Reviews for All Souls' Day
skywalker05 chapter 1 . 11/5/2009
I do realize that I'm missing an earlier installment that explains how Roan (a great character from a so-so novel, I thought) got into this predicament, but I had to review this to compliment you on your wording-that first paragraph is fantastic, flowing as fast as thought and just edged with the anger Vader feels. Gah, this whole thing: "His eyes, his eyes are full of life and oh the Living Force is in this room it is coming for me. Makashi salute to him and I lunge and we would fight again properly if he would pick up his lightsaber, but he does not. He has launched himself with the legs that I gave him, scrabbling with their gripping metal toes like a doiseybird hunting for groundbugs." Love it.

"Yes, I am one, but how does he know ... oh, he's cursing at me." ; Really, Vader? lol This didn't fit the serious tone of the rest...

Really nice using the point of view to describe-without-description like in "He's putting my helmet back on?" but the questions do make Vader sound younger, more naive than I think he (or at least OT Vader, not Hayden Vader XD) would be.

Nice, though.