Reviews for Beast Boys Gambit
MRAY 4TW chapter 3 . 6/19/2017
Oh man, it's all going to hell!
I think I like the intense drama. In fact, I love it.
RPGPersona chapter 26 . 7/20/2016
Looks like Didi was ready to take her second chance when to presented itself. She was also back to her old self once the toxins were flushed from her system.

Good to see the procedure was a success and Raven is able to have her own children. Boy is she taking full advantage of that fact.

Fast forward to the final scene and we have Raven and Beast Boy having two kids together with a least one more on the way. A nice happy ending.

Well, this story comes to a close. I must say, when I read the story description and the notes at the beginning I was not expecting the story to go in the direction it did.

I thought Beast Boy would try to create his own team, and the unexpected pairings would be born from there. Instead he went back home and settled down for a while. I also didn't see Nightwing messing up so badly. To the point where Starfire ended up with Beast Boy. Didn't see the polygamy coming either.

On the Raven side of things, I thought her and Beast Boy working out their differences was going to be a major part of the story, with them understanding each other at the end of the story. I didn't expect Raven to realize her own mistakes so early.

Well having your expectations turned upside down while reading is part of the fun.

Thanks for another great story.
RPGPersona chapter 25 . 7/20/2016
Almost done. Raven helps Logan deal with the grief of losing everything and having to watch his wife die before his eyes. It was a little awkward at first, but Raven was able to bring his mood up.

Raven had her eggs extracted. I hope everything goes smoothly.

Marie and Maria get along quite well. It is sad that Starfire's return to Tameran will separate them until the next visit. Mark and Starfire were able to hit it off, and with Starfire being Empress, there is no more complication with them being together.

I guess the next and final chapter will have Logan meeting Didi.
RPGPersona chapter 24 . 7/20/2016
So much for not enough Beast Boy's. I saw what was happening as soon as the other Garfield's popped up.

The mission in this dimension was successful. Of course, since the Brotherhood was targetting dying worlds, there were no happy ending in the portals that opened.

As someone who likes happy ending, I am glad Starfire and Didi will not have to be alone.
RPGPersona chapter 23 . 7/20/2016
The plan seems pretty simple, though it relies heavily on the Brotherhood leaving the device lightly guarded.

It was bound to happen eventually, but Marie asked the big question of why she looks like Starfire. Starfire doesn't hide anything and tells her daughter the truth. We don't get to see her reaction yet.

Well, the plan seems to have worked well. Most of the Bortherhood went to deal with the frontal assault, leaving Beast Boy and Raven to dismantle the machine.

While this dimension was saved from the machine, an alternate dimension was not so lucky. The machine malfunction, destroying that Earth. Raven offered Raven the opportunity to cross over, but the other Raven didn't want to go on without Beast Boy, and knew things would be awkward with two Raven's and one Beast Boy.
RPGPersona chapter 22 . 7/20/2016
Looks like finding Didi and having Starfire visit brought up all her doubts and fears, not to mention jealousy. Even with everything setup for having a child, she can't help but let negative thoughts consume her.

I see, so the Brotherhood is built a device for dimensional travel. Planning to gather counterparts from dying worlds. Even if their counterparts agree to defer command when making the deal, does the Bortherhood have a way to make them keep their word?

The Plutonium gives their position, but that does not mean the fight will be easy.

Beast Boy, sensing his wife's mood, asks what is wrong. He is able to pacify her fear. I guess Beast Boy making her feel beautiful is a good way to get her horny.

It is too little too late, but at least Nightwing did apoligize for what he did to Starfire. Starfire did not accept his apology, but at least he tried, that does count for something.
RPGPersona chapter 21 . 7/20/2016
Raven exhausted herself and Beast Boy took a heavy beating, but they managed to escape. Didn't matter how tired she was, Raven not going to wait to heal her husband. Marie gets the MVP award for giving Madam Rouge a beating. Even though the appointment was a trap, the fact that a method for Raven to conceive a child has been discovered is true.

Three pronged attack. One group to free more villains, one group to steal plutonium and one group to steal some Wayne tech. Hard to tell what their plan is.

Cyborg had things under control and Immortus was only able or free Cinderblock before fleeing.

Mallieh had plenty of back up, preventing Jinx and Kid Flash from capturing him or stopping him from stealing plutonium.

Nightwing's group was unable to stop Rouge from stealing the device, but they were able to capture Didi, with a little backup from Cyborg.

She really hates Raven now, and to a lesser extent the other Titans and Beast Boy. That point was emphasized when Beast Boy and Raven talked to her in containment. So much vemon and hate.

