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Chaney chapter 12 . 12/2/2009
"Sorry for allowing Morholt to be a continual scheming git but its part of the fun of the story. Just think, it will be even more fun when Arthur finds out ;)"

Oh, absolutely! It's really been fun to read and scary even at times. Arthur's going to be furious. I'm happy they've finally reached Italy, and I'm sure at some point the whole Merlin-wanting-to-protect-the-egg part is going to come in, but I've really had a blast reading about the misadventures of their travels.
sybylla chapter 12 . 12/2/2009
Oh I so want Arthur to find out about Morholt...BWAHAHAHAHA...and: “I’ll try but I’m not the most balanced person at the best of times" I LOVE that sentence.
MakotoJinx chapter 12 . 12/2/2009
Oh, you're so right! It will be so much more fun when Arthur DOES find out! Gods, he's gonna be pissed! Wow, very well written. And I love the lie Morholt came up with!
Lady Blade WarAngel chapter 12 . 12/2/2009
Interesting chapter.I'd love to see what Arthur does toMorholt later on though. LOL! I hope you update soon.
Silentia chapter 12 . 12/2/2009

another nice chapter done. and yay they arrived in italy.

im looking forward to morholts next move. Killiung merlin by cold didnt work, so hell have to find another way... and a more sneaky one to, because maybe just maybe arthur is at least a little bit on his toes about him? otherwise there is obviously a pressing need for morholt to 'punish' merlin for telling arthur... i just love the way you write morholt ;) good thing too, that hes not one yet otherwise there would only be the egg to concentrate on... (wonder hoe THAT one will work out)

anyway, as always i look forward to the next chapter (hopefully the writers block is crossed?)

CU Silentia
MagicByMerlin chapter 12 . 12/2/2009
May I ask you what is wrong with a scheming!Morholt? Personally I think that the said variate is by far the better. Just as is concerned!Arthur and fragile!Merlin. Especially the latter... *floats away into fantasy dream world in which fragile!favourite-characters live*

Well, after reading those first few paragraphs, I for one would certainly not believe that you had writer's block during this! *wink wink* But I know that feeling you have WB is just as bad as actually having it, so you have my sympathy. I hope it clears up soon (if it hasn't already). :)

Aww! That was cute! Loved how worried Arthur was, worried enough to actually SHOW his concern for the first time...ever. And Merlin...still trying to be his usual don't-want-to-be-a-burden-to-anyone self, while yet having that underlying hint of bitterness. I'm loving this! .

"Instead, they just went running to their master and had them sort it out for them like the snivelling cowards they were." GASP! That's so bashy! I love it! Amazing! YAY! Morholt may be a slimy little reptile, but I still love him! XD This is only because he's a bashy kind of guy, though. Him and Sheridan should have a get together and discus ways to torture poor innocent warlocks. XD

O, this is something new! I don't believe I've ever read a fic in which Arthur has discovered other people don't think he looks after his servant! Well...maybe I have, but I'm not going to rake through my memories and start rambling. Anyway, my point is, I don't see it very often, and I like it! Keep it up!

"A metallic tang hung in the air, cloying in the mouth and stinging the nostrils." Ergh...I feel like I've just had a nose bleed...I can actually TASTE the blood in my mouth...HOW DID YOU GET THIS GOOD? I'm staggered.

"He tended to be a sucker for adventure." Now that's a nice line! It's important to put little gems in writing like this - makes everything more...magical. You already know I adore this fic, so I'm not gonna repeat myself again...but I still can't wait for the next chapter! :}

Isis the Sphinx chapter 12 . 12/2/2009
Well, I'll be waiting for one heck of a punishment for Morholt when it happens.

Keep writing!
Stevonnie-U chapter 12 . 12/2/2009
Morholt is a liar liar, pants on fire! So imagine what I'm picturing Merlin magically doing to him. *evil grin*
Loopstagirl chapter 12 . 12/2/2009
wow, another great chapter! I, for one, cannot wait until Arthur finds out what is really going on, methinks he won't be a happy prince for much longer! I love how concerned you've had Arthur, everything was just perfect!
MagicByMerlin chapter 11 . 12/1/2009
O, Merlin-bashing coming soon? YAY! :D

Am I the one who started this craze?

Once again, I am completely staggered by your amazing ability to describe the scene. Blown-away...

Also love how Merlin is admiring the beauty of the mountains, while Arthur is merely worrying about how to get over them. LOL. So in character!

