Reviews for Beast Boys Gambit
RPGPersona chapter 11 . 7/18/2016
Right, Starfire would be the only one who could easier search the area. Looks like nothing survived. Either Didi is dead or still captured. Of she is captured I can only assume she will be used as bait for Beast Boy again.

With Starfire doing recon, Raven took up the job of providing Beast Boy comfort. Rita is exactly happy about her adoptive son's relationship status.

Starfire wants to extends the offer marrying Beast Boy as well, but Raven's stance is the same, she doesn't want to be anything but he only wife. Again with the food analogies, is nothing sacred anymore. So Raven is the office wife then, haven't heard that term before.

Beast Bly generously gave his remaining savings to the villages to help them start a new life, that was kind of him.

Well,Robin got his wish of the Titans returning to the tower together, though I don't think he is happy with the circumstances. Once again, it is sad seeing Raven alone like that.

Wow, recent event really changed Robin's perspective. Going right for the proposal so soon after reuniting.
RPGPersona chapter 10 . 7/17/2016
That was a close one. If Raven didn't teleport over there, everyone would have died.

Haha, Ruta finds out the hard way that she is a grandmother.

Oh dear, if the base self-destructed and the Doom Patrol didn't find anyone else, that means that Didi didn't make it. Poor Beast Boy.
RPGPersona chapter 9 . 7/17/2016
Every chapter makes me feel sorry for Raven.

Beast Boy running off to give chase on his own, not good. He could easily be captured. Raven wastes no time teleporting over to backup Starfire.

The Doom Patrol and a nuclear bomb. What is going on? At least Beast Boy is safe.
RPGPersona chapter 8 . 7/17/2016
Is it bad that I am glad that Robin was making out with Batgirl and not Raven. As a fan, I want Raven and Beast Bly to get together, but Raven deserves happiness, and shouldn't have to think of once chance or last resorts. Even though the situation is her own fault, I can't help but feel bad for her.

Oh Dear, Beast Boy's wife Didi has been kidnapped. This can only be a trap for Beast Boy.
RPGPersona chapter 7 . 7/17/2016
Robin still being sneaky and trying to get Raven to come back. That was a low blow to bring up Raven's past behavior.

A bittersweet chapter, with Raven lamenting her mistakes in the past, wishing she could be the one making love to him.

I think she is selling herself short, though.

Someone is watching them, that is not good.
RPGPersona chapter 6 . 7/17/2016
I see, Raven is only comfortable in her own skin around Beast Boy and the girls. Around other guys it is still very embarrassing.

Yes Robin, you lost 'your girl' to Beast Boy. It is not like you dumping her had anything to do with it. Raven is certainly is a vicious mode. Rubbing in the fact that Beast Boy got with Starfire and has a second wife who is just as beautiful. She even brought up Super Girl.

Raven doesn't even hide the fact she would marry Beast Boy in a heart beat of she could have him for herself. For now, she is content to enjoy spending time with Beast Boy without the title of third. Ugh, really Raven, was that green bean analogy necessary. Starfire is planning to cut Raven off if she doesn't become the Third Wife.

Bit too soon with the skinny dipping joke there Cyborg.

Ok, you got me, I thought that Beast Boy was giving to Raven the same as Starfire and Didi. I notice that Beast Boy added a yet to that statement.

Beast Boy really is working hard. 20 orphans is quite the group to deal with. Raven is even thinking of opening a school to help educate them.

Not the best incentive you gave Raven and Beast Boy. I feel like there is some hidden meaning to Raven referring to herself as Beast Boy's forbidden fruit.

Now the invitation to stay is extended to Cyborg and Robin as well. Cyborg MIT have more trouble adapting depending on how hard it is to get a charge station setup.

I roll my eyes at Robin complaining about returning to Batman. It is not like he can't try running solo and finding a calmer city to patrol.
RPGPersona chapter 5 . 7/17/2016
Glad that Raven recognized the gravity of the situation and held nothing back in her apology to Beast Boy. It hurt her to hear Starfire call Beast Boy husband, crushes her lingering hope of confessing her love to Beast Boy, but she did not waver in her apology.

Beast Boy, with some pushing from Starfire ended up forgiving her, touched by how much she humbled herself.

That was a neat trick by Beast Boy in order have a child with Starfire, it certainly had Raven impressed.

Haha, Raven gets her mind blown again when she finds out Beast Boy has two wives. I see the group just wings it and doesn't worry about turns or schedules.

