Reviews for Mazarbul
ziggy3 chapter 1 . 10/31/2009
Hey- you're back! Wonderful. The scene of the feast in the mountain is rich and vivid, lot of sound and visuals. Gimli is as always, perfectly portrayed- brave, confident, intelligent. The sense of loss is sharp and painful- enough to make me recall the first time I read LOTR and having loved the Hobbit as a child, sobbing my heart out to find kindly Balin dead- because he is the one who looks after Bilbo really. There is a wonderful atmosphere in this- from the loud feast to the quiet dark Halls where they talk, and I have a vivid picture of Gimli stirring the fire to make more light. And of course he would not tell all the news- it would be something the dwarves keep for themselves. As always, everything beautifully done- sigh. Lovely to get something from you. Thank you.
Aearwen22 chapter 1 . 10/31/2009
Oh, Brava!

What a fantastic glimpse into what must have been a very difficult confession for Gimli to make to his kinsmen. And what a very clear vision you have for the concerns, temptations and traditions of the dwarves. I've never seen Thorin portrayed so convincingly.

A wonderful Halloween treat. Thank you!
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