OMD...that toad...Morholt is evil! (But I love him since he is the source of the bashing). Wow...that's so diabolical. I don't know why, but Merlin sitting up on a mountain with an icicle on his little nose would just be ADORABLE. Of course, there would always be the looming prospect of him freezing to death, but I still can't help but squee delightedly to myself at the notion. Bless...

O, Morholt walks up to find Merlin being the loveable, cute idiot he is! That has GOT to make him feel guilty, hasn't it? Well, it would me. But when it comes to bashing, I tend not to have a conscious...MUAHAHAHAHAHA!

Naww...the winter description was beautiful. I'm feeling little shivers going up my spine! Love it. You're an incredible writer.

Grr, Arthur being so heartless. CAN'T HE SEE THAT MERLIN IS PROBABLY BLUE AND LOOKING LIKE DEATH? *malcontent grumblings* Give him a blanket! *imagines Merlin snuggling down in some cave with a blanket, and starts squeeing*

Aww! And he just fell down, too! WHAA! But oh, the bashing is getting better... *grins evilly* I'm loving the way in which you portray everything. It makes it so real and believable.

"He continued to shiver as the snow fell, coating him like a forgotten scarecrow in an abandoned field." GAAH! IT'S SO GOOD! HE'S UNCONSCIOUS! OMD! THIS IS AMAZING! IT'S SO PERFECT! :D :D :D

Oh. My. Goodness. This's amazing... Arthur found him! SQUEAL! I am now officially your own personal fangirl. You rock.

Okay, I just have to tell you that this fic is the best thing EVER before I go on with the review. It is honestly the most amazing idea, brilliantly executed. You sculpture each and every word into something really beautiful. :} Keep it up.

BWHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, lol. Loved that little ending there. SO CUTE! Perhaps bordering a little on the slash side...but not too bad.

Can't wait for the next chapter! :D

WingedWolf121 chapter 6 . 11/30/2009
Yay, you finally updated! i was so worried! and now my dad is giving me a really weird look cause i jumped up and yelled "YAY" when i saw that you updated...uh oh

On to the actual review, this was so cute! Morholt is such a evil little *words that i can't say in a T rated fic*. How DARE he almost make merlin freeze to death! I loved how Merlin would rather be a flower, i can so picture a little flower with merlin's face. but then i picture Morholt stomping on it, so perhaps we shouldn't have a witch come along and make merlin into a flower.

"This never gets back to Camelot. Understand?" That line would have made the entire chapter worth reading even if the rest of it wasn't utter brilliance. Arthur is so protective and sweet!

Morholt had better get killed off in a painful way soon! But, make it after Arthur finds out about everything and has a guilt crisis please!

Update soon!
Silentia chapter 11 . 11/30/2009
Hi there,

puh you finally updated i was worried for a while because youre usually so quick to update... i hope youre well.

in any case this was a very nice chapter (there can never be to many hypothermia fics/chapters). Bad bad morholt. I wonder what is now coming his way, when merlin says he only got the coat... but most likely hell think of something the meanie.

btw i loved the merlin and arthur interaction (being a flower and wanting to kill himself for being in arthurs bed...) so nice!

THX for the update

CU Silentia
FalseReflections chapter 11 . 11/30/2009 love love this fic! I love the plot though i must say that it seems a little empty with just two of the original cast in there. perhaps a little scene with Morgana dreaming of not-so-good-things coming their way? It gives readers a little reprieve from the outdoors. Just a suggestion. Totally fine if you do without it.

You write Arthur and Merlin's interactions rather well, actually, very amusing, just as entertaining as those in the TV series. And I'm glad this isn't slash. I LOVE Merthur but, like I said, a little reprieve is kinda nice. Oh, And I hope you add in some other magical beings. Doesn't have to be dangerous like a Sphinx. Maybe some imps decide to zap off all their underclothes or smthing! Maybe Merlin persuades one to zap off ALL of Morholt's clothes!

That's all i have to say for now, really. Love the bromance stuff!

PS: Just ignore me if you think I sound kinda high. It's late in the night and i'm buzzing with caffeine.
MegElemental chapter 11 . 11/30/2009
Ahh, sweet. Merlin episode last night did have the whole thing about the five kings making a peace treaty... but apart from that it was just a little bit of Arthur/Gwen fluff. Sweet though, if pointless.

Great chapter, keep updating!

MinxySix chapter 11 . 11/30/2009
Morholt is such a nasty piece of work! I hope Arthur finds out he only gave Merlin the coat soon! And I'm loving the bromance in the sleeping bag- I love an embarrassed Arthur and Merlin.
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