Zelda though, she has to see someone she knows in front of her eyes right after experiencing a quasi-rape attempt from a zombie xDD

I hope Ganondorf will starve, and walk into the ReDead room and think one of them is a giant chiken leg, jumps on it and get raped while getting his lungs crushed D So all three of Link's suppositions on his death, plus a little extra, will be given to him ]

Whoa, long review O_o

Anyway, you did an amazing job on this... I wanted to do a Halloweeny oneshot, but I had no inspiration, so Imma write something random and pass it off as a Halloween fic ]

PS: we got another entry for our contest D

Anyway, amazing job, DEFINETELY faving, I LOVED IT. Happy Halloween, hope you get lots of candy tonight, and that more importantly, you have fun! D