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wrappedinharry chapter 7 . 7/8/2012
Arthur's talk to Harry was so lovely; now I can understand why he was not overflowing with bonhommie. He doesn't want to lose Harry because he is already a member of the family. It's lovely to know that Arthur feels the same way as Molly always has. I just love Arthur and I always imagined him embracing Harry as a son. How could you not want to adopt the lost little waif that Harry once was?

Now Bill just needs to come to the party.

A couple of things I have forgotten to mention in previous reviews... I loved the name you gave the Australian Magical Authority (not sure whether I got that right) Corroboree is such a brilliant word. Oh, and BTW, not all Aussies are tanned. LOL, especially in May; that is well into Autumn heading into Winter here.

Luna was so brilliant. Your writing has made me appreciate Luna a whole lot more than I did before. She really is wise beyond her years; she sees things from an entirely different perspective than the rest of the world. What she did with the galleon was brilliant. I also loved Goerge kissing her full on the lips. I am so glad that George has some spark... well, a lot really.

As for Ginny being a pallbearer; well, as much as she thinks she is just as good as her brothers, she cannot be as tall or as strong as they are. She is so petite, the coffin is certainly going to have a dangerous lean. Still, I am sure magic will correct the balance.

It's very sad seeing Hermione being so upset: I can understand her parents being upset, but to insist that she leave the wizarding world and magic behind for three whole months I think is very unreasonable. They are treating her like a little child. And to keep her away from Ron now that they are a couple is just cruel. Hermione would be happy to stay with them, I am sure, but she would be happier if she could see her boyfriend as well. An altogether unpleasant situation.

I am so glad that Harry stuck up for himself and stood up to Ron as he did. He is certainly determined that nothing, not even his best friend will keep him and Ginny apart. I loved his comeback about Hermione crying when he left them and that Ron had better not hurt her again. Excellent work!

I really am loving this story.

wrappedinharry chapter 6 . 7/8/2012
Really Ron, this is really getting tiresome. Can the man not see that Ginny is equally as involved as Harry? Can he not see that it is mutual? Harry told him he didn't want to break up with Ginny. Can't Ron work out why Harry did break up with her? It's OK fopr him to have a girlfriend but not OK for Harry.

So much for friendship. Good ol'George seems to be the only one on their side. Even Mr Weasley is still being very cool. What is wrong with them all? If they keep on going on the way they are, Ginny is just as likely to tell them all where they can go when she turns 17. She is not going to give Harry up just because her family doesn't approve.

End of rant.

wrappedinharry chapter 4 . 7/8/2012
Oh, I am surprised that Arthur was so short with Ginny (and by extension, Harry). Surely the invisible Arthur Weasley who sees and hears things people do not think he is seeing and hearing, must have had some inkling that his daughter and Harry had feelings for each other beyond friendship. Perhaps he was just upset at his daughter's lack of decorum, though she was only sitting on her boyfriend's knee; they weren't snogging.

Harry's idea to have prisoners guarded by goblins was great (trust Percy to snort at it). I just hope Kingsley, as part of his sweeping changes, does something about the barbaric conditions that human beings are kept under in Azkaban. It would never be tolerated in the Muggle world.

We know that Percy doesn't like Harry (I don't think even the feat of finally ridding the world of Voldemort would make him like Harry) by why does Charlie seem so down on him too? Surely not the protective big brother routine? If there were nunneries in the Wizarding World, is that where they would like to see Ginny?

Surely Harry, the boy they have known since he was 11 years old is better than any other Tom, Dick or... well, you get my drift. Thank God for sensible George and I suppose, thank God that Ron isn't around to stick his long pointy nose in where it isn't wanted. He might just find himself beating off bats if he comes home and tries to lecture Harry or Ginny.

So, Harry has been invited to dinner and to stay the night, but it appears as if the time might be very uncomfortable.

You handled the initial confrontation between Harry and Ginny beautifully. Though I wouldn't have blamed her for being upset because Harry decided to disappear (once again) with Ron and Hermione after the battle instead of talking to her, and then disappearing for however many days it was. I am sure she would have seen the Harry sized gap between Ron and Hermione when they left the Great Hall. She probably actually saw him put on the Invisibility Cloak. She must have had terrible doubts about whether he would ever want to be her boyfriend again.

wrappedinharry chapter 3 . 7/7/2012
Very sad chapter. My heart breaks for all the bereaved, but also for Harry because he will never really stop blaming himself. His dreams will continue for a very long time, i am sure.

