Reviews for Crossing Worlds: The Sealed Digivice
LittleKrus chapter 21 . 8/14/2012
Aww... Takuya and Kari can be quite a cute pairing. :3 If would be nice if there's a fanart on them together.

Takuya going to school seems interesting; we never really get to see the Frontier gang going to school in the anime. But I think troubles will come as soon as he goes there. Digimon, specifically. And maybe some girl problems too. LOL. Mmm... Indeed, only time will tell. XD

Oh wow. It's 2am already! O.O Haha. Guess I'll continue tomorrow. School is definitely not in my favor. -.-"

LittleKrus chapter 20 . 8/14/2012
Oh yes! The others had finally entered the scene! Yay!

Haha. Kouji as a thief. XD So sad that he had to rely on his own "survival instincts". Oh well, at least he's safer. Can't wait for the moment when they all reunite with Takuya. Ohh! That would be one epic moment! XD

LittleKrus chapter 19 . 8/14/2012
Ohh! It's so exciting! I didn't expect ANOTHER battle so soon. XD Haha. For some reason, when I finished reading the last chapter, I thought the digimon was Bokomon or Neemon, until I realized that it was an evil digimon. LOL. Silly me. -.-

LittleKrus chapter 17 . 8/14/2012
OMG...! I was literally sitting at the edge of my chair! This battle was really intense. I can SO imagine the fight... Heh. Takuya's pretty smart. For the second back there, I really thought he was gonna be seriously hurt or something. XD Well done on the fight scene! :D Now, on to the next chappy! XD

LittleKrus chapter 16 . 8/14/2012
Aww... Taichi and Sora are so cute together. :3 I'm a Taiora fan. Haha. Too bad it's not canon. *grumbles* Sigh...Typical Mimi *shrugs*

Ohh! Chikao is a nice add to their date. XD
Uh oh... something just MUST happen to destroy it... -.-

LittleKrus chapter 14 . 8/14/2012
wowie... I've always been lazy to start reading since there's so many chapters! -.- but I'm glad I did cause I'M HOOKED! XD Really, its awesome! I can't wait to see what's gonna happen in the next arc... Oh god... I'm still very far from even half the story. LOL. Bye I'll go off and quench my eagerness now! :3

