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Ilikebedtimestories chapter 7 . 7/30
Your AN at the beginning of the chapter about readers using the review function incorrectly was pretty comical, I had a good laugh, even though I'm guilty of the same thing. I look forward towards reading the rest of the fic.
silverstreak93242 chapter 17 . 7/5
Greetings, here's hoping that this review finds you well! I must say, I enjoyed reading this story as well, and I am looking forward to seeing the development of the rest of characters, as a plus, I am enjoying the spidey-x-men interaction, the Naruto/harem interactions, and I am looking forward to seeing what is gonna happen with Bruce(Hulk), and eventually what is gonna happen when you take everyone that Naruto is gonna recruit back to his home dimension/world! Just wondering, are you gonna let Hinata have her man? Or just take over the Elemental world and be done with it? I LOVE the Deadpool inclusion in this, and showcasing the only mutate really that can give Naruto a run for his money! Like Wolverine...Anyways, I am looking forward to seeing what comes next, when your muse eventually lets the chapters of this and your Naruto Star Wars fic! I am enjoying reading them! I hope you enjoy writing them as much as I and all the other readers enjoy reading them!
PlanetMoonGod-Kun chapter 4 . 6/17
my vote is Joker
YeTianshi chapter 10 . 5/8
While I'm sure Naruto could beat Hulk... I'm pretty sure that kind of power came only after he achieved Ashura Mode with the Kyuubi...
YeTianshi chapter 6 . 5/8
I understand why Phoenix has that seal on her, but the way their relationship is going it seems kind of excessive right? Will he ever take it off of her?
YeTianshi chapter 2 . 5/8
"You don't know when, you don't know what, but it's coming." Loved that part XD I hope I get to see more of Naruto pranking those two, if for nothing other than to prove a point.
Kruten chapter 17 . 4/5
Sorry if i Went on à rant there but got à bit pissed! Thought IT would be naruto who would talk with her.. loved the whole story but the last chapter was just weird.. and felt like they both just went ahead and Dif without talking with naruto.. and the virgin thing just destroyed it for me
Kruten chapter 17 . 4/5
Loved the story until the last chapter... phonix taking Laura's virginity? Wtf..
thoguht naruto was her main Love intrest.. and laura dosn't seem like à Girl WHO would just go Along with It... Phoenix kinda betrayed naruto there
Kruten chapter 1 . 4/5
i really loved this story until this chapter! i get that she dosn't trust them all but still.. It's naruto Laura is connected to and not phoenix.. And phoenix wtf is she doing ? in my book she kinda cheated on Naruto.. and Laura dosn't really feel like a girl who would loose her virginty so random one night ? im a bit pissed but i loved the story but this did kinda destory it a bit because it was really no reason for it and a bit out of character for Laura and i would be so pissed if i was Naruto!
But awesome story and i really hope it ain't dead
Guest chapter 17 . 3/15
worst fic ever don't read
Guest chapter 1 . 3/15
went shit at the end
Pablo464 chapter 17 . 3/13
update please
PLEASE READ ME chapter 17 . 2/19
Missive to dead pool: attached theory of dead pool, being a chimara of the sword lazer eye guy from the move wolverine origin and who i think he is like a biological version of robocop and the belt alows dead pool to use his telaporter power concencey because sword lazer eye guy was remote controled so has no memories but wade willson dose. Also the reson wade cant use lazer eye thingy (mabby has to pull a uchiha like stunt and inplant one of Cyclops's eye's (maybe Cyclops is the one with inplated eye's that why he cant turn it on and off like Kakashi Hatake ie kakashi has to keep it covered))
Guest chapter 10 . 1/11
Good story
Guest chapter 17 . 10/25/2016
Why did you stop doing this story? And when is phoenix going to tell Jean about her being pregnant I mean Jean can feel what Phoenix feel right?
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