Now to see the Weasleys again. I am not sure how Ginny will feel when she hears Harry didn't go to Australia. Or even if he had done really; she could easily think he doesn't want to see her so therefore, he doesn't want to resume their relationship.


wrappedinharry chapter 2 . 7/7/2012
Hermione and Ron were amazingly in character when they confronted Harry in Kingsley's office.

Sometimes I wish Harry wasn't quite so self-effacing. We know pretty much for a fact that very few witches or wizards could have possession of the elder wand and then willingly give it up. But of course, the public know little of the elder wand; I doubt many listened to the actual content of HArry's speech to Voldemort as they circled each other before the final denoument.

But then, he wouldn't be our Harry if he was any different. I hate fics that change Harry's personality entirely. It's just a different character with the name, Harry Potter.

Loving this

wrappedinharry chapter 1 . 7/7/2012
Very original start to this post-war story. I read the whole section at Albus' tomb with tears in my eyes. The spell Harry cast to protect the wandd was very well thought out-well done.

I loved how Kreacher told Harry that he was as good a master as Master Regulus; as Harry said, high praise indeed.

I have the beginnings of a post-war story way down in the depths of my computer, and I made Harry's injuries a little more troublesome than you have. Nothing life-threatening, more total exhaustion, burns from Gringotts (that Hermione missed with the little Dittany she had left), bruises, scrapes and abrasions. I also had him having a terrible bruise over his breastbone where the Killing Curse hit him and that is one of the worst of his aches and pains.

We all have our own ideas: I don't seem to be able to write poor Harry without making him suffer. LOL.

Minerva was very soft and caring in this and Kingsley was wonderful too. One of my favourite authors (little0bird) has written a wonderful post-war story too, but one of the scenes of hers that I heartily dislike is Harry's first meeting with Minerva, and she treats him much as she treated him at school: very brusque and, quite frankly, a little nasty. She more or less tells him it is his duty to make a speech for the bereaved because, if it wasn't for Harry, they probably would not be mourning the deaths of their family members. Anyway, I am glad your Minerva is a different kettle of fish.

As far as the school govenors having the final say as to who the new head is: well, if they didn't want Minerva, but the office saw her as the rightful head, well, I don't think the govenors would have much say. After all, they weren't consulted when Umbitch took over... who would have triumphed, I wonder: the school govenors or the Minister for Magic.

But maybe the magic keeping Umbitch out of the office was DD's and now he is dead, his magic would no longer have any effect. But then again, the magic may be as ancient as the school.

My post-war story also has the castle starting to mend itself; there is so much magic imbued within its walls, it is capable of restoring itself. Perhaps a little OOT, but hey, this is magic.

Hope101 chapter 1 . 6/23/2012
This story was well written and was very interesting to read.
Conman2 chapter 15 . 6/8/2012
Just finished reading the whole thing, and I enjoyed it. Your spelling is good, and you've clearly looked up the post-Hogwarts events. It's well-written, and the only minor criticism was the slight OOC bits where I thought Ginny and Harry were far more public with the snogging than I'd have expected. On the whole though, it's very good. The reaction of Hermione's parents isn't surprising, and there were some funny moments. A personal favourite was the scene when Fleur mentions Gabrielle's crush on Harry, and they go 'she's only twelve, she'll get over it', and George goes, 'not all twelve-year olds do', haha. Well done.
calsax chapter 6 . 4/7/2012
How can you not love Luna, right? She's one of my favourite characters from the Harry Potter series. Great chapter!
calsax chapter 5 . 4/7/2012
Really fun chapter with the Weasley family. I really miss Fred's presence though.
calsax chapter 4 . 4/7/2012
Lol at the ending. Ginny does have guts.
calsax chapter 3 . 4/7/2012
I loved how you handled the visits to the families. And Teddy turning his hair black and untidy was such a cute idea!
calsax chapter 2 . 4/7/2012
I like how you're pacing the story. Another well done chapter.
calsax chapter 1 . 4/7/2012
Wonderful first chapter!
Exivus chapter 15 . 3/30/2012
Amazing story! The characters are spot on, your narration is excellent and your description of places and events is absolutely enthralling! You clearly have a gift for writing.

I think you'd easily make a very successful career as an author if you wanted to. This was like reading the actual events after the battle of hogwarts by the hand of Rowling herself!

You sir are the boss. I salute you!

Your newest fan,

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