hikarinayoshi chapter 93 . 8/13/2012
Hello Sightbent!
First of all let me explain some of my situation. FFN is blocked at my house so every few days I go to the library and I use flagfic . com to convert fics into PDFs. This is what I did to your fic. I needed some Digimon fics to tide me over August 1, or else I would have been a mass of blubbering tears on Digimon’s 13th Birthday. So as I was looking through all the fics, I saw yours. Two things caught my attention. The fact that you have a lot of chapters and that your word count was high. The summary was also very pulling.
Now on to the actual review:
I really loved your fic! I am one of those sci-fi and fantasy and thriller girls, which is part of the reason why I like things like Harry Potter and Digimon and Pokémon. I really liked the concept of Zones and Dimensions and the Dimensional Corridor. That bit was stupendously done. It was amazing.
I also liked how you used an unconventional pairing. Usually if it’s a Gen2 X4 crossover they use Kari and Koji, because of their element of light. But you got your pairing and you stuck with it. You built up their relationship slowly. And I found that nice because if the plot is set somewhere around the ages of 15 or 16, the author is almost always like ‘wow I just met you, oh and I love you now, let’s bang’ and then the fic turns into a graphic lemon.
I loved how you thought up the Sealed Digivice concept and Milleniummon and Dominimon and Lilithmon being the villains. It’s amazing. I really like villains because I find that their minds or so skewed that I find it nice to figure out what is happening to them. My favorite villain was Lilithmon in this fic. You made her so deliciously evil that I found her to match the ranks of Voldemort and Team Rocket. And that is a massive compliment to your writing skills. The battle scenes were so epic. You described it in clear details. But you also didn’t go on and on about stupid simple details like most authors either. I found your sense of balance regarding your details amazing.
I also like how you also let us know what was happening on Koji’s end, and you explained that out too! I like that part about the ODC, it was a plan brilliantly concocted from you. I also liked how well-rounded that portion was. You had your main characters, you had your plot, you had your villains, and you put it all together brilliantly. At the bit where Koji meets Crusadermon again, I freaked out when I read the words ‘Spiral Masquerade’.
I also like how you actually had character growth in this fic. You made the character talk exactly as they would have in the anime and you didn’t make any of them OOC. The only thing I found disappointing (and mind you its only like 2% disappointing) is that Davis didn’t have any confrontation with Takuya about Kari. But other than that, your characters were exactly as they were originally made.
Digimon and their evo-lines: I simply love how you advanced each Gen 1 Digimon to their Mega levels. I was sorely disappointed when the series ended without having all of the Digimon at Mega. I mean I understand that Tai and Matt were the more important characters but come on! I really wanted to see Plesiomon! But yes, I’m glad that you incorporated the Mega forms. I also like how you got Koichi his Fusion form! It’s so cool!
Radiant EmperorGreymon: I simply love how you had Kari and Takuya spirit unify or DNA digivolve or whatever into Radiant EmperorGreymon. It brought tears to my eyes when I read it. It kind of proved their love to everyone else. I like how you described that in detail so I could basically imagine it in my head.
I also liked the other evolutions in this. I really loved that you incorporated DinoBeemon into this because a few years ago when I was researching Digimon I found that ExVeemon and Stingmon could digivolve into both Paildramon and DinoBeemon, and I wondered, ‘what made the difference?’. I also like how you brought in Ophanimon. When you first had Gatomon digivolve into Ophanimon, I thought ‘oh my god, maybe this Ophanimon could fix Takuya’s digivice!’ but then you clearly explained that only this Zone’s Deity or Ruler can do stuff like that. I also liked how you brought back Omnimon and Imperialdramon and Susanoomon. Thank you for doing that.
I also really liked how even though while reading my mind had many questions, but you always explained it later. You tied up all of your loose threads. I really like that. You didn’t just have the Legendary Warriors go straight home, but you had them stop by in Ayame’s dimension and fixed things there too! Most authors usually just end the fic once the final battle is over.
I loved how you had Koji let Takuya and Kari finish the mission. It sort of brought an end to it. It let the matter rest in my mind. It … I just can’t find the words in English right now… my mind has gone incomprehensible at all the awesomeness you made.
And yes, you have definitely turned me ‘onto this coupling’ as you said. I also realized something. You said ‘You must push forward just as the Sun and the Stars attempt to occupy the same sky.’ I realized that in space, they really do share the same sky. But they are just so far away. They still work together to create the light and warmth the denizens of Earth need. Their gravity keeps them together. It’s just like Takuya and Kari. They come from far away and different places, but still they worked together to defeat great evil. Their love keeps them together.
That brings me to, I think, my last paragraph. The bracelets. I love how you tied in Chikao and his rescue and his mom and the jewelry shop.
“They're called Kismet Bracelets and are always made and sold in pairs. Everything from their weight and measurements are made equal to each other, and each pair made is a different weight from all the other hundreds of pairs that have ever been or will ever be made, She said that their meaning is destiny; and like destiny, they move about, constantly changing and connecting people. The line of destiny is started between two friends when they receive the bracelets. For those who are just friends, they will put them on themselves and always hold onto them. But for those who are destined to be more, they will have the other person put on theirs for them, until the day comes when they become more than just friends. When they become lovers, they exchange the bracelets, giving the other person their name to carry. And since a name carries a lot of its owner's destiny with it, they are agreeing to share their destinies and are bound to each other no matter how far apart they are as long as they wear each other's bracelet.”

This part in chapter 91 I think, made me cry. I was literally sobbing. It touched my heart.

Thank you. SO much. It has been a really long time since I have a read a fic that touched my heart. So long. The next time I’m in the library I will definitely post this as a review or a PM because looking back at this review I’ve written over 1,000 words and I think it might not fit in a review. If it doesn’t fit in a PM either, I will send it in parts. I will also look up the prequel and the sequel you promised. I really want to know how Kari and Takuya continue their relationship and how/if/when they get married and how they deal with coming from different dimensions.

Thank You
SO SO SO much.