Raven knows at this point that they won't be coming back to the Titans, but she doesn't want to go back to without them, the tower being cold in their absence.

Beast Boy must have truly forgive Raven if he is willing to offer her an invitation to stay right away. Raven made a joke about being the third wife, but I think she wouldn't minds the perks that would come with such a position.

Well, looks like Robin's team has officially fallen apart. He goes with Cyborg to try to put the team back together. Looks like Raven has adapted well to the local culture, which is saying something. I can just imagine Robin's and Cyborg's faces at the end.
RPGPersona chapter 4 . 7/17/2016
Oh right, almost forgot about Starfire's ability to learn languages via kissing. Pretty convienient way to help meld in with new societies.

Feel a bit bad for Didi. Beast Boy coming back was a dream come true for her, but it turned into a nightmare.

Raven, if nothing else is patient. It took 7 months, but she eventually got a lead. Hopefully she paid out the reward.

I wonder how insufferable Robin was for Jinx to quit after 1 month. Thinking about it, Raven has reached Robin's Slade obsession levels of, well, obsession over finding Beast Boy.

Hey look, actually consequences for Robin draconic leading.

Well, Raven has found Beast Boy, and he is still holding on to his resentment. Hopefully Raven can get over the shock of Starfire being pregnant to properly agologize, because I don't think she will get another chance.
RPGPersona chapter 3 . 7/17/2016
I see Didi is moving a bit too fast for Garfield to be comfortable, though her appearance is definately getting a rise out of him. To be fair, making babies immediately after not seeing your childhood friend in around a decade is moving very fast.

After seeing thwast here were no young adult males in the village I was going to make a joke about if this was a harem manga that Beast Boy would marry all girls and get them pregnant to save the village but then Karulu went and said it first. I guess depending on how long it has been since the men were missing, the females of the village must be quite pent up. Having a healthy young male around again must seen like a gift from the Gods.

Beast Boy sets his priorities and want to repair the village before any sort of frivolity. Didi is certainly eager to make Beast Boy hers. She must have been waiting this whole time for him to come back.

I see Raven is absolutely livid at Starfire's behalf. Wow, hearing about that television program that had Starfire challenging Super Girl makes Robin choice 20 times worse, regardless of her crime fighting potential. And now Robin is thinking about replacing Rvaen as well after that little outburst, including the art where she wasn't consulted at all about the replacement member. He actually thinks he is doing the right thing. In some ways, that is worse then him being malicious. The problem is Robin is treating his team like a soulless machine that can have its parts removed and replaced without any problem. He is forgetting a team is more then that, something organic that can be defined with just numbers and graphs.

I see, the reason Starfire didn't have anything to see about the replacement choice was because she just plans on leaving now. Having been shown by Beast Boy where he lived, Starfire plans to join him. Raven is desperate to come as well, wanting to fix things between Beast Oy and herself. Starfire promised Beast Boy that she would keep the location a secret, so all she can do is leave behind a weeping Raven. Even if it is a hole she dug herself, it is sad seeing Raven like this.

Looks like the village is shaping up nicely, and Beast Boy seems happy with his new life. Suddenly Starfire appears. From Didi's perspective, it is pretty much a 'new challenger approaches'. Let's see, 'Starfire brings the Rays.'

Things might get more exciting at Beast Boy's side of things.

Cyborg is the official number two, and apparently the Yes man according to Raven. Jinx was also brought in to fill Starfire's spot, though Raven is right in that Jinx would more likely fill the void left by Raven. While The Titan Tower doesn't feel like home to Raven anymore, she plans to stick around and use its resources to track down Beast Boy and Starfire before leaving. I guess being determined and having a goal in mind is better then wallowing in self pity.

Both of Robin's assigned replacements are female. Insert joke here about Robin filling the tower with female superheroes.
RPGPersona chapter 2 . 7/17/2016
I see Beast Boy's plan of the Titans not finding the note until tomorrow was doomed to failure due to Cyborg's security measures.

Cyborg uses the opportunity to let put an I told you so. Raven wants to go immediately to find Beast Boy and bring him back. Starfire, having a better understanding on what Beast Boy is currently feelings thinks that is a bad idea. Having one the people who pushed him away try to drag him back is not the best plan. Not to mention that unless you imprison him, he is just going to leave on his own again.

