Reviews for Brokenly Twisted
bluesnowflakes21 chapter 7 . 2/20
update pleeeeeeaaaasssseee...!
Ninja girl chapter 7 . 2/16
I read this fanfic a while ago, and it was really good, but now, with the edits, it's simply fantastic! Although, the older version was slightly farther along, it still good, if not alittle anoying. Hopefully there would be an update soon!
Guest chapter 7 . 2/15
Kakashi 'accidently' forgets to pack a tent or something happens to Naruto's and then they end up having to share. That either leads to Naruto inadvertently cuddling Naruto in his sleep while both of them having one of their best nights sleep in years (maybe Naruto later transforms into either a fox or dog and becomes a secret house pet/bed mate for Kakahi when they return home) or Naruto has a nightmare about being raped by Madara while Kakashi is returning from watch and comforts Naruto in some way.

As for saving Zabuza and Haku... Naruto could say he over heard some (old white haired peeping pervert) shinobi talking about how this crazy hot red headed lady named Mei had over thrown the previous Mizukage.

Zabuza's introduction "I am know as the Demon of the Mist... yada yada yada."

Naruto "AH! Your from that place where some hot crazy red headed lady named Mei has over thrown the previous Mizukage aren't you?"

Upon hearing the name of his crazy Ex-girlfriend becoming Mizukage Zabuza turns deathly pale and flees the scene leaving behind an extremely confused group of gennin as well as a bridge builder, a jounin, a deviously happy Naruto, and pretend Hunter nin who chases after his wayward master to find out if their finally going to be able to return home.

Then for the h*ll of it Naruto throws in "I heard some white haired pervert talking about how red heads are supposed to be real fire crackers in bed." Looks slyly over to Kakashi "Do you know what he meant by that Kakashi-sensie? What's their hair color got to do with fire-cracker anyway?"
silentlyfallen chapter 7 . 2/12
Enjoyed ur story hope u update soon
AnimeGirl80 chapter 7 . 2/5
espero que puedas actualizar dentro de poco :) me encanta tu fic
Guest chapter 1 . 2/2 I hallucinating? ...did this seriously just come back to life? ...torn between choking on my spit from shock and enthusiastic cheering...and not really inclined to hurt myself by doing both like last time...granted once the shock wears off, celebratory cheering abounds, but for now, need to make sure I'm not dreaming this.
AroVolturi chapter 1 . 2/1
Please tell us you haven't abandoned this, it's absolutely fantastic. You're a heartbreakingly good writer. I want to laugh and cry alongside your characters
Nike Scarlet chapter 7 . 1/30
This is...beautiful. Truly and utterly wonderful. Update when you can.
BelleArcher chapter 5 . 1/18
Really fascinating so far. It's different because in many TT fics Naruto integrates seamlessly or so poorly that he admits nearly everything to the Sandaime or has to mind walked by Inoichi. This is more believable for me. Thanks for writing. :)
EmeraldEyed chapter 7 . 1/15
Huzzah for updates!
Guest chapter 7 . 1/14
Man it's a good story, but it kills me to see Naruto so broken. I hope he gets better.
Guest chapter 7 . 1/4
So good!
Update soon!
PleaforInsanity chapter 7 . 1/2
You have achieved something nog many can; a great balance between sweetness and crude reality. You are amazing!
kenny chapter 7 . 1/2
update please
Midnight-Kitsune11 chapter 7 . 1/1
I can't wait for the next chapter! And Happy New Year. :D
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