P.S. here are the stats of my review. I typed this up in Word Document and these are the final stats.
Words: 1358
Characters (no spaces): 5978
Characters (with spaces): 7337
Paragraphs: 20
Lines: 93

And they don’t include the P.S. note. I counted only what’s above the - line!
Aklaino2k7 chapter 93 . 7/16/2012
Now, that was a good fic. You definitely took a bunch of good concepts and combined them into quite the epic. This makes me wonder what the next fics in the series are going to be about (CW2, especially).

The only complaints I have about this is that sometimes the spelling and grammar don't match up to the quality of writing. My main suggestion for that would be to read the chapter you have written over before posting and editing out the mistakes that crop up.

Other than that, this story was great. It's basically Digimon: Sliders. You also paired up the main couple pretty realistically, too.
xxOkunixx chapter 93 . 7/16/2012
Aw...must I wait until you finish the prequel to read the sequel? No fair! Okay FINE! I'M GONNA FAVOURITE AND FOLLOW AND STALK YOU UNTIL IT COMES OUT AND I'LL BET I'LL ENJOY IT!
DracoFighter chapter 89 . 7/3/2012

yeah, I know you've long finished this story, but it felt more appropriate to put this here than at the end of your current story.

I just have a question (a few actually) about Susanoonmon and the attacks you gave him, I was curious and intrigued by them.

Some make perfect sense, I can see how you got the ideas, Fire being a powerful long range attack, Light being able to move really fast, and thunder being a powerful close combat attack, seeing as Beetlemon and Metalkarbuterimon are both heavy hitters, Koji's spirits are super fast and Takuya specialises in powerful longrange fire attacks.

THe darkness commandment threw me, having a large shield that rebounded an enemy's attacks, that seemed to me more like Mecurymon's style, his spirits are the ones that have all the 'rebound the opponents attacks back at them' style of fighting, and darkness seems more in line with causing mass devestation, case in point being velgamon, or really powerful devestating moves like jagerlowemons dark master.

I think thats all you put, i cant remember the others, be interested in knowing what they are and do though if you feel like sharing, otherwise, you did a great job in portraying Susanoomon as the almighty god man digimon he's supposed to be, super powerful even if he can't hold a candle to Millenniummon's torch. I am interested in this ten commandments attack as well, can he do that with two or three elements, like wind thunder commandment or something, if so he has a impressive array of attacks in his arsenal that makes him even cooler.

I assume he still has his official attacks, celestial blade and heven's thunder, though i can see why you didn't use them, both have the power to destroy an entire digital world, not something you want to do to someone else's zone even if you are fighting the most all powerful monster of all time.

wow, this 'question' turned into the longest review i've even givem, something you seem adept at making me do, Great job as always, still looking forward to future updates, (are you going to be updating Forgotton legends more often now?, another great epic in the making), thanks again

Soul Climax chapter 93 . 4/21/2012
Surprise. I had originally intended to leave a review immediately Lilithmon's death but then Koji showed up and I wanted to wait until I found out how he got there then the whole Dominimon not being in the Dimensional corridor just kept me reading and before I knew what was happening I was less than 20 chapters from the end of the story so I thought there was little point in not getting to the end at that point especially since I was desperate to see how it would end.

It was nice to see how Takuya bonded with the other members of the digidestined like Matt and Cody and the scene between him and Cody's grandfather was pretty humorous and mistaking Takuya for a salesman is something I can easily see the old man doing. It really surprised me when Takuya confronted Ken about moving on from his past, he was right though, they had no time to waste on a guilty past especially when Lilithmon was roaming the Zone at the time. I liked how Takuya compared Sora to a big sister type character which is basically what she is though I was actually taken aback when Takuya just confessed to Sora that he had fallen in love with Kari but still a good scene none the less.

The concepts of the dead lines and created zones were intriguing. It also brings up a believable reason for why Ken's base was never found despite its size until they actually saw it with their own eyes so thank you for that. This Crossing Backlash seems like a potentially problematic thing especially if someone is pressed for time though I did like how cleverly hidden Lilithmon's zone was. That arc had a good amount of tension in it what with the stealth reliant parts of it. It seems even Davis has his moments where he can show competence where he eliminated his comrade's guilt at having killed the Digimon so brutally. Another thing that annoyed me about Adventurer 02 was the pacifist nature of the digidestined. I mean Cody and Yolei whined when they had to kill Marinedevimon and Ladydevimon respectively. Seriously! The former was destroying a hospital and putting innocent people in danger and the latter had openly threatened human life.

