Reviews for The Princess of Gryffindor
Caramel4me chapter 40 . 15h
Once again, I finish this and am so glad you blessed us with this wonderful work, thank you!
marzipan4 chapter 40 . 11/18
I just finished this—was really a great story! I especially liked Harry and Ron’s roles in it.
Mimi Lind chapter 40 . 10/14
Again thanks for letting me enjoy a great story!
Mimi Lind chapter 32 . 10/14
I laughed loud at the kinky librarian! :D
Mimi Lind chapter 3 . 10/13
Such an intense, sad, horrible (in a good way) start!
Aozora Evangelion chapter 10 . 9/23
I like this story already, and then you mentioned Indonesia. Now I love this story. lol
TheWelcomeStranger chapter 40 . 9/3
I understand I'm literally 11 years late to the party but I read this through twice in three days I enjoyed it so much. Among the gems of your dialogue is my personal favourite:

"I'll be hanged if they're going to make just my life miserable."
"Ah, so I get to be miserable with you?"
"Yes, damn it all, for the rest of your miserable life." Followed by the low expectations of 'happily ever after.'

Normally I would hesitate to read first person format but you did it so well, and by switching it up with Nott's story, I barely noticed. Thanks for writing and finishing!
SkyRose16 chapter 37 . 8/23
Loved it! Great chapter!
SkyRose16 chapter 36 . 8/23
Oh shoot! How the heck does he survive that? Great chapter!
SkyRose16 chapter 35 . 8/23
So exciting! Great chapter!
SkyRose16 chapter 32 . 8/22
Lol! I love it! Great chapter!
SkyRose16 chapter 30 . 8/22
Aww I love that idea! Great chapter!
SkyRose16 chapter 27 . 8/21
Very jelly then. Great chapter!
SkyRose16 chapter 26 . 8/21
Someone’s jelly. Great chapter!
SkyRose16 chapter 24 . 8/21
Loved it!
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