Raven did not appreciate being called out by Starfire, even though she probably knew Starfire was right. She left, presumable to look for Beast Boy. Robin also orders Starfire to join him. Considering how much Robin talked about Beast Boy not making the cut, it is surprising seeing him so passionate about finding Beast Boy. Starfire shows off some detective skills by noticing that his map of his home is gone, not that the others would be able to know that.

Beast Boy shows he can be taught by blocking out her empathy. He was not expecting Starfire to sneak up on him. Beast Boy confirms Starfire's suspicions that he is heading home. Even if it is expected, it is sad to see that Beast Boy isn't willing to accept Raven's apology at this point. Starfire realizes this is something that Beast Boy needs to do and let's him go.

Raven is quite frantic to find out where Beast Boy went. I see Robin's urgency was more about saving face if he can't admit a Titan decided to quit to the public.

I wouldn't say that Beast Boy wasn't cut out for Hero work, just that the pressure everyone was putting on him got to be too much. It was probably the same with the Doom Patrol. Raven both admits her feelings for Garfield and her guilt for the way she reacted to them, at Beast Boy's expense. Once again, even if it is true, it is sad to hear Cyborg say that Raven has no chance for a romantic relationship with Beast Boy anymore. This mistake however, has given Raven the drive to change herself for the better, and asks Cyborg to help him.

So Beast Boy is now back home. All I can say about that Didi person at this point is that she is someone who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to take it.

Wow Robin, really. After all that talk about no relationships. Not to mention the Beast Boy comparison. Starfire is not going to be a happy camper.
RPGPersona chapter 1 . 7/17/2016
Looked at this before when I was in the mood to read anther one of your stories, but didn't start it then since it wasn't the kind of story I was in the mood for. This isn't the type a I usually read. The overwhelming majority of Teen Titan fanfiction I read is BBxRae. I found I can read Beast Boy being paired with other females, with soem exceptions, without my interest in the story dipping, but seeing Raven paired with anyone else kills my interest in the story. Advance warning that if story has Raven starts focusing on Raven getting romantically involved with someone else in the middle, I may end up bailing. If that happens I want you to know it will how nothing to do with the quality of the story itself, just my personal tastes. I am curious to see how you tackle a story where Raven and Beast Boy don't end up together.

Now to actually talk about this chapter.

Port Beast Boy, he has really had a rough past few months. Raven has suddenly decided to be physically abusive with him all of a sudden. Robin has stuck that stick in his ass so far it is approaching his stomach, and is criticizing Beast Boy for everything. Even Cyborg doesn't want to spend time with Beast Boy as often.

While constructive criticism is important to help someone grow and learn from their mistakes. Nothing but criticism is only going to destroy a person's self esteem and self worth. I imagine most of the problem is all the criticism he is getting, a sort of domino effect. He keeps getting told he isn't good enough to the point where he believes it to be true. The stress just leads to more mistakes and makes training less effective.

Starfire seems to be the only one that still treats Beast Boy the same. So personal training with Raven to get Beast Boy 'back on track' in Robin's eyes. The extra training on top of that for everyone has me raising my eyebrows. Exhausting yourself is only going to have a detrimental effect when fighting crime. The no date rule is also stupid and will create more tension then actually relationships within the team.

Even if he hasn't been spending as much time with Beast Boy, it seems Cyborg sees how stupid this plan is.

Seeing how devestated Starfire was, Beast Boy prioritized making her feel better. He even talks to her about his past. Where he grew up, how he got his powers and what he had to deal with prior to the Doom Patrol.

It looks like Cyborg's words got through to Raven. Deep down inside she wants Beast Boy to reach his full potential, but she realizes her current methods haven't been effective now.

Oh dear, Beast Boy anger over how Raven has been treating him has reached a boiling point. Raven initially tries to be diplomatic, but I guess the hurt from seeing how close Starfire has gotten to Beast Boy, combined with the distance that has appeared between herself and Beast Boy caused Raven to snap as well.

At least Raven quickly realized that she messed up there. After seeing the fallout between Starfire and Robin, Raven quickly realized she needed to apoligize before things got worse. Unfortunately, it appears she is too little too late. Beast Boy has left, with no trace of where he might have gone.

I wonder what his plan is.
Guest chapter 11 . 7/6/2016
... well it all went down
Guest chapter 6 . 7/6/2016
well teen titans base of operations is chanhing
Guest chapter 4 . 7/6/2016
... :D
Guest chapter 2 . 7/6/2016
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