Metalphantomon mistaking Matt for Takuya was kind of funny since really if anyone had been mistaken for Takuya out of the digidestined I would've expected it to be Tai since they look so alike and Agumon relies on fire attacks, you know to keep with the whole warrior of flame thing. I expected then that MagnaAngemon would digivolve to Seraphimon to further increase the growing roster of mega Digimon but that wasn't meant to be, perhaps in the sequel (which I eagerly look forward to by the way) The lockdown chapter with Takuya and Kari's first kiss and Takuya's subsequent return of his true power had me cheering, and I thought it was very well done overall.

Now the rematch with Lilithmon, holy shit. Let me tell you that even after reading the entire that was by far my favourite fight in the entire story and in fact among all of your stories From the start with the "OH SHIT" look that would have been on her face when she noticed Emperorgreymon and Ophanimon, all that crazy shit she pulled with her zone powers, her sadistic manner of playing with her opponents to that one time she almost lost it during Takuya's little trick he was pulling (making new swords to replace the poison destroyed ones). My favourite part though was when stopped the games upon realizing Takuya's plan and the very serious threat it posed. She dropped the partners like a bad habit,seemed just as one hit the ground below another one immediately joined it. Wargreymon got to be his BAMF self when he was the only one to take a hit a get back up (I know he used his shield but sign of skill on his part) though the ending of the fight with Koji showing up and giving Takuya the power needed to bring the demon lordess down for good. Hell yeah they were saved by Izzy, my favourite member of the digidestined and Tentomon my favourite partner of the digidestined.

The invasion of ODC HQ seemed to be going smoothly until that damn general showed up and I didn't like the guy in case you couldn't tell. I could just picture his face when he found out Koji released the Digimon from their cells and they were tearing shit up. I saw the aggression from the Digimon at the castle coming but I must congrats on catching me off guard with the identity of the partner Digimon of Ayame's mother. Interesting choice in Crusadermon, to think the irony that Koji would work together with a Digimon, the two of whom had tried to kill each other several times during Koji's first Digital World adventure. The mother/daughter reunion was heart warming and well done but I didn't like how Koji basically had to leave a job half done when he was forced to leave though if he hadn't Lilithmon would've killed everyone and unleashed Milleniumon early.

The big battle with the Warumonzaemon was a good way of earning Koji's respect for the digidestined and most especially Kari, it is good that they were able to save those innocent Digimon that didn't want to be there. Honestly when I read the part about the ODC creating artificial Digimon, I instantly thought it was going to be Gizmon but what I got was fine. It was good to meet the other first generation Destined of the allied zone, interesting to hear they have a Puppetmon and Metaletemon in their ranks. That makes three of their Digimon having been villains tin the series at some point. Good to see Ayame's father survived and came to help.

Now for Dominimon. Well, well, well what can I say? Kari snapping Takuya out of his depressing and self pity at the thought of not having been able to beat Dominimon the first time he met him was good considering he had done the same for her numerous times already, most notably the Dark Ocean. Dominimon's hostage plan wasn't completely unexpected however while I knew Koji and Takuya's fight had to be part of some plan, you should have seen the look of sheer surprise on my face when Koichi's D-tector dropped out of the shattered duplicate of the sealed Digivice. That plan had to be one of the craziest and most brilliant plans on Takuya's part in the story period. The timing of legendary warriors was needless to say flawless and welcome after seeing the parents willing to ignorantly sacrifice all of existence for their kids.

The fight with Dominimon, while it was good exhibition of prep before the fight, strategy and improvisation in the heat of battle, the one big problem with it as I mentioned earlier is that kept his almost Sephiroth level arrogance even after it had been made clear the three warriors were more than a threat to him. He got even the slightest advantage and he started playing around again. I did like how his corrupted mode pwned all the partner Digimon with one move and how he was eventually killed by Takuya in a deservedly brutal and awesome fashion. I liked how Takuya screwed with him when he lashed out at him as he was dying . Takuya being able to say he is going to remember Dominimon for the good things he brought to his life such as Kari was a well done scene.

