Reviews for What happens now
smile through the pain chapter 1 . 3/19/2010
awesome story. dont like him when he goes around the girl, though. he loses alot of his smug-authority that he once had. just in my opnion, you dont have to listen to me though, i've only posted two stories. but, i guess i know a little bit about literature, (think thats how u spell it xD) here is a real life scenario that i need an answer to:

what like this guy, and tell your friends about him. and then you start dating somebody-else. so now that person is happy with their relatioonship, but still like the first guy. and then you've been talking to your best friend, and so she immediately knows him. well, she knew him in the first place, but...k, so you found out, oline, that SHE LIKES HIM TOO!so now what will i do? i cant like that certain person anyways, so i just...give up on that guy? and my best friend has a better chance with him anyways, but she believes that me and the guy are perfect for each other. she says that im pretty, but if you've been through 12 years of my life, then you would understand y i dont believe that. so what would you do? and yes, if you want too use this as a relationship massacre, thats fine with me. peace.

Broken Path
OTGIRL46 chapter 1 . 12/9/2009
Is the notebook anouther 1 of ur fave books? I likad it but couldnt u have made it longer? please make anouthr story!