Reviews for Manipulations of the Maid Marian
Nancepance chapter 1 . 5/25/2017
All of the main characters of the show have great faults. Marian has no problem manipulating both Robin and Guy. It seems like she does so for a noble cause, but sometimes her only interest is herself and her freedom.
Robin is very jealous, controlling and I might even go as far as him being narcissistic. He loves to be loved.
The sheriff is a sociopath. Need I say more?
Guy seems to be the only person that actually fights for his beliefs, even if those are shallow. He is also open about them and honest, even when he keeps secrets. He does not hide them or his feelings.
Larisa chapter 1 . 11/17/2013
I have no doubts that Marian did have these thoughts and she was completely sure he would not hurt her...
Thank you
Lady Vivienne chapter 1 . 5/8/2011
I never believed it to be possible, but now I hate Marian even more. Guy deserves much, much better than her lies.
Kittie Darkhart chapter 1 . 11/4/2009
I must say that I greatly enjoyed this story; the title was also quite lovely, by the way! ;) Scarlet Manipulations. How fitting, since Marian did wear a scarlet-coloured gown in Season Two…

But truly, I daresay that you captured Guy perfectly. I loved, however, how you portrayed Marian; it makes me detest her character even more than I normally do—at least her character in the series, anyhow. Indeed, I found that the overall context of this story—not to mention the tension in this—to be wonderfully done, wonderfully well-written. The ‘kicked puppy’ description is exactly how I have viewed Guy throughout the series. I find that Marian, even if she was naïve about her treatment of Guy as some have argued, nevertheless hurt and manipulated a man who professed his to love her. Marian is like the proverbial cat toying with a mouse—notwithstanding her naïveté, or her self-justified belief in the ends justifying the means. Your portrayal in this adds another layer, which is quite possible for a fan of the series to believe. In this, you had me feeling compassion for Guy and hating Marian by turns. There was so much emotion and conflict packed into this oneshot that longer stories take chapters to have.

And indeed, Marian is playing a very dangerous game. She should know better, than to toy with a man and his unstable emotions. I enjoyed your little allusion to the end of Season Two, as I cannot help but wonder if Marian ever considered if her manipulating Guy would lead to such an inevitable consequence as death. As you pointed out in this, she probably believed he would not harm her; and he only did, I am sure, out of a sheer moment of madness, which he later regretted, certainly. But still…either way Marian’s manipulations led to some very tragic consequences in the end.

Truly, though, this story was absolutely brilliant; the plot suspenseful and masterfully executed. I shall certainly be reading this story again! ;)

Thank you for sharing this!

Best wishes,

— Kittie
Cindy4806 chapter 1 . 11/3/2009
You really have Guy's character down. Loved that you pointed out that Guys was pawn. I think in the show, Marian was more naïve in dealing with Guy’s feeling that cruel. I agree that Marian was playing a dangerous game with an unstable, love starved man. We all now know that it did not end well for Naïve Marian or poor Guy for that matter. Wonderfully written tale. Loved it please write more Guy stories.
LadyKate1 chapter 1 . 11/3/2009
While the story is well-written, I find it extremely out of character for Marian. I'm not sure what her feelings for Guy were toward the end of S2 (before the finale, that is), but I think it's pretty clear that at the very least she felt sympathy for him, to the degree where she defended him to Robin right after he had stabbed her. I think she probably rationalized her manipulation of him at times by telling herself she had no other choice, but I can't imagine that she would actually enjoy hurting him. (EXCEPT in the infamous "I love Robin Hood" scene in 2x13, where I do think she consciously wanted to hurt him - but let's not forget that was right after he, in her mind, betrayed her to the Sheriff in the worst possible way.)
01cheers chapter 1 . 11/3/2009
Well written, and an accurate portrayal of the dynamic in the show. But it makes me really, *really* detest Marian.
gatewatcher chapter 1 . 11/2/2009
Dangerous...very dangerous. Well done.