Didn't see that final order coming though I did kind of suspect that Milleniumon would be released but that caught me off guard. Strategy basically seemed to go out the window when facing the demon of the sealed Digivice, it amounted to spam strongest attacks and don't get hit. The scene where Koji and Takuya are getting ready to sacrifice themselves was something I anticipated at that point though I must say I wasn't expecting Radiant Emperorgreymon though it was refreshing to see their love triumph over the greatest of evils though a straight fight would certainly have ended in absolute destruction of all the digidestined, warriors and everything else.

I was hoping some members of the digidestined would become runners after the end of the story, maybe Tai and Matt or more notably Kari, speaking of which I liked when Kari's Ophanimon started wishing to someday be like Lady Ophanimon. I was sad to see the parting of Takuya from the digidestined and most especially was good to see some closure on the ODC incident and Koji getting to see Ayame again, he may deny it but I believe he likes her and they should get together in the sequel.

I have some questions I'm curious about, could some digital rulers send Digimon who serve them to do the job of runners? For example say Yggdrasil was the deity of the digital world and she (she uses a female voice) needed something done outside of her zone. Would she need to get a human to do it for her or could she send the Royal Knights to do it?

On the same line of questioning we have seen with Lilithmon how powerful a zone crossing demon lord can be, would a zone crossing royal knight also be beastly strong? Say for example a Gallantmon had managed to travel between zones for whatever reason (like the example above) and gained the experience of fighting other zone crossing enemies for say 2 years how powerful would he then be compared to the average Royal knight Omnimon?

By the way would you ever consider making maybe a side story of Crossing Worlds only for the Tamers or Savers verse? Or on that subject do you have plans for stories of any kind for those two since they are my favourite seasons and I'd love to see how you would handle the strategic card slash mechanics of Tamers or Masaru punching fools out

Anyway the ending was good and I can't wait to see what happened before it all. I'm curious about this runner version of Jun above most things, like who was her partner and what did she Takuya and Koji have to fight in their brief meeting. So ends my last very long review for Crossing Worlds:The sealed Digivice. Hope to see more awesomeness in Crossing Worlds: Before it all
Soul Climax chapter 55 . 4/17/2012
And here is my next review. First off, that was a very heart breaking look into Ayame's past and the realization of just how nailed to the wall Koji is, really sunk in as Ayame revealed her father is the leader of the ODC. Hopefully he is just paranoid about Digimon and not a genocidal lunatic like one of my favorite Digimon villains of all time and one of the few who made me angry enough to want to jump in and punch him in the face. That of course being Kurata from Savers. How are Koji and the Allied Zone digidestined going to sway the government from their fear driven hatred of the digital world and Digimon? I can't wait to find out.

Meanwhile, that was pretty tricky having the Zone gate right on top of the tower. The simplest hiding places are always the best. Imperialdramon failing as always, did you ever notice despite them claiming he was one of the strongest Digimon when he first appeared he failed miserably against any mega level opponent he fought even in Fighter mode. Seriously 02. Why I wonder when you started describing Jumbogamemon did I instantly think of Breakdramon from Xros Wars, the cannons were what told me it wasn't Breakdramon still that would be a good opponent for later or another story. Nice strategy the digidestined used to take the overgrown turtle down and Giromon took his eye off the birdy literally and payed the price for it. I liked when Takuya evolved to Aldamon to dispatch Phantomon in what was basically a moment of "I don't have time for this!"

OMG Lilithmon got through and was she on the warpath. Knocking out every single digidestined Digimon with the sole exception of Ophanimon with one attack was a good way of getting the. "They are about to die!" going then the argument between Kari, Ophanimon and Lilithmon was pretty good especially given the fact that they evolve from Angewomon and Ladydevimon respectively so in a way an old rivalry was being re-enacted there. Especially with Lilithmon calling her blondie. Good lord you weren't kidding when you said she was going to be strong as hell, it seemed like they couldn't do anything to her and I was getting worried that Dominimon was going to join his fellow psycho angel in the battle which would have basically screwed everybody over.

