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Sparked Interest chapter 8 . 7/30/2011
Oh hi thar, updated story.

I was laughing almost all the way through this, or at least on the verge of giggling.


"'... that's Kira-chan.' Hunter said.

'Don't call me that.' Kira growled out..."

She would to that. Stubborn thing. *glances at*

Kira (this story): He's annoying, loud, and hyperactive. I don't let people like that give me nicknames.

Lily gives you nicknames... *mutters*

"Nah, neither one of them found you attractive."

Crowning Moment of Funny right there.

"... they would just have to push me into the water."

Actually, Kira'd have Luxray shock you and short out the robotic parts. She knows it'd work because she has Luxray shock all electronic items that Lily hold blackmail on.

The small Shadex moments made me giggle like a fangirl... which I somewhat am. I wish this was in the anime so I could see it. D:

"Kira refused to help, stating that the man should do the heavy work..."

Which was her excuse for being lazy.

Kira: *anger vein* Shut up, perverted creator.

Oh hohohoho Do you want me to request (accidental) perverted scenes for you?

Kira: NO!

I love how Alex is clueless to Sinnoh. It's hilarious. I can see Kira easily annoyed with her on that.

"No, Uxie lives outside Snowpoint, Azelf lives outside the villas around Sunnyshore, and Mespirit lives near Twinleaf... No, Snowpoint is not the beach city. Jeez..."

"I found out though, that no matter what path you, all roads lead to Romeā€¦in this case, though, all the roads lead to adventure."

Truer roleplay words have never been spoken.


So sorry I've delayed getting around to the roleplay. My life keeps getting insane once I find time to post. I only have quiet time when I should be sleeping... like right now. I'll post tomorrow, hopefully.

I enjoyed this chapter because it had a good amount of humor, foreshadowing, and naked boys (er, *a naked-ish robotic boy.)

Do keep writing,

Love-chan and Kira


Kira: Don't listen to her when she begs for a scene that will cause me embarrassment! Pretend you never got it! D:

Oh hohoho... Don't listen to the imaginary creature.

Kira: Creature? Luxray!

FeatheredSerpent chapter 7 . 10/30/2010
Yei! Finally!

I'm liking how the story is free from the rpg. It makes things news and unexpectable
Sparked Interest chapter 7 . 10/26/2010
Woot, win chapter is win

So long is detailed. Shadow made me make a sad face. He's so confused )

"'WHEE!'" is, currently, the thing that I keep shouting. Bad Hunter, stop saying things that make me shout randomness. .

Of course his eyes are blank because it's morning. You should know this Shadow, being his friend and whatnot. .

... Nevermind, you aren't his friend. *reading gun shot part again and again* D8


?: *flicks Poke-chan* Shut up. He's not joining me yet.

Nyaaaa... that'd be funny. D8

?: Maybe for the emo girl, but not for me.

But you are the emo girl, Mandy. D

Mandy: -.-* *kills Poke-chan*

?: *revives* Mandy, I hate you more now than I hated you when I was alive.

Mandy: Thank you Kira

Kira: *shoots Mandy* I hate chu. -.-*


Now then... I could go on about how I miss the forum and I want back and this story makes me want to go back even more and it hurts me a lot because Feather-san won't let me come back because of my depression, but that would waste everyone's time. So I will end this review on a happy note. )

FeatheredSerpent chapter 6 . 9/14/2010
You should cary a sketch note to write any idea, dialog, imagination on it. I have a friend that writes a lot and she had already filled two or three blocks. Since they are sketchs, she doesn't actually use all of them, but she found it very nice to keep them and see the progress from the first idea until the final one.

I'm just babling, nothing special. I know what it's an artistic block XD sometimes (most of the time) they took mounths!
Kicon chapter 4 . 6/5/2010
Hey Sora!

Man, I miss Shadow. -.-" And Terron! Well, I don't miss him...nope. But the memories are nice.

Sparked Interest chapter 5 . 1/28/2010
*pokes* I love it. 8D

Shadow has such a bad past...

Kira: *anger vein*

Please, you were just injured; he's a frickin' robot!

Kira: *pouts*

Oh mai... Kira is a bitch She is such a wi-*shot* 8'D

Kira: *lowers gun*

You are! Look how you treat him! D8

Kira: Because I hated all things with a cock then.

You don't know ;3

Kira: *rubs temple* Neither do you.

*squeaks and flushes*

Kira: *smirk*

HEL-KUN! *glomps*

Kira: *whines and rubs ears* Yeah, bust my ear drums...

*ignores and nuzzles* My Hel-kun... Shadow can stay with Alex; fangirl obsession overrides yaoi love

I loved the whole chapter 8D

Keep writing,

Kira and Poke-chan
Lunasca chapter 5 . 1/27/2010
Finally! I've been waiting forever for this chapter. It was very good, helsing? never heard of him lol but he looks interesting. I can't wait for another chappie
Lunasca chapter 1 . 12/2/2009
Zach won't get on internet for a while hopefully by christmas though as school has banned FF completely.

Arai shifted human and snugled against Dread happily falling asleep.

PS. This story is really good. Tell everyone im sorry for my absence lol

Thanks a bunch. ur amazing, Lun
Kori Blaze chapter 4 . 11/21/2009
Allen: *eyeing Terron* ... *twitch twitch* Evil... *edges away*

Gee, Allen, ya think? Anyhoo, now I wanna know what happens in the next chapter!

Oh, and XD at the Gyarados bit.
FeatheredSerpent chapter 4 . 11/21/2009
Yes, she's right!

And the first half is touchy, Terron, that *!
Sparked Interest chapter 4 . 11/20/2009
Oh my shiz... O.o

Kira: Double that... *narrows eyes at Shadow*


Kira: *narrows eyes at me*

*shuts up*

Kira: *smirks*

That... was awesome yet sad at the same time. I still, by far, think he's had it far worse than my characters all combined. O.o

Love-chan and Kira-chan
Kori Blaze chapter 3 . 11/11/2009
Pretty cool so far, man. Kinda weird to see a hyperactive, goofball Hunter, tho. O.O

Allyn: ...

ALLYN! Stop staring at Shadow so much, you perve! *smacks her shoulder*

Allyn: OW! Hey, not my fault Dawn apparently likes to write men in their boxers fifty percent of the time!

*shakes head* Allyn, you are just so... *pauses to find a word*

Allyn: Charming? Likeable? Adorable? _

Not the word I would use...
Henekeshi chapter 3 . 11/5/2009
Aw...that's so touching! *sobs about the Katie part* TTTT Oh and "8D" at the "stripping down" part.
FeatheredSerpent chapter 3 . 11/5/2009
again a dynamic chapter: with cute beginning and a terroN end!

Lame joke, sorry.
Henekeshi chapter 1 . 11/5/2009
Aw...that's so sad! DX *hugs Shadow*
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