Speaking of vemon, the mystery of Didi's strength is a modified Vemon formula. Not the safest substance to use.

Ominous message at the end there.
RPGPersona chapter 20 . 7/20/2016
I really feel sorry for Starfire now. First Beast Boy, then Raven, now Starfire. You really like having feel bad for someone in this story.

'Beast Boy better not comment about my state of undress'. 'Why isn't Beast Boy commenting about my state of undress'. I just found that amusing.

Raven and Beast Boy can have a baby, awesome news. so awesome, that Raven had to celebrate.

Oh no, it is a trap. Nothing to get the star bolts flying like seeing your parents attacked. Good thing the couple brought Marie, or at least Beast Boy would have been captured. This means the whole possible to have a baby message was fake, doesn't it. Sad face.
RPGPersona chapter 19 . 7/20/2016
They are really wasting no time to get back to the Tower if Raven exhausted herself teleporting them to an airport.

So according to the letter, it actually was Didi, and seeing Beast Boy get married to Raven was what pushed her over the edge.

Raven takes the more negative approach of accepting that Didi has mad ever choice.

Looks like quite the group of heroes is coming together to fight the Brotherhood of Evil. Hopefully it is enough.

Starfire, that is a pleasant surprise. It is good to know she has regained enough control to get visit, even if it is a short one. It is an improvement from Galfore's declaration from before. Things are still tense it seems, which means Starfire is going to be busy ruling her planet. I feel bad that Starfire's life was forced on rails.

Starfire and Nightwing take the positive approach and believe that Didi can be saved.

We will just have to see how it turns out.
RPGPersona chapter 18 . 7/19/2016
Good, Raven kept the level head. She even shared my theory of Madam Rouge being a possibility for the crime. She also knew they were not equipped to fight, not to mention Marie.

And now suddenly Mento and Elasti-Girl. Rita and Raven don't seem to get along well.
...well that escalated quickly. Beast Boy gets a chance to be the level headed person for once.

Both Steve and Rita don't approve of Raven. Steve at least seems to respect Beast Boy's choice, but Rita does not trust Raven at all and expects her to break his heart. The fact she is using her past track record means has a basis for her accusation.

The heated conversation between Beast Boy, Steve, and Rita was loud enough to wake and distress Marie. When Raven goes to comfort Marie, she ends up hearing the tail end of their argument.

Bringing up Starfire, that was a low blow. Beast Boy put his foot down. Apologize or get the silent treatment. Rita caved at that point, and Raven had a number of conflicting feeling at seeing how adamantly Beast Boy defended her.

There was still a bit of tension with the apology, but I thn it was important that Rita spoke her mind on the matter. Raven also has her own apology for her past actions and the impact they had on Rita.

Nothing good in that envelope I see. Is the Brotherhood making a move? Is the Titan under attack, or does Raven think their vacation is n longer safe?
RPGPersona chapter 17 . 7/19/2016
I was wondering if Cyborg ever confronted the pair about getting it on in his ship. Cyborg seems quite excited to be leader, and I am curious what his ideas for change are.

I think Raven is just as happy Cyborg was wrong as well. I see, no luck from Star Labs about having a child. That must have stung.

That was nice of Bruce to donate to Beast Boy's and Raven's vacation. They all seemed to be having a good time, but when they learn of a theft that fits the Brotherhood of Evil, duty calls.

Wasn't expecting Didi to return to the story like that. Is she working for the Brotherhood of Evil now? Was she brainwashed, or convinced Beast Boy gave up on her and wants revenge? She struck me as having a stance similar to Raven where she didn't want to share Beast Boy. Maybe she is doing this with a promise to have Beats Boy for herself afterwards. There is also the chance that Madam Rouge is masquerading as Didi. Time will tell.
RPGPersona chapter 16 . 7/19/2016
Transitions. So a routine has appeared on rainy days. Beast Boy takes care of Marie during the day, so Raven can relax, and Raven takes care of Beast Bly at night.

Beast Boy and Raven are now official man and wife. I nice simple ceremony, no need for fanfare. It sucks that Starfire is being forced into a political marriage like that, forced to put aside her happiness for her loved ones. I would pray for Starfire if I was in Raven's shoes as well.

With the Grayson family spending more time running Wayne Tech, a void in the team exists and Raven choose to fill it with Kid Flash and Jinx. I think they are a good choice.