Emperorgreymon's evolution scene was great especially with the reactions of the digidestined. As for Yolei's already mega level comment, Wargreymon and Metalgarurumon are both mega level yet still managed to evolve again even if they did combine so the idea really shouldn't surprise her that much. I'm not sure I like how you basically gave Takuya a get out of jail free card with the enabling him to evolve to Emperorgreymon with Zoey and Tommy's help. Even if you had the spirits leave their D-tectors and had it be their way of finding Takuya while he evolved to Emperorgreymon the traditional way. Still it was awesome just to read the digidestined's reactions. Pity he has gotten weaker especially since Lilithmon is still on the loose but at least he managed to destroy the Zone gate and prevent Dominimon from getting in. Overall great fight and brilliant introduction to a villain who will probably have an arc to herself.

I have to admit, it was freaking hilarious when Tai spotted his mother home but it wouldn't have been as funny if good old Mimi hadn't said what she did. Takuya having to stay at Matt's house is going to lower the amount of time he spends with Kari (Tai's parents arguing was funny too) but no matter they should still see each other enough what with all that is happening. I like the reveal that all Milleniumon are actually shadows of the true Milleniumon. If a simple shadow like Ryo's Zeedmilleniumon is enough to blow up the entire multiverse (by removing its limiter) I don't want to think about how powerful the real thing would be.

Now an arc of finding and defeating Lilithmon which will be quite the task but I have a feeling defeating Dominimon will be even more so. Until next time.
Soul Climax chapter 45 . 4/16/2012
Well I don't think it is really necessary at this point but I feel obliged to compliment you on another well done fight scene with Wisemon. You don't to worry about fight scenes, they are as well written as the rest of your stories. I did like the appearance of Flamemon, now the only form of Takuya (that is specific to him) that has yet to appear is Emperorgreymon, can't wait for him to make his debut in this story and Digidestined reactions to the powerful Digimon.

The Zone gate seems like Takuya's best bet as of right now but I'm more worried about what Wisemon said as he died. He found what he was looking for which if I had to guess was most likely a way to allow Dominimon and Lilithmon to enter the Zone of the Digidestined which if Takuya's thoughts about Dominimon and your previous comments about Lilithmon are anything to go by, isn't a good thing. Let us hope that Gennai can translate that information about the Zone gate before the psycho angels (how I shall be referring to Dominimon and Lilithmon collectively from now on) can get into the zone.

Nice to see the battles having a visible effect on the state of the real world what with the terrified civilians closing their stores and the police patrols being increased 10 fold. Something tells me that it will be increasingly difficult to fight anymore battle in the real world unnoticed especially if the next enemies are huge or insanely powerful (a very big possibility at this point). How long will the Digidestined really be able to keep the current war between good and evil a secret from their parents? Takuya is going to have a lot to explain to his parents when he returns to his own zone.

I am starting to like this Ayame girl more, she seems very similar to Koji in a lot of aspects. This ODC seems like bad news though in actually they are chump change compared to what Takuya and the Digidestined are facing in the Psycho angel duo. I hope Koji can help those Digidestined since their Digimon don't seem that strong though maybe they will be able to gain more digivolutions as they fight their battle against the government which reminds me of Savers in a sense.

Takuya telling Tai about his adventure in Hamburger village was pretty funny, I wonder what story Tai was about to tell him. The Takuya x Kari scenes were welcomed and it was a really nice change of pace from the life threatening and end of the world averting battles that have been plentiful in the story so far and will likely be plentiful in the future. I liked the whole Jewelry store part and it was nice to see Kao and his mother again. I have an idea about what Yoko told Kari the bracelets mean after all Kari's reaction sort of speaks for itself.

Now back to the action, maybe a more Koji focused arc coming up? Can't wait to find out.
Soul Climax chapter 40 . 4/7/2012
Well with that short arc coming to a close I think it's time for another review. Anyway all of those fights were well written though at first I was wondering why Tai and Matt didn't just DNA digivolve Wargreymon and Metalgarurumon to Omnimon and dispatch Boltmon and Skullmammothmon with ease before remembering that they were in the middle of the city and any random attack from Omnimon would cause an obscene amount of damage and casualties due to the sheer power of it. War and Metal have more concentrated attacks so obviously don't do as much damage. Still can't wait to see the Royal knight make his appearance and Takuya's reaction when he sees him (since he should know his status as a Royal knight leader).

