Reviews for Wounded
2893 chapter 2 . 2/2/2012
at bashing sister: the f*cks your problem? ever heard of "don't like don't read" or do you have brain damage, and rape? seriously? cuz really, your just being pathetic.

*coughs nervously*

sorry, never reviewed but read the fanfics/comments you had on the other Law of Talos stuff you had posted, and I have a VERY low tollerance for flamers (seriously, do something more productive then flaming people you asses that are reading this) anyways, were was I? oh yes, reveiwing...enjoyed it so far, I'm assuming Karl has some kind of hidden motive? anyways you should update if you want, don't let that little no life tell you if you suck or not, because really, do you dout your abilities as a writer? just shut of the public reviews, you get less comments but at least you don't have to deal with meaningless flames that don't even tell you how to be a better writer, just bashes the heck out of your work...uhm...anyways this was meant to be a review, not a chat about idiots like the one thats stalking you...anyways so ya...update?
Bashing Sister chapter 1 . 12/25/2009
You really have a knack for posting total pieces of sh*t, don't you?

Karl would never let his victims get away like that. If anything, he would've tried killing her while she was unaware of him watching.

Next problem. You took too d*mn long to get to the f*cking point throughing the entire f*cking story.

If you continue to post more sh*t like this, I'm gonna f*cking hunt you down and f*cking rape you.