Reviews for Dark Veela
zeenia chapter 8 . 4/17
I love the way show the thoughts going through his mind and his approach to life.
clarissa.nott chapter 7 . 4/16
I can just imagine Minerva's shocked face.
enchantress.flame chapter 49 . 4/16
I can't wait to read what happens next. So many interesting people called to help Hermione. It makes me think that the curse is not going to be an easy one to reverse. The hint about soul magic was worrying.
enchantress.flame chapter 48 . 4/16
So nice to see Romilda Vane being true to form and turning on her friend. Ginny's so lost in her darkness and enjoying it too. I can easily see her turning into Bellatrix Lestrange or worse if something isn't done to stop her. Poor Hermione, and Severus, of course.
enchantress.flame chapter 47 . 4/16
Love the way Theo is forcing, almost, Molly and Ginny to do something about their darkness.
enchantress.flame chapter 46 . 4/16
Claudia's story and the response from Hermione, Severus, Harry and the Malfoys is so lovely.
enchantress.flame chapter 45 . 4/16
I just adore the private moments between Hermione and Severus. They are so cute together.
enchantress.flame chapter 44 . 4/16
What an arrival. Claudia is so interesting. Wow. And Harry seems smitten.
enchantress.flame chapter 43 . 4/16
Harry is so sweet in the way he does his duty as he always has. Luna and Julius are perfect for each other.
enchantress.flame chapter 42 . 4/16
What excitement.
enchantress.flame chapter 41 . 4/16
I love the people you introduce at the ball.
enchantress.flame chapter 40 . 4/16
What a super gift from the castle to its new mistress.
enchantress.flame chapter 39 . 4/16
And so the curse is broken, High Magic is performed and their love strengthened. This is the most beautiful story I've read in a long time.
enchantress.flame chapter 38 . 4/16
So, so beautiful. The entire silent ceremony was just ace.
mistress.grey chapter 14 . 4/16
Wow. What a conversation for Severus to overhear.
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