Sora's warp digivolution scene was absolutely perfect and Pheonixmon is awesome, kinda like Zhuqaiomon in a way except not quite as powerful as the sovereign. That purification power of hers is cool and it basically made the previously formidable opponents powerless against even the weakened and severely injured Adventure duo. Sora kissing Tai was absolutely beautiful. All is right with the world when they end up together and not Sora and Matt. Takuya getting a punch in the arm was funny and Mimi's comment about Takuya being the main character was well made since it's true and his girl is Kari to answer Mimi's question.

I'm going to be honest I couldn't keep a straight face during the entire fight with country Etemon, especially after the falling off the tower part. I was either in a fit of laughter of just chuckling. I wonder why nobody in that group got a new digivolution. They had to rely on the teapot to save the day (he (I always he looked stupid, another problem I had with 02). It was a good plan at the end that they used to bring the monkey down. I could totally picture the look of "OH SHIT" that would've been on Etemon's face when he looked back to see the explosions.

As for Kingetemon that was by far the most brutal ass kicking dealt to the digidestined in the entire story so far. They literally couldn't do anything to him and when they knocked his crown off this was what was going through my mind. "Oh no, he doesn't seem happy, I don't like where this is going. Oh crap now he's pissed they are so dead!" Then that scene where Mimi stood up to him even knowing he could snap her in half like a twig and through her own fear of him was one of my favourite scenes so far. I personally think only she should have reached mega then since it was more her moment anyway and a Rosemon vs Kingetemon fight would have been awesome. The other two were pretty cool especially Herculeskabuterimon but yeah Rosemon takes the cake.

You were right by the way. I already don't like this Dominimon guy. I am very interested to learn the specifics behind this original meeting between Dominimon and Takuya. Takuya's reaction when he learned Daemon was in the Dark Ocean was priceless. Props to you for that. Lilithmon huh. Well all right then. Nice choice, that must mean that the other crest lit up on the lighthouse in the Dark Ocean was hers. She was a good villain in Xros Wars and I hope to see her at her best (or worst depending on how you flip the coin) here. Can't wait to meet Dominimon.

Oh crap whoever was in the tower with Gennai has caught up to him, that isn't good. I still think it might be Wisemon but I guess I'll have to read the next chapter where I fully expect to see Takuya catch Kari again. I'm actually eager to hear more from the other Legendary Warriors and Koji soon to see what they are up to. Still awesome story.
Soul Climax chapter 36 . 4/4/2012
Early for a review I know but it needed to be done. First of all I think I've figured out what Digimon that was that Takuya saw. I looked up the seven Great demon lords to see if it made mention of something that looked like that and saw a picture of a Digimon that looked very similar to how you described it. Was it Ogudomon? If so damn a Digimon that contains all the sins of the Digital world and basically makes evil Digimon attacks null and void. Ogudomon vs Milleniumon make it happen please?

As for the stuff with Koji. It was interesting and pleasant to see him make a world of progress in the world he is trapped in. I can't wait to hear more about this group of digidestined he has encountered. That scene where he evolved to Lobomon and beat Darcmon like she was nothing was nothing short of badass. I eagerly await hearing more from them.

Damn that was a lot of Digimon headed for the same location all at once. I'll have to admit it I haven't heard of this drama CD with Pukumon and so on in it so I had to look up who that was there. The fight was again well wrote as always and I was very intrigued when Exveemon and Stingmon DNA digivolved into Dinobeemon. Had to look him up but still very interesting and Takuya is probably correct about what caused this different evolution.

I actually hope they can't become Imperialdramon again. I hope if they evolve from this new form they become Grankuwagamon as it is very rare to have an opportunity like this for a Digimon like that to fight on the side of good and if Tentomon evolves to Herculeskabuterimon there might be some issues. Or alternatively I would be fine with them being able to access both forms. Paildramon/Imperialdramon favoring power while Dinobeemon/Grankuwagamon favor speed. I'm sure whatever you decided to do was awesome though. Can't wait to see more digivoutions as I continue reading.

PS. No amount of these digivolutions will change the fact that Omnimon is still the undisputed champion of the Digidestined. Can't wait to see him slaughter some fool Digimon.
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