Really Cyborg, a joke about Raven being less tense due to getting laid. Have some more class. No luck in the pregnancy department. I wonder if there are any spells that can help. I agree that Beast Boy morphing into a demon is not the best solution.

Right, Didi still technically has a chance of still being alive since a body hasn't been found. Even if it is selfish, it is sort of adorable to see Raven so possessive. I picture her glomming Beast Boy while shouting mine and giving death glares to any females giving him flirty glances.

More transitions. Both Raven and Beast Boy are growing up, and both can appreciate the physical changes their significant other went through. The Grayson's are official back with Batman now, good thing Jinx and Kid Flash seem to be working put fine.

The daughter of two most most energetic Titans has become a handful, I would have never expected that. Marie seems quite happy, and Raven is also happy that Marie considers her 'mommy'.

Starfire is no officially ruler of Tamaran. It really isn't fair for Starfire to be stuck in a loveless marriage, even of the husband is not going to last long.

Raven has been working herself too hard, so it is time for a family vacation. Beast Boy is thinking of a cruise followed by a tour around Europe.

Cyborg gets his chance to lead.
RPGPersona chapter 15 . 7/18/2016
Looks like both sets of couples are facing their own issues dealing with the media. Raven and Starfire have it worse due to the nature of their relationship with Beast Boy. Everyone was taking a shot at them. Even if the general populous didn't approve, I think they took it too far. Raen was right to stop taking any questions related to their private life.

Ah paper, the gritty, tedious part of managing an organization that is too boring to show on television. Had to chuckle at Raven not letting Beast Boy help her on the days he spent with her. The more you help with paperwork, the less you help in the bed. That is what her logic sounds like to me.

So Raven's bedroom skills are unparalleled, to the point where Beast Boy would beg Raven for sex on his Starfire nights. That is pretty bad. While the situation is delicate, Raven has the right to feel good about herself.

So then, does her demon side just make her unparalleled in the art of pleasure or is there some kind of glamor involved as well. At least even though Raven has him completely lusting after her, Beast Boy isn't any less caring towards Starfire. Starfire does not take the news Raven brings well. Well it is not something anyone would want to hear.

Wow, Galfore brought quite the large number of friends with him. Had Beast Boy on the opes. If Raven and Starfire didn't arrive in time, he might have died. Not wanting to see any more death and destruction because of her, Starfire agree to leave Earth with Galfore. She goes even though it means possibly never seeing her daughter or Beast Boy again. She does make sure Raven promises to care of both Beast Boy and Marie.

Alfred has he right idea. No sense ruining the moment with bad news that can wait until after the ball is over.
RPGPersona chapter 14 . 7/18/2016
Raven is understandable shock to be back in her bed instead of the cockpit. Poor Beastboy, he thinks know one saw them. Raven is also freaking out over this whole situation. So it was Starfire idea for Beast Boy to comfort Raven. I see, that explains why Starfire was so adamant about letting Raven be with Beast Boy as well, she felt guilty for taking him away from her. I see despite her panic, Raven didn't forget what she wanted to do once she and Beast Bly were back in her room. Wonder how long she will go at it this time.

I see Gordon was on top on the ball, not surprised about any of the news Batgirl and Robin brought. In fact, they seem quite prepared for it. Robin was not prepared for Raven declaring herself Beast Boy's wife. It fun watching Robin freak out like that. Raven is the new leader, that will be interesting.

Raven, Beast Boy, Marie, and Starfire head out to get food, while Batgirl and Robin. I guess Cyborg will be hanging out with his T-car.

Oh dear, Galfore knows about the whole relationship and kid thing. This might get ugly.
RPGPersona chapter 13 . 7/18/2016
I am guessing the original ending had Raven ending up alone, if the comments from the last chapter of your Young Justic crossover are anything to go by. Personally I would have found the whole Brotherhood of Evil popping up randomly at the end there more jarring then Titan relationship status.

Looks like after seeing everyone else pairing off, Raven has decided she doesn't want to be alone. Even if it goes against her beliefs, she is willing accept Starfire's and Beast Boy's proposal.

It was nice of Beast Boy to notice how sad Raven was and comfort her. Raven certainly wastes no time taking advantage of the privileges that come with being Beast Boy's wife.

I can just picture the look and Bruce's, Gordon's, and Alfred's faces when Robin and Batgirl break the news to them.

Wow, so an hour in the jet was not enough her Raven. She wants to go who know how many more rounds in her room once they get back. Good thing she had that blanket to cover the two of them or things might have gotten awkward when Cyborg opened her pod. So much for